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  1. Pinky

    Out of curiosity, were beanz given from now banned players revoked and that's why many people saw a pretty big drop in beanz on the conversion to the new website. I know the issue has been addressed and its not really a priority. @staff

    1. Aiko


      Pst, @staff dont work.

      Yes that is usually what happens when beanz "disappear" The Beanz ninja has taken them.

    2. Nihoolious


      All the perma banned accounts were deleted and I think that's why beanz were lost in the hundreds for some like myself. Its pretty sad

    3. Rolle



    4. Ramon


      Poor people, their beanz are gone. Let's be honest here, there is so much more than beanz for example outside your house, your lover( Hi Pinky) or just a small thing like a flower. Those poor people.

    5. Daisy


      @Ramon I agree, a flower is way more important than BeanZ!! ^^

  2. Pinky

    On the topic of a new PR team. I am actually pretty experience in the topic of "getting the word out."

    1. SweetJoe


      no idea what that is but the sadness of it made me laugh. 

  3. Pinky

    Because gasmasks were so common back in DayzRP mod's outfits a lot of people had really shitty Darth vader like voice changers.

    can we have that back?

    1. Cid


      pls no

    • Pinky
    • Nihoolious

    grats buddy :)

  4. Nice view

    the best part of this view is you
  5. Technical Questions

    Galaxy answered basically everything but ill just fill in question 1. The quality of a battery does NOT effect the lifespan of the battery. also objects (such as flashlights and walkietalkies) use the battery much faster then others, i've gone through dozens of batteries with the walkie talkie because it absorbs alot of charge when left on, but a weapon sight takes very little charge and is nothing to worry about if you leave it on. for exactly how much each appliance uses their batteries check out the wiki.
  6. Its been too long playing characters that mysteriously have no friends or family to speak of, this thread is a way to help improve your character's story and experience by meeting others who are interested in bonding backgrounds so that your characters can go into the wasteland with a brother, mother, son, lover, friend, or anything you can think of. With the upcoming lore wipe the time has never been better for a thread of this nature. The goal of this thread is for players to find others who are interested in having some in character lore together by having an ic connection with them, whether this is means you are as close as family or just distant friends. Your stories will thrive on background and you should find a better experience knowing there is at least someone out there you can trust a little. I will provide a template here you can edit as you wish: Character Name: Country/Timezone: Roleplay Experience: Gameplay style: (Bandit, Hero, Survivor, None?) What type of connection are you looking for?: (If you have a perferrence) Current groups or affiliations: Additional notes: Character Backstory: (Character page could be linked) Feel free to add to or remove from the template as you deem fit. You may have an easier time finding someone that is interested in being tied into your character background if you really sell your story to them in your post, don't be afraid to share your ideas. Big shoutout to Moxy for his post that I used for a lot of inspiration and I basically just stole it and pointed it at a different audience so he really does deserve more then a mention here.
  7. Will make thread after I wake up from this bomb nap I hope I'm about to have. Thanks everyone so much for the feedback!
  8. I would be more then happy to make said thread because of the postive feedback that it was given, however my dull mind is not currently capible of coming up with a title for the thread that would make sense for atleast a majority of English speakers. Please help, thanks bye.
  9. It occurred to me near the end of the story that the title was not "How to bruise a banana" and my dyslexia had once again trumped me, despite this, good read :).
  10. So I have always been a fan of the thought of having an IC connection with someone established into my characters lore (like having a ic brother or sister who is also a player), However, I do not have any friends. So that's why I thought a thread similar Moxy's looking for group thread would be nice for players like me, and new players coming into the game who want to expand upon their characters and in return it might bring some juicier RP especially going into a lore wipe. With the lore wipe will bring tons of new characters, and reworked characters who have the potential to have a uncle, brother, lover, or even a work friend still alive and somehow wondering chernarus with them. I want to add I am making this a "suggestion" before anything because I am not sure if this interests anyone except me and I would have no idea where to put a thread like this on the forums. But I would be more then happy to take the time to make this thread if it was a popular idea among the community. Tl;DR: A thread where people can say "hey im interested in making(or adjusting) my character with a connection with another character heres alittle about my character and myself..." if that makes sense. Thanks in advance for the feedback!
  11. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Excited for the lore wipe. Would the infection take place near 2017? because i think its time someone gets beaten with a aggressively sharpened selfie stick.
    • Pinky
    • Ender

    Your Red name now? Im so sorry for everything i did to you in arma3.



    • RogueSolace
    • Pinky

    PINKY!!!!!!! <3

    1. Pinky


      HI! :)

  12. Pinky

    Plan to get in game soon, hope there is room in the community for me again.

    1. Chewy



    2. Pinky


      Didn't take long for you to get green named! Congrats! :) @Chewy

      *waves back*

    3. Chewy


      Heh, thankyou. You're always welcome to come and hang about with us. :D

    4. Rory



    5. Pinky


      JOSH! (<3) How have you been? You better let me into ur big group ;) 

    6. Descendants



    7. Rory


      @Pinky there's no more big group soon