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  1. I was set to guard the "Kevin House" the white house that you can see the man in the orange backpack looking at. Two men were set to enter and have a conversation with Kevin. At that point as they enter we hear a gunshot up stairs and the man shout "I have the president hostage". I enter the building and see a man on the staircase guarding the stairs. He ended up trying to raise his weapon and that is when I shot and killed him, I continued to try and move up the stairs but saw the man who had shot and killed Kevin run down and vault over his allies body. He went outside and I followed, attempting to shout to everyone outside that he was coming. He turned right outside I door and I took cover behind the little shed thing, that is the point that Jack Mercer had been shot and killed. He ran past me over to Jacks body and followed him. Once I was only about few meters away I raised my weapon and sprayed into him. I ended up going down, as did he. One of the other supporters of Kevin were able to bandage and saline me so I ended up surviving. We ended up holding a funeral for Kevin with those of his supporters who remained alive, and sifted through the gear of our allies and enemies.
  2. You have seven more reputation than me and appear to be color coordinated.
  3. The latest MilSim West event. Strike on the Steppes. Video courtesy of Oxide. [video=youtube]
  4. http://i.imgur.com/Ut5Jcq9.jpg[/img] http://i.imgur.com/b68HxnM.jpg[/img] When your so Polite, Crimea joins you.
  5. I do milsim. But on occasion I run around in my trousers and Telnyashka. Firing my friends PKM blindly towards the enemy firebase.
  6. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-r4wHd-meg Most likely the only video coming out of MSW. RIP in pieces NATO dogs.
  7. Samdo123


    [video=youtube] Edit: Not my video, video belongs to Oxide. But were both going to Road to Rostov in a few days so I felt it was appropriate.
  8. The title says it all (for the most part). After discussing it with a few people who play on DayZRP and other random servers. It appears the spawning issues with persistent loot, mainly the lack of food has been fixed (please keep in mind I cannot confirm it as I only play DayZRP). That being said, there would be no reason not to bring it back. Lets look at some of the pro's that come with the use of persistent loot. 1) Enhanced RP - While using persistent loot players have the ability to ICly claim homes, or buildings or other purposes. This allows them to store things inside, and actually gives an incentive to find a place to return to that they can refer to as a 'home'. Along with that, if a group were to stockpile supplies in a building and refer to it as their base. Another group could have an assault on it. Both groups would have more motivation to fight for the building. Due to the fact the supplies inside might be extremely rare, and the odds of finding them anywhere else are very slim. 2) More Realistic - This might just be me, but right now it seems everyone I come across has some type of AK. Or military gear. When persistent loot in enabled this gear becomes very rare. Thus very valuable to everyone, no matter it be traders who have it just for the purpose of trading. Or military groups who need it to get the edge on the opposing factions.
  9. *Would grab his radio and hold down its PTT button, speaking into it* "Underst-zzzz, will be-zzzz zz-ving towards str-zzzzzz-nt Polinski soon. Again, gl-zzz to hear a frien-zzz zz-ice. Ove-zzz." *The radio message would break off in silence again, as Yuri finishes his message and begins backing his bag*
  10. *Yuri would push himself up off the ground, grabbing the radio and speaking into it. Not bothering to move from this position this time* "Of cour-zzzzzz zzz, This is Yuri Toopina-zz~zzzzz Chief of the Electr-zzzzz depa-zzzz~zz. I am bad-zzzzzz zzzzz 1-44. Give me a time and a pl-zzzzz a-zzz~zzzzzz there. Ove-zzzzz" *Yuri would then release the PTT of his radio, setting it up on the tree again as he sits down under his tarp*
  11. *Yuri would finish listen intently to the primary radio broadcast, and those that would follow. Scrambling to grab the radio and get to a clear patch near his forest camp he would begin to transmit* "Hel-zzz, test, te-zzzz, is anyone there? This is Yuri Too-zz~z. Former officer of the Chernarussian Police Force. Glad to he-zzzz~zzzz~zz~t some friendly faces around here. I've got a camp set up but am willin-zzzzz to help in anyway I ca-zzzzzzz." *His, already hardly audible voice would then cut out. Without knowing he finishes speaking then makes way back into his woodland camp. Perching his radio on a tree branch so he could hear any incoming transmissions. It would seem that his ability to transmit is limited, but can receive transmissions.*
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