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  1. Misky


    Excellent suggestions! I would personally love to see something done when it comes to 'offline raiding' and this is a great start. When it comes to limiting storage I think that's a problem we should resolve when it becomes one because right now it's a very minor-non existent problem. I don't think these changes if implemented would result in a massive increase to loot being stored but if other changes or bans to 'offline-raiding' ever come then it would. Blanket limits might end up being needed but I'd like to see that avoided as much as possible.
  2. DayZ has some very poor documentation online when it comes to guides and a lot of the crafting guides here on the forums are either out of date or incomplete. With this guide I aim to document every item possible to craft on the server as well as how to get the resources to craft them. It's up to you as a player to role-play as you like, but I would recommend you have an in character justification for being able to craft such things or maybe even role-play the learning process. It might be fun to restrict yourself if it doesn't make sense for your character to craft certain items. I'm sure I'm going to miss some things so if you happen to know any recipes I haven't included on this list please post them below and I'll update the post as soon as I can. I'll also do my best to make sure the information is up to date with mod changes and the like when they happen. Note: I'm aware of a few more recipes I have yet to include and a couple details yet to add. I just want to post this now so the current work isn't lost. Basic Crafting Resources: Rags; Rags can be obtained in various quantities by using a knife on many articles of clothing. Sticks; Sticks can be obtained a number of ways. 1. Breaking small bushes with your hands, this may cut you if you are not wearing gloves. 2. Cutting bushes and small trees with a bladed weapon or hatchet/axe. 3. Chopping trees with a hatchet/axe. You can get more sticks from this by chopping the firewood in to sticks with the hatchet/axe or by breaking long sticks. Firewood; Firewood can be obtained by chopping trees with a hatchet/axe. Some tree types will yield more firewood than others Wood Logs; Wood Logs are obtained by chopping larger trees with a hatchet/axe. Each tree type will drop a different number of logs. Logs from trees can be further refined in to more firewood with a hatchet/axe or a saw. Planks; Planks are obtained by using a saw on wood logs, each log will yield 4 planks. Oak Bark; Oak Bark is obtained by using a knife on most trees. Light Bark; Light Bark is obtained by using a knife on Birch Trees, these are lighter than regular trees. Stone; Stones can be obtained by using a pickaxe on most large rocks Small stone; Small stones are obtained by using a pickaxe on a regular stone, each stone will yield 3 small stones. They can also be found scattered around on the railway tracks. Vegetal Fibers; These are obtained by using a knife on sticks. It is more effective to break long sticks in to smaller sticks first. Scrap Metal/Metal Plates; Gathering scrap is a process. First find sheet metal in industrial areas or sheds. It is possible to use a sledgehammer on a metal barrel for 2 pieces of sheet metal. Using a hammer, it can be refined in to small metal plates which can then be refined again with the hammer in to scrap metal. 1 Sheet Metal = 4 Metal plates. 1 Metal Plate = 10 Scrap Metal. It is possible to revert the process by using the hammer again with no wasted metal. Rope; Rope can be found in industrial areas and sheds but it can be crafted as well. Option 1 - x6 Rags + x6 Rags Option 2 - Pile of Guts + Knife Piles of guts are obtained by using a knife on the corpse and skinning animals or other players. Option 3 - x10 Vegetal Fibers + x10 Vegetal Fibers This method of making rope is often more time consuming than making rope from rags. The rope this creates is a different colour than regular rope and can be used to create a rope sling the same colour. Burlap Strips; Burlap Strips are obtained by using a knife on a burlap sack. Each sack will give one strip. Burlap Sacks can be found in industrial areas and sheds. It is also possible to craft burlap sacks by using Vegetal Fibers. Netting; Netting cannot be crafted but can be found in industrial areas and sheds as well as in yellow cargo containers. Metal Pipe; Metal Pipes cannot be crafted but can be found in industrial areas and sheds Using these for crafting usually requires a saw and is very demanding on the saw's durability Crafting Consumables: Barbed Wire - x40 Scrap Metal + Pliers Metal Wire - x30 Scrap Metal + Pliers x3 Nails - Scrap Metal + Pliers Suppressor - Plastic Bottle + Duct Tape Fertilizer - Guts + Plant Material Leather - Animal Pelt + Fertilizer Vegetal Fibers - Sticks + Knife Crafting Tools: Torch - Stick + Rag or Stick + Fat Torch life can be extended with more rags, fat or adding gasoline to the rags. Sharpened Stick - Long Stick + Knife Stone Knife - Small Stone + Small Stone (Only one small stone will be consumed) Sharpening Stone - Stone Knife + Stone Knife Hand Drill Kit - Bark + Stick Knife Handle - Oak Bark + Knife Primitive Knife - Knife Handle + Stone Knife Hammer Handle - x5 Oak Bark + Knife Hammer Head - Small Stone + Rope Primitive Hammer - Hammer Handle + Hammer Head Hatchet Handle - x5 Oak Bark + Knife Hatchet Head - Stone Knife + Rope Primitive Hatchet - Hatchet Handle + Hatchet Head Shovel Handle - Wood Log + Hatchet Shovel Head - x2 Metal Plates + Nails Primitive Shovel - Shovel Handle + Shovel Head Pickaxe Handle - Wood Log + Hatchet Pickaxe Head - Small Stone + Rope Primitive Pickaxe - Pickaxe Handle + Pickaxe Head Hacksaw Handle - x5 Sticks + Rope (The rope is not consumed in the recipe) Hacksaw Blade - Barbed Wire + Pliers Primitive Hacksaw - Hacksaw Handle + Hacksaw Blade Sledge-hammer Handle - Wood Log + Hatchet Sledge-hammer Head - Stone + Rope Sledge-hammer - Sledge-Hammer Handle + Sledge-Hammer Head Axe Handle - Wood Log + Hatchet Axe Head - Stone + Rope Axe - Axe Handle + Axe Head Pliers - x? Scrap Metal + Hammer Fishing Rod - Long Stick + Rope Fishing Hook - Metal Wire + Pliers Bone Hook - Bone + Knife Crafting Melee Weapons: Nailed Bat - Baseball bat + x13 Nails Barbed Bat - Baseball bat + Barbed Wire Pipe Axe - Metal Pipe + Hatchet Crafting Ranged Weapons: Crossbow Body - Firewood + Saw Crossbow Parts - x5 Scrap Metal + Hammer Crossbow Mechanism - Crossbow Parts + Rope Crossbow* - Crossbow Body + Crossbow Mechanism Crossbow Bolts - Scrap Metal + Hammer *This crossbow can only be loaded with the crossbow bolts from the recipe above. Shotgun Barrel - Metal Pipe + Hacksaw Shotgun Parts - x10 Scrap Metal + Hammer Shotgun Trigger Piece - Firewood + Saw Shotgun Trigger - Trigger Piece + Shotgun Parts Shotgun - Shotgun Barrel + Shotgun Trigger Weapon Metal - Metal Pipe + Hacksaw Weapon Stock - Firewood + Hacksaw Weapon Parts - Weapon Metal + Weapon stock Note; All of these pieces are known to get stuck and lost in the terrain. I recommend only sawing pipes on terrain you have tested first with the weapon stock recipe. Alternatively standing on top of player placed furniture (such as a table) and then proceed with sawing the pipe to prevent it being lost. Scrap Zip-Pistol - x3 Weapon Metal + Screwdriver Scrap Submachine gun - x6 Weapon Metal + Screwdriver Scrap Submachine gun Magazine* - Weapon Metal + Screwdriver *This magazine will come preloaded with 20 9mm rounds and is therefore a method of crafting 9mm as well. Sawn-off Gun* - Gun + Saw *The following guns can be sawn; Double Barrel Shotgun, IZH-18 Rifle, Mosin Rifle Crafting Clothing & Gear Burlap Shoes - x2 Burlap + 100% Bandage or 50% Duct Tape Rag Shoes - x6 Rags + 100% Bandage or 50% Duct Tape Rope Sling - Rope + Rope Improvised Courier Bag - Burlap Sack + Rope Improvised Backpack - Improvised Courier Bag* + x3 Sticks *The bag must be empty. Raincoat Courier Bag* - Raincoat + Rope *The colour of the raincoat will determine the colour of the bag. Note; There is an issue with two possible options appearing when crafting the bag. 'Craft Raincoat Courier Bag' will make the correct bag but when attempting to upgrade in to a backpack it will only upgrade in to a burlap backpack. Selecting the second option 'Craft Raincoat Courier' will allow you to upgrade the backpack in to the correct version the same colour as the raincoat used. Raincoat Backpack - Raincoat Courier Bag + x3 Sticks Brown Leather Backpack - Leather + Leather sewing kit Ghillie Rifle Wrap - x2 Burlap Strips + Netting Ghillie Hood - x2 Burlap Strips + Netting Ghillie Bushrag - x4 Burlap Strips + x2 Netting Ghillie Top - x6 Burlap Strips + x3 Netting Ghillie Suit - x10 Burlap Strips + x4 Netting Fern Ghillie Rifle Wrap - 20% Synthetic Fern + Netting Fern Ghillie Hood - 20% Synthetic Fern + Netting Fern Ghillie Shrug - 20% Synthetic Fern + x2 Netting Fern Ghillie Cloak - 60% Synthetic Fern + x3 Netting Fern Ghillie Suit - 100% Synthetic Fern + x4 Netting Note; Synthetic Fern can be found in Hunting and Military locations. Crafting Shelter/Base items & Fireplaces Fence kit - x2 Sticks + Rope Watchtower kit -x4 Sticks + Rope Simple door kit - x2 Sticks + Rope Simple double door kit - x2 Sticks + Rope Note; The rope from these kits can be removed to dismantle the kit, losing one stick in the process. Barbed-wire kit - Barbed Wire + Barbed Wire Note; The barbed wire kit can be dismantled like regular building kits, however you will only get a rope back, losing both barbed wire in the process. Tarp Shelter- x4 Long Sticks + x4 Tarp* Tarp can be found in industrial locations and sheds. It can also be used to repair tents. Leather Shelter- x4 Long Sticks + x8 Tanned Leather Basic Fireplace - Tinder* + Stick(s) or Firewood *Tinder can be bark, paper, bandages or a rag. It is possible to make a fireplace by combining Firewood + Stick(s), however it cannot be lit without tinder. If the materials are too wet, lighting the fire will not work. Note; Fireplaces can be lit with matches, a lighter, or a Hand-drill kit. They can be made to burn longer by adding more sticks or firewood. Basic fireplaces do not have server persistence and will disappear after about an hour without player interaction. Stone Circle Fireplace - Basic Fireplace* + x8 Stone Oven Fireplace - Basic Fireplace* + x16 Stone *Place the basic fireplace first then begin adding stones. Wood Block - Wood log + Hacksaw Wood Cross - x2 Planks + x5 Nails Worn or Lobby Table - x5 Planks + x10 Nails Wooden Crate - x8 Planks + x16 Nails Crafting Table - x10 Planks + x30 Nails Note; The crafting table allows you to store some items in special slots such as wood logs. Doing this will allow you to craft some of the recipes below. To be continued.
  3. Always rooted for you! Congrats on support 😄 ❤️

    Im So Proud Of You Demi Lovato GIF by The Roku Channel

    1. Misky


      Thank you ❤️ means a lot

  4. Congrats on Support!! Super glad to see!

    1. Misky


      Thank you! <333

  5. Hi there! All feedback is appreciated, if I did extra good feel free to treat me with a picture of your pet(s). Link to the situation:(Use "N/A" if not appropriate.) Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help demonstrate your point,Use "N/A" if not appropriate".) Feedback:(Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.) Suggestions for improvement:(Use N/A if not appropriate. If bad feedback suggestions of improvement are required.)
  6. I, Misky hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 5 in its current form.
  7. Might make a lil guide for more effective building. How to effectively move logs, how many nails you need..etc.

  8. I like this. Give me this. Thank you. +1 Fr tho good shit. Keep it up.
  9. Best of luck on your whitelist! Hope to see you in Nyheim soon

    Wish we could be getting the forums numbers in game


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      Forums are more fun

    2. Redemption
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      Answers for everything.


      If they don't wanna make a move then the pop will stay like this.

  11. Updated K's page a little if anyone is interested

  12. -1 I don't see less mods and content as a good thing in this case. The lore team has little to work with as it is and the mods that do exist don't get in the way of anything vanilla. I would love to mods worked around and implemented more not less.
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