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  1. Shout out to the group keeping the server breathing your players are very active in these dark times, keep it up
  2. I agree with a lot of these points but I don't think the solution has to be removing the traders, I think we could work to make the traders better. There are definitely issues but I believe they could be resolved while keeping the traders. The traders offer a gameplay loop all in themselves already but with some improvement I think it would be better for players and RP indirectly, I'd really hate to see them go.
  3. hmm I'm not too sure but I do think it's possible. I saw some crafted scarecrows last lore but like I said I never got around to doing the testing to find out. @ArchaeahI think it was at Shelby creek I saw them, do you know how it's done?
  4. A lot of them do, I need to include them in my crafting guide still but I've been too lazy to taste them out. If you make a crafting bench you can store logs and other items on it and dragging say 4 logs on to the axe allows you to make the wood pile. I assume it's the same for the other items. The crafting bench is 10 planks and a few nails I think?
  5. That Ryan guy seems pretty cool if you ask me
  6. Hello! Creepy motherfucker here Enjoyed the RP myself, glad you had a good time too Enjoyed meeting your character.
  7. Never noticed you posted the page! Excited to finally see this become an official thing. Be seeing you in Chernarus!
  8. I'm not against player set re-spawns if implemented correctly but I'm completely against the car thing.
  9. Sounds like a good time. I didn't have the privellege of participating in the past ones so count me in this time.
  10. I don't agree that equating a change of rules to promote faster entry back in to RP as 'spoon-feeding' is productive and if you can't see how that is antagonizing then I don't know what else to say, but I accept your apology. Let's move on and keep on topic
  11. I don't think you're being very productive with these comments. You're ignoring most of the points made and are boarding on antagonising the people making actual points for no real reason here.
  12. No one would be spoon feeding you by allowing you one more option. If you want to leave your body there then so be it. This is a roleplay server though, if you are not going to PK to the death then what is leaving your body to rot adding to your RP experience? It's not making the game any more difficult by not allowing you to return to your body, it's simply saving your time. Shit certainly does happen, but we can make shit less stinky.
  13. There is currently a system like Eagle's said that will flag an NLR breach.
  14. I vote yes. I see no reason why not but I would go further and allow it not only in the case of bugs but any death outside of another player's view AND not a roleplay scenario. No one is hurt by this change and it saves players stress and time re-gearing which means a better experience and more time to RP. It would be rather difficult to prove it was a bug's fault anyway without footage. I do however share this concern. If it wouldn't be too difficult of a change for staff to enforce then let's do it. Literally no one is hurt by a player returning to their body outside of RP and the annoyance of a death is significantly reduced.
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