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  1. Hello everyone. I'm that guy in blue with the mosin. So, as you can see in the last part at second 23 where @Kranous asked me to share the canned food i left going to the bathroom while saying something but unfortunately i was continuesly talking and our friend didnt here it propably a problem with my mic. My friend and co-protagonist in the video after was outside and said to for everyone to put their hands in the air twice(in the last part it is heard once) so the reason i shot the other guy inside was that i heard my friend saying that and i didnt see the guy dropping his weapon and i assumed that he was ready to shoot back so i started shooting. Unfortunately, i dont have any videos to prove my innocence so i will leave @Kranous and the admin team up to decide
  2. As Jaeger was checking the the radio a sudden static was heard and after that someone was speaking very angrily.Dragomir heard the noises and came inside the room once again.He sat on the chair with his cigarette on his hand and listened patiently.As soon as the man stopped he picked the radio and spoke *Well i guess what i said made you really angry(laughs).I just guessed that you were Russian.Just an honest mistake friend i didn't mean to upset you(laughs).* After that he put the radio down and put his head on the wall resting while smoking his the remaining of his cigarette.Jaeger continued his work while chatting with Dragomir about different topics
  3. As technician Jaeger checks the radio for any possible repairs suddenly people starting connecting on the frequency and start talking *Captain there are people speaking here come quickly!* Dragomir came as quickly as possible and got inside the room,sat on the chair and start listening to the people that were speaking on the radio As soon as the people finished he grabbed the radio and after a few second pause he pressed the PTT and spoke *Realy interesting....i didn't expect much anyway.So if you people still hear me im gonna begin.So to the first guy that said all the stuff about the military well yeah i agree with you they were useless all of them.That's why we are here and we will make sure that the results wont be like the last time.* He pauses for 1 minute to drink some water from his water bottle...after quenching his thirst he continues *If i recall correctly you were the guy that we found near the tower.Yeah we can arrange a meeting and we can talk about whatever you want.Godspeed my friend.* He stops again for some seconds and continues *You that asked about our identification well obviously we wear military uniforms and black armbands with our organizations emblem on them.I personally wear an old soviet military hat i found in some ruins.I took of the communist badge on it and replaced it with Dolgs emblem hehehe.* He continues *To the guy that said to stop swinging our dicks around il say only this.Just be careful out there my friend.* *Also to the guy that was speaking russian well my russian are a bit rusty but i could understand some of the things you said.As far as i remember you said something about a Collective so my guess will be about the Communist Collective everybody was talking about at the trade post.Im gonna say only this.Your time is almost done.Dolg wont let any political parties influence the survivors of Chernarus with vile propaganda.Be prepared my friends. He pauses for 5 minutes.He drinks some water again and takes out his packet of cigarettes he found in an abandoned building.He takes one out,put it in his mouth and lights it.After taking some puffs he continues again. *To the last guy that spoke il say this.Thank you for your suggestion my friend.I will keep what you said in mind.* Finishing with the things he wanted to stay he went outside and continued smoking his cigarette.He left the door open in case other survivors join the frequency and decide to talk.As moving outside Jaeger went back in the room and continued the repairs
  4. *Dragomir moves inside a dusty room where his groups newly repaired radio was.He sat on a broken chair picked up the radio and after a 5 second delay spoke* *To anyone hearing this right now...Im Dragomir Bagrov the leader of a military organization named Dolg.We are here to bring some order in this god forsaken wasteland.I advise you to not interfere with us and our operations.....You have been warned* *He puts the radio on the table,gets up from the broken chair and leaves the room as the Dolg technician comes inside to check the radio for any possible repairs*
  5. Papa Krieg


    None Mostly everyone Bandits,Anarchists,Slavers Recruitment will be in-game but if someone is really interested to join us send me a pm
  6. Dragomir was an CDF soldier at his youth.After he retired he made his own private military company named Dolg.He and his company helped the Chernarussian goverment by guarding the streets and providing support were needed.After that he signed a contract with Russia to go to provide military support.After that the infection started and everything got destroyed.Dragomir survived along with his brother and one officer from Dolg for months until they decided to remake Dolg.His goal is to help everyone in Chernarus and remove any signs of banditry,anarchism ,degeneracy and mainly the infected in the hopes Chernarus becomes normal again.
  7. *Dragomir takes his radio from his vest pocket and presses the button to speak* "This is Dragomir again.Im currently at our meeting point aswell.Come out when you feel ready" *He closes the radio and waits aswell while he takes a cigar from his special cigar packet and smokes it while sitting bellow the Radio Tower*
  8. *Dragomir sat at the campfire his men made and while he streched his legs as he was exhausted from all the scavenging he did while suddenly a noise came from his left pocket on his vest.He opened the pocket and listened that somebody was tuned in the radio frequency of his radio and was speaking.He put his ear next to the radio and listened.After the the man that was talking finished he took a big breath and spoke* "This is Dragomir speaking.Hunter my friend i see you got yourself a radio and from what i see you were interested in our proposal." *After he said that he took an other deep breath as he was clearly exhausted and he wanted to rest but continued* "Our meeting point will be the Radio Towers near the town of Gorka where we last saw each other.Inform me again when you are ready to meet with me.Also do not worry i will listen when you speak from the radio as i keep mine on my pocket" *The moment he said the last words he put his radio inside his vest pocket and immediately sat down by the campfire again opening a can of beans and eating it while talking with his men and sharing their stories of the day*
  9. Papa Krieg

    Vataga Graznovodi [Active] [Recruiting]

    Good luck
  10. Sry man those groups i "copied" stuff from are no longer here as you said so they "technicaly" dont exist so its like you are telling me im stealing from something that doesnt exist anymore ) I beg to disagree here. Just because a group is not around on the forums anymore does not mean it ceased to exist ICly. Story have been created which involve these groups, so you are in fact copying something that does exist. Anyways, feedback. The backstory about the time before and during the outbreak is sufficient to us and has nothing lore conflicting in it. Well done. What we would like to see more are the ideals of the party, maybe even its program. We can see that they are a conservative party, because they funded NAPA during the civil war, but how far does the conservatism go? You are using the symbol of the black sun, which is mostly used by highly nationalistic groups in Eastern European countries nowadays (e.g. Ukrainian Azov Battalion) . We would like to see an explanation for the use of this symbol in the original post of the thread. Furthermore, what does this group do differently than the currently 3 other more or less nationalist Chernarussian groups, who are currently active groups? And in retrospect to Giraffel's post: What does this group do different than for example ZBOR? Changing a name yet sharing similar ideology and symbols is not something we, the loremasters, support. Like Rolle said: Please let us know once you have addressed these changes, so we, the loremaster team, know when to make our final decision on this group. Thanks. Thank you for your time checking this thread.I will be going on vacation for 1 week so i will fix everything when i am back.
  11. Papa Krieg

    S2 RDM + Attempted RDM Kab 26-07-2016 01:55

    Maxims POV.Well as you can see in the video we initiate on you guys for the obvious reason of taking some supplies from you since we got nagged earlier by some other guys.About the guy i shot in the video which has his weapon lowered i apologise to you as in my screen you raised your weapon cause i wouldnt have shot you otherwise .There is nothing more to add i believe.
  12. Papa Krieg

    S2:Poor RP NWAF-----26/07/2016 Approx 11-1 PM

    Maxims Pov.As you can clearly in the video you guys initiated on my guy so as i was very close to the area of initiation i shot one of your guys and the guy with the magnum shot my friend while he had his hands up.Then we continue with one of you guys getting tied up and you getting on your knees.I dont see any "poor" rp here man.
  13. Sry man i never saw that you guys made a thing like this already honestly Sry man those groups i "copied" stuff from are no longer here as you said so they "technicaly" dont exist so its like you are telling me im stealing from something that doesnt exist anymore ) I dont see how that is an excuse. If a group archives and some new people copy its page, goals and hierarchy it is almost the same group right? And if things like those are acceptable then we are stuck with very similiar groups but under different names. What you are telling me is that you have an excuse to copy other groups if those groups you are copying are archived. You cant treat those groups like they never existed if they used to make a huge impact on the servers. It seems to me like you are trying to find an excuse to copy others instead of trying to come up with something original. Its up to the LM team to give you feedback and decide in the end, so you do whatever you like.