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  1. I think I will be back for awhile on good ol zack jones.
  2. Yeah I agree. Also there doesn't seem to be many people working on it so... its probably gonna be either broken or not released till im 40
  3. If your also interested on there website here it is https://www.identityrpg.com/#home
  4. YO we should meet up sometime I have the bow again so you know im up to some antics
  5. I take breaks from this and play again and again but only with short breaks. So yeah Hi
  6. much obliged much obliged much obliged
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZWWx6P8n0Y my video
  8. Rocco


    How do you fix a computer going beep beep the entire time
  9. *Zack reaches for his radio thinking about the past and things that have happened over the past week* *He takes a moment and presses down the PTT* Look I took a little vacation and have been selling my drugs through certain unnamed distributors. I don't want them to be dragged into this to. *Zack pauses* Look I'm still gonna make my shit because simply put, people like it. But i'm tired of all the shit that comes with it. *Zack pauses and thinks about what to say* Look I Like the business and the type of people I meet. I know there are people looking for me and i'm not scared any more. *Zack lets go of the PTT* *He thinks if he should really do this* *Zack presses down the PTT* We all gotta pay our dues sometime because this road trip doesn't come free. So here you go......... My name is Zack Jones i'm a drug dealer and made some terrible mistakes with people in the past. If you want to come find me I am in Grishnoe, no weapons, no trap, and no bullshit. *Zack pauses* That's it, anything you need from me you come for me Ill be waiting.
  10. Rocco

    Shut down S2

    *cough* Agreed *cough*
  11. *Zack presses down the PTT* Elliot? that was his fucking name! OH shit! Yo Elliot if you can hear me I smoked with you in the clinic once and I have a business proposal for you. Talk to me when you can *Zack releases the PTT*