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  1. Jose was born into a poor household in the town of Chihuahua, when he was 10 his father passed away in a cartel drug run across the border. His mother then raised him by herself working at the local grocery store which didn't really provide Jose with much in his teen years. With the lack of income coming to the house Jose felt as if he needed to help his mother make payments to keep the home, Unfortunately his mother passed away when he was 15 from tuberculosis . Orphaned at the age of 15 he ran away looting off the streets and trying to survive in the harsh climate of Mexico. One day he ran to a kid who didn't look much older then him, They were both looking for food in the dumpster when the other kid asked for his name in Spanish. This was bad for Jose since his parents never taught him Spanish since his mom was Irish and his dad passed away when he was young as well as him always "working". Soon the kid realized that Jose didn't understand him but he also saw something else, Fear trebled into his eyes and he started shaking. As the unnamed child turned around to see what was behind him it was already to late, He was mauled by a pack of wild coyotes on the outskirts of Chihuahua and Jose wanted to save him but had no choice but to run. The coyotes seemed to be finished with the Kid and then started chasing after Jose when suddenly gunshots rained over his head. Jose was terrified, He heard gunshots before but these were different they were so close that the sound of the rounds being fired made his chest feel tense and It was clear that these shots came from a high caliber weapon. As Jose finally came to he saw a big man with tattoos and a bald head walk up to him Jose was kinda nervous because he was holding a weapon that he has never seen before. The unknown man then spoke "Hola amigo, what are you doing out here all by yourself trying to get eaten by some coyotes cabrón" Jose responded still nervous from the encounter "Ive been living like this for a couple years now my parents are both dead". Joses life changed that day all because he meant a man named Hector but all the other members called him El Gordito. From that day on Jose was given a nickname by Gorditos friends, "Leche". Jose knew what it meant because his mother would always bring him to the store and tell him to go get the milk and it was always labeled Leche. Jose figured they called him this because his skin color is white as well as him not being able to speak fluent spanish. After a couple years living with the members Gordito took him aside and told Leche that he would have to start pulling his weight around and helping out with the family as he called it. Leche was now 19yrs old running drugs across town for this "family" but they wanted him to do more even tho leche was unwilling to take on the mission they insisted he have. His goal was to go across the border to america with a suitcase full of Cocaine in order to prove his loyalty, but Jose wasnt having it and started planning an escape. He booked a flight to Chernarus to escape this life and live in solitude like he did all those years before. Unfortunately what he found there would prove more painful then solitude.
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  3. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6107/

    new character tell what you think

    zack was getting a bit stale. dont worry hes not dead Ill come back to him eventually

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      Rocco my guy I like it

  4. I think I will be back for awhile on good ol zack jones.
  5. almost a year of this game


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      Should hang with me, cas and everyone in Sine Nomine

  6. almost a year of this game


  7. Yeah I agree. Also there doesn't seem to be many people working on it so... its probably gonna be either broken or not released till im 40
  8. If your also interested on there website here it is https://www.identityrpg.com/#home
  9. YO we should meet up sometime I have the bow again so you know im up to some antics
  10. I take breaks from this and play again and again but only with short breaks. So yeah Hi
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