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  1. We don't have any recording from after Kabanino.
  2. He will never learn if we just flower him with compliments. There wasn't even a remote chance to try and RP, his backstory didn't even match? I moved here with my parents beacuse of tax evasion, ohh and they where wanted, and, and, and... Anyway, this is not what the report is about. Ohhh! No OOC contact? I find this a bit wierd then.
  3. Pretty sure Johhny shot a guy? Even saw the blood.. Maybe @SkinVest @Elliot @R3tr0Gamer1958 Can tell who it was, since they are friends.
  4. @Cid Can you please show the logs of the guy @Spanners shot?
  5. Server and location: S1 - Sinistok Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1/8/2017 19:15 - 19:20 Your in game name: Manuel Dalca Names of allies involved: Adrian Dalca and Johnny Jackson Name of suspect/s: Elliot Flaganan Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: We initiated on two people in Sinistok for calling my brother retarded earlier on in Kabanino, We killed his friend for not complying and then decided to get a bit of IC information out of the other guy, Elliot (We also frisked him for a radio). This is properly the WORST rp i've ever experienced! No pain RP, bland story and OOC talk. We then talked to him for a bit trying to talk some sense into his head and explain that it is not nice to call people retarded. He then gave us the location of his camp, which Adrian first checked out and then i did. When i ran down the road in Sinistok, back to Adrian and Johnny, a guy in full green yelled from the top of his lungs ''PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP, i fully complied and put my hands up! Johnny then ran up to assist me and shot one or two bullets into one of them, soon after (still with my hands up in the middle of the road) i get a bullet to the face.
  6. Chapter 1. adolescence. Manuel was a very smart young man, very mature and intelligent for a boy in his age. He was the first born child in the family and therefore had a lot of responsibility and had to act like a role model to his younger brother Adrian. The family would often go on holiday in the vacation periods, nothing fancy, just what they could afford. Their father wanted a better life for them and stopped working his day to day job when they were young and started getting involved with the criminal world, more specifically, the russian mob. They would lend him vast amounts of money, it just had to be paid back at a certain time. Chapter 2. School. As the older brother Manuel started school before Adrian, even when they were just an average family. He was smart, well known and had respect, even before the wealth. Always scoring top in his class, always scoring on top in the ladies. It was all fine until Adrian started school. The money went to Adrian's head and he couldn’t stop bragging about it and getting himself into trouble, at most times Manuel would let it pass and let his little brother take care of himself, but it started getting worse and worse. He often had to step in to help his little brother in fights, he used his and his family's new found status to scare people off, but that wasn’t always enough. Chapter 3. From nothing to kings. The brother where now in their early twenties, living a king's life in romania. They watched everyone around them starve and work all day to get enough money to pay for housing and basic needs. The brothers didn’t know where the money came from or even cared, they just had it. Their father started buying more and more and i’m not talking about a new house or a new car, he was just wasting money away at their non continuing wealth. Buy hey! as their father always said ‘’Everything is cheap in Romania, don’t worry about it’’. One day the phone calls started raining in, from all around the world and it just got worse and worse as the time went on. The brother didn’t think much about it and apparently their father didn’t either. On a warm summer night the phone calls stopped, only one, this would be the last phone call their father ever took. the brother didn’t think much about it, it was just a day without phone calls, what’s the difference? But this was not just a phone call… It was THE phone call. Their father was never seen again, taken away to some dump and left for dead, they thought, but who really knew? This is Romania after all. Weeks of grieve and sorrow went by and then one day there was a phone call, but not just any other phone call, Manuel picked up the phone, not much were said, only a few muffled words, Your responsibility, Deliver the three times as much and 5 years. Chapter 4. Great loss. A year went by and they had lost all hope in paying the money back. The family was still in big grief over the loss of a great man and to such a stupid reason, they could easily have lived without the money. One day the mother told Manuel and Adrian about a safe in the bedroom, one that was only to be opened in emergencies, but the father never told anyone the numbers… Adrian tried and tried, but no luck. Manuel sat down writing all logical combinations, but their father wasn’t a logical nor emotional man. One day it hit Manuel, the numberplate on all his dad's cars were the same! Manuel rushed into the room where Adrian was still trying to crack the safe, he told Adrian the combination and it worked! In the safe was 10,000 Euros and a note with contacts on in, most of them being useless! car dealerships, drugs, even prostitutes! But one name stood out, C-J Money launderer. They tried day and night to contact this unknown man, but no luck. A week or so went by and suddenly the phone rang, the brothers didn’t think twice and ran towards the phone, it was either the mob asking for favors or, could it be, C-J? Manuel picked up the phone, a man spoke with a crusty voice, ‘’This is Charlie, what can i do for you today sir’’ The brother explained their situation in great detail, but to no avail… The couldn’t give a shit about their trouble and didn’t care at all! In the end the brother amazing convincing skills and great charisma talked C-J into helping them, ohh yeah! and a cut of the money. Chapter 5. Drugs, money and jewelry. Making the money to pay back the mob seemed to be more difficult than the brother could ever have imagined. Starting of simple with selling drugs for scraps, but that where not even close to being enough… They then moved on to robbing small shops and gas stations, but everything in Romania is cheap, so the money in the cash registers where close to none or pocket change. They decided to bother C-J for the second time and ask him for advice, of course C-J knew everything about making money and suggested going big or going home, he was talking about banks or jewelry stores. Doing these big jobs where not going to be easy and they needed equipment, all stuff the brother knew nothing about, but D-J did. C-J hooked them up big time! With brand new machine guns, pistols, even protective vests! The brothers couldn’t wait to get this burden of their chest and started planning immediately, they got building plans, inside knowledge, it looked like a damn movie! It only took the brother a week to pull everything together and get ready. The plan was simple, Adrian was the grabber, Manuel was crow control and the guy, the scum of this earth, was overwatch. Everything went as planned, to begin with at least, the crowd was calm, Adrian grabbed and bagged everything and the getaway car was untouched! Only one thing missing… The third member of the crew, of course! he just had to be caught and he even ratted them out! Giving every single piece of information he had about the brother, Names, Location, even pictures! Chapter 6. Train ride to freedom. The brothers couldn’t just stop, they still had to pay back the mob. They continued robbing smaller stores, but it was not enough, they needed to go bigger! Even bigger than the last big score! They settled for a bank, bank Leumi to be exact, selling more stolen goods would take to long and just be a loss in the end. This job where a bit more complicated and they would need even more equipment and maybe even one more member than last time, luckily people are easy to get by in Romania and if you know where to look, you can get anything. They collected two very skilled people and even an armored car. The plan was the same as last time, one lookout, one at the door, Manuel on crow control and Adrian on the cash. Everything went smooth, the silent alarm went of, as they predicted, but then! A damn hostage just had to make a run for it! There was nothing to do… He was too fast, it had to be done… One bullet was all it took and he was down. The police quickly swarmed the place, way more than last time. There was no surrendering, it’s either going out here with a blast or getting killed in jail. After not listening to the police demands, they started opening fire, big time. The stand in crew members were paid enough to cover the brother tracks and the guy at the door stayed, buying more time and the lookout started shooting at the police. The brother made it to the car without to much work and drove to the safe location. They contacted C-J to go over some needed details, before paying back the mob. Now they just needed a safe location to do the transaction and since they were the most wanted in Romania at the time. They talked over C-J to do it outside of Romania, a place where to police would never look or dare to look, they decided on Chernarus. But how do you get out of a country when you face is all over the news, in every newspaper and there is a big price on your head? You can’t just drive over the damn border can you. They decided on taking a lowkey cargo train to Chernarus, they were never checked anyway. The whole trip went smoothly, the arrival and transaction went as planned, but in the end… it didn’t end out to be a pleasant stay...
  7. I got shot uncon the second everything happend, So the place i woke up is were i was located.
  8. Didn't have time to open OBS, so bandicam it was.. The video starts and ends wierdly because my recording button is next to my TS talk button. The video doesn't show much since i started recording late.. But it's all i got.
  9. I have 2 short video clips from me waking up from uncon and then a second clip of strawberry explaining what happend, since no one other than him actually knew what just happend. I can edit the 2 clips together and upload it if that's needed.
  10. POV: We saw a guy running into kabanino and we thought ''why not rob this guy'' so we started running towards him (Strawberry infront) Strawberry entered the town first and went into a house and got initiated on, the rest of the crew ran to the right side behind the houses (the road from military) Strawberry didn't even have time to tell us over the radio that he was initiated on before bullets started flying everywhere! So 4 out of the 5 people where never initiated on, but they still shot us. POV: We saw a guy running into kabanino and we thought ''why not rob this guy'' so we started running towards him (Strawberry infront) Strawberry entered the town first and went into a house and got initiated on, the rest of the crew ran to the right side behind the houses (the road from military) Strawberry didn't even have time to tell us over the radio that he was initiated on before bullets started flying everywhere! So 4 out of the 5 people where never initiated on, but they still shot us.
  11. That ''About Me'' Made me crai.

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      Just tell them you a good friend of mine. ^_^

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      I'll remember that, if i ever get that far.

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  12. I didn't initiate. The nice fella that you had no ideá if i was with or not did.. The other guy aimed his gun, clearly stating that he was with the guy initiating and me, the last guy, walked backwards slowy with my gun lowered and only shot way after you guys started turning me into a sieve
  13. Is it hostile asking about your choosing of clothes? And since when was hostility grounds for murder?
  14. The video sure do speak for itself... Skip to 00:57 and you turn around and start shooting at a guy with a lowered gun walking backwards
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