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  1. Group one - The Joyces Group two - secyoJ ehT But now going back to being serious. I don't see why two 30 man groups should ally up and share a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere to be able to get a prefab. It also hinders RP for some groups I would assume, ''Well we need allies to get this prefab'' and as you said, it would hinder offline raiding, while I am totally against purposely doing offline raiding (These guys are EU, lets raid them at 03AM server time) I am not against attacking people and finding out that they are not home. +1 for effort -1 for the idéa.
  2. You die -> You return -> Ban You die -> You don't return -> Keep playing
  3. I can't recall how many times I've been stuck between 2-3 zombies without the ability to move and gone down within a few seconds.
  4. I'm not even scarred of people at this point. Change zombies to Demigods ✔ Change wolfs to Fenrir ✔ Change bears to T-34's ☭
  5. POV I'm in Nidek when I hear over the radio that one of our dynamic members is in trouble in Gliniska. I quickly run from Nidek to the prison and then down to Gliniska. When I entered town @Eagle was already dead and @Cow died shortly after. So only me and @MaybeleleLR are left, I run into a shed near the piano building were our Dynamic was and bandaged op after being hit by zombies. After being in the shed for a minute or two, I hear the dynamic talking to some people, the dynamic says that he was taken hostage and a firefight broke out, the people he talked to wasn't within VOIP range. I decide to put my gun on my back and throw my 5.0.3 armband away, in case I get taken hostage, I walk through the Piano building and out the front to spot these people who were talking to our dynamic. I saw one person running away and ask ''What is going on here'' and gets instantly shot in the head by @Dongle.
  6. The staff member in helpdesk, @JobScholten, I assume they used staff commands? I referred to me knowing that it was him and Operation: Yggdrasil during the helpdesk situation before he was pulled in and still didn't act upon this OOC knowledge even though I was still playing actively on the server.
  7. I was told it was Operation: Yggdrasil and later you, before you were called in. I simply can't recall the exact time from when things happened or the time span things happened in, since I am not superhuman. I can change it to 10-20 minutes, or more. If that feels more correct in you eyes.
  8. Let me just do a POV of the entire situation, since a short one about the specific scenario isn't enough. We went to Zalesie and found Operation: Yggdrasil there with a Humvee. We initiated on them and I drove the flatbed in front of the Humvee to stop them from driving away. I believe that two of them decided not to comply and we took the two others hostage. After talking to them for a while inside the church we take gunfire from the hill, we tell the hostage to relay a message that if this does not stop, they would be executed. We continued to take shots and one of the hostages then got killed (since our demands were not met) After looking for the person in the woods and taking more shots, we decided to just leave town. Shortly after the Humvee leaves they start taking fire from an ambush. At that point I tell @Eagle to get the BMW we found in the woods out of there and I would take the flatbed. I go to the Flatbed and tell the woman in town that she can keep the other car and then jumps in the Flatbed and leaves. Shortly after leaving I hear that the Humvee saw a Flatbed with multiple people inside in Topilin, so I take another route. When going down the road i hear that @G_DateLR and another person are taking shots near Zalesie after trying to get the car I handed over to the lady out of the town. I keep on driving and gets followed by a red BMW for a short amount of time. I make it to the prison, park up the Flatbed and move some supplies inside, shortly after @G_DateLR shows up in the VAZ and also goes inside. @Eagle then tells me that he broke the BMW and I decided to wait for restart before going over to him. After the restart I head over to @Eagle with a spare radiator and after fixing up the BMW we start heading towards the prison. When we were just outside the perimeter of the prison someone yells ''Taking shots, taking shots'' and I hear bullets snap. I let eagle out to open the gates, so that I could drive the BMW in. I believe @G_DateLR then starts taking shots. After getting inside safely we RP a bit with the hostage and arrange some loot. We then hear the grenades go off and shots being fired outside the prison and we all get into positions, shortly after I walk into the room with the hostage and tells him to go on the radio and say his final goodbyes and so on, he does. We wait around for a bit until all the shooting and so on stops. We then all decide to execute the prisoner via firing squad, but he was AFK, so we acted at if he was sleeping. After waiting for the hostage to wake back up for a good 3-5 minutes I decided to go into the helpdesk, seeing that I think a rules was being broke -> Griefing. I talk over the scenario with @JobScholten and @Knightblast we talk it over for a while and I then decide to have @Watchman pulled in to talk it out, instead of making a report instantly. After him admitting to it being him and him leaving the channel abruptly after saying the words in the video, I returned to RP'ing. During the time I was in helpdesk, me and @G_DateLR pulled the remaining two wheel off the Humvee and I headed inside. During the time of me being in helpdesk the hostage was also taken upstairs to be executed once again, but I left to focus on the helpdesk situation. I ran around the prison for a solid few minutes looking for the hostage, since I thought he was already executed or we were going to execute him like the plan before me going into helpdesk. I failed to find him so I ask were he was, since I got the vague answer of ''He is upstairs'' I search through the cells of the top floor were we previously had him. I then hear them talking about letting him go and something about him bringing us a Humvee in return. My character was not happy about that, seeing that his men shot at us in Zalesie, failed to listen to our demands, ambushed us multiple times and since we assumed that it was them sniping us and throwing grenades at us, plus the fact that I knew that he was never going to bring us a Humvee. I then tried to pinpoint his location and find him, I spot him and some of our men on the stairs, seeing that some of my comrades apparently wanted to let him go with a fake promise of a Humvee, I decided to shoot him dead. As you can see in the POV, we had MORE than enough reasons to execute the hostage, both according to the rules and IC'ly. We simply didn't act upon the OOC knowledge gained doing the helpdesk situation, he was going to be executed a total of two times before the situation in helpdesk was even over and could have been executed many more times. We could have executed him right there and then at Zalesie, doing ambush one, doing ambush two, during the multiple times we were being shot at at the prison, when grenades started blowing up and so on, but we decided to focus on IC information and RP instead. It would IC'ly had made absolutely no sense for my character and for the group in general to let him go after what his men had done. Since no one had attacked the DAYS prison prior to this situation, it would not had made any sense to be anyone but Operation: Yggdrasil who attacked us, so no meta gaming was used there either. Of course it could have been another group, but in this specific scenario we had just attacked them, taken one of their men hostage and executed another, so it would make perfect sense to be them, our characters simply assumed that it was them and even argued weather or not it could have been An Pobal or them before I even went into helpdesk, but we decided on it being Operation: Yggdrasil. So again, we could not be 100% certain that it was them, but IC'ly we assumed at that point in time. I would also like to point out this part in @TheBar0n POV. ''While at the prison I was instructed not to tell my companions were I was on the radio but to stop attacking, I of course complied with that request.'' So his companies were already told, yet again, to stop attacking, which leaves us with even more rights. From me finding out that @Watchman and Operation: Yggdrasil, that was doing it, to me executing the prisoner was properly around 10 to 20 minutes, if not more. So no, I didn't get the information and went straight to killing the hostage either. Lets also note that I waited roughly 10 to 15 minutes and was told that the suspect ran away, before I went into helpdeks and talked to @JobScholten. The only reason why I joined helpdesk was because I thought someone was breaking a rule, aka Griefing. And again, wanted to talk it out with the person instead of making a report. I simply don't see why I would execute the prisoner based on OOC knowledge when I had plenty of IC reasons + the rules on my side. I don't see where the Meta Gaming in @G_DateLR POV was either. @Watchman if you are referring to this part -> ''After leaving HD @Mystery goes to the hostage and kills him'' after leaving HD, could be a span of 1second to 5days, he simply stated what I did after. As explained above, the hostage was killed 10 to 20 minutes, if not more time after me ''gaining'' the information that it was you and Operation: Yggdrasil. Seeing that this report most likely will lead to nothing and the possibility of people getting points for rules they did not break, I would like the report closed if all parties agrees.
  9. 3 of the vehicles were bunched together (Tan Humvee, Red BMW, Maroon VAZ.) and the Flatbed not far away. The Humvee and VAZ were taken from Zalesie, I believe the VAZ belongs to someone living in Zalesie, not sure though. The BMW was found in the forest outside Zalesie and the flatbed was found around Bielawa before the scenario.
  10. The first hostage was executed after the demands of them to stop shooting at us and/or surrender in Zalesie was not accepted. And the seconds hostage was executed after multiple attacks, ambushes, grenade attacks and so on. I didn't add it because I simply didn't find it relevant to this exact scenario. We did not execute the hostage based on OOC knowledge, considering that you and your men decided not to listen to our demands and continued to attack us, ambushed multiple of our vehicles and men, attacked us at the prison and so on, we had more that enough reason IC to execute your man. It would have made not have made sense IC'ly to let him go based on your continued aggression towards us after we left Zalesie, if the hostilities would have stopped and not continued towards and at the prison, he would properly have been let go.
  11. Server and location: S2 - Prison Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14-02-2020 - Between 22:00 and 22:30 I think. (I typed ''// 5-10 minutes before this'' or something like that in chat at the given moment) Your in game name: Roy Davis Names of allies involved: @Atrix17, @Eagle, @MR ZED JR, @MaybeleleLR, @G_DateLR, @Rjparker Name of suspect/s: @Watchman Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Tan Humvee, Red BMW, Flatbed Truck, Maroon VAZ. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We had just had firefight with Operation: Yggdrasil in Zalesie and took one of their men hostage, I believe it was @TheBar0n. 30-40 or so (don't know exactly) minutes after taking him to the prison for some interrogation we hear grenades going off and mags being dumped outside at our garage, the garage is separate to the actual prison, so he only did it to blow up the cars and admitted to this in helpdesk as well. I hop into helpdesk and talk to @JobScholten and another staff member (Sorry, can't remember the name) We then narrow it down to being @Watchman who would have been the one throwing grenades at our cars. We call him in to talk it out and he admitted to it being him, but didn't seem to wanna talk it out. Due to his attitude and lack of care, we have decided to make this report.
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    5.0.3 Media Thread

    @Eagle I might be blind, but at least I got him..

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