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  1. EvanPVE

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    But one wall is mainly all you need to break down to get into a base... Especially now that code locks don't work.
  2. EvanPVE

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Time to build 200 walls between me and my tent
  3. EvanPVE

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Thanks for a great Event.
  4. EvanPVE

    EvanPVE's Archive

  5. EvanPVE

    Bad Version, server rejected connection [FIX]

    Done it all.
  6. EvanPVE

    Bad Version, server rejected connection [FIX]

    Sooo, if none of this works, what do you do?
  7. EvanPVE

    Ladies Night Visits Stary

    People really underestimated the size of the group, hahaha!
  8. EvanPVE

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *Evan holds down the PTT* Support us or die. No support us or die. If you support them you die. *Static Noise* Can we please just be left alone? *A sigh can be heard through the radio* We just want a place where people feel at home, a place to get food, water and maybe relax a bit... Is that too much to ask for? *Evan releases the PTT and places the radio between the legs of a dark brown teddy bear in front of Camp Eden*
  9. EvanPVE

    Death = PK

    If this was an addon/mod that would automatically PK your character. -How would you determine that the character was killed by a glitch? Would everyone have to record 24/7 to prove that they died by a glitch? -What about KOS, invalid executions, NVFL and other rule breaks regarding you dying. -How about getting caught in crossfire, spawn killed by zombies and/or wolfs, accidental knockout kills and many other things. -''Just make a report, complaint, fill out a form or whatever'' wouldn't work, because with 5000 posts that staff has to reply to, evaluate and accept / Deny, it would take weeks before you can play your character again. If this was something people had to do themselves. -70times more reports -90% wouldn't be reported -Massive forum arguments -Extensive staff work But as suggested by @Zero '' I wouldn't mind seeing damage system linked to character pages though that says if you die x amount of times in one week you are automatically set to dead though, or a system where you are set to limping after respawning.'' This would be a good thing, of course limping wouldn't be permanent, but I like the idéa. And some kind of ticket system that would automatically PK your character if you have died 5-10 times that week (Should be appealable).
  10. EvanPVE

    EvanPVE's Archive

  11. EvanPVE

    Rule 2.3

    ''PUT YOUR HANDS UP'' ''Uhh what is in this backpack'' ''What is your name'' ''Goodbye''
  12. The Story Born and raised in the Czech Republic by his mother Dorota and two brothers, Andel and Filip. Driven by poverty the three brothers did what they could to survive and that ended like it always ends in the Czech Republic... A life in crime, that is near impossible to escape. Andel and Filip acted as the muscle of the group and Damek, now know as Bradan, was the brains behind it all. Damek stood for laundering all the money the three brothers collected doing their various criminal activities. This would go on for a while until they got caught one by one. Damek spent the least amount of time in jail where he got all of his tattoos, the dagger to show his has murdered in jail and is willing to do so again and the dollar signs to show his past as a money launderer. After serving his sentence Damek decided to pursue a new dream, the dream of a new life. He used his dual citizenship to move to Ireland, but the stay was short. Damek's brothers were released from jail on probation and that lead him right back, back to where they were kept, back to Berezino. Bradan Bradan was the name given to Damek by his father. Damek wasn't like his two brothers, his father wasn't from the Czech Republic, he was from Ireland. And that is pretty much all he ever knew about his father.
  13. EvanPVE

    German bush man song

  14. EvanPVE

    German bush man song

  15. EvanPVE

    EvanPVE's Archive

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