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  1. EvanPVE

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

    @Shanoby You got my vote.
  2. EvanPVE

    S1 Vybor - Griefing - 08/10/2019, ???

    @Realize How can it be possible that someone took all the code locks of (2 code locks), placed 2 of their own from the inside and no logs shows? Not even anyone logging out anywhere in the house. If these logs are from the 7th i know for a fact that it wasn't them, because i rebuild the base after that raid.
  3. EvanPVE

    S1 Vybor - Griefing - 08/10/2019, ???

    @Realize Considering that both locks where placed on the inside, how would that be possible? You did check the logs from 00:00 to around 20:00 the 8th October 2019, right?
  4. EvanPVE

    S1 Vybor - Griefing - 08/10/2019, ???

    @Realize Considering that all the code locks were placed on the inside, the person most likely logged out inside my base. Could you check for anyone who logged out?
  5. EvanPVE

    S1 Vybor - Griefing - 08/10/2019, ???

    Server and location: S1, Vybor, Red house. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Since last restart. (Current time 20:07) Your in game name: Wayne Rose Names of allies involved: N/a Name of suspect/s: N/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So i logged off for the night yesterday around 00:00 server time and when i logged in today my base has been raided. Some of my stuff has been taken, fair enough, but they have changed every code lock there is inside my base.
  6. EvanPVE

    S1 Invalid Kill/No time to Comply - 2019-10-06, 02:44

    @Samti There you go.
  7. EvanPVE

    S1 Invalid Kill/No time to Comply - 2019-10-06, 02:44

    Me and @PurifiedNoobs12 where talking about setting up his medical clinic, we then meet @Sonny Tostino and starts talking to him. A few minutes pass and we see two people in the forest crouching around, we then run to the Anarchy checkpoint for safety. We find no Anarchy and wait it out, we see no one. We then decide to run back to Vybor where we meet 2 HEAVILY geared people wearing all black, we talk to them for a minute and it was pretty obvious that they were going to rob us, so we ran in the open to ''get water'' so we could at least stand a chance. They then initiate and me and @Sonny Tostino instantly put our hands up, but @PurifiedNoobs12 struggles a bit, @Skittlez then counts to 5 and when he hits 3 @PurifiedNoobs12 finds the bind, but gets blasted in the head anyway. I then find an opportunity to shoot, since @Skittlez put his gun away. I kill @Skittlez and shoots at @HaZardouZPlayZ, but i guess lag and bad aim saved him. A few moments later @Sonny Tostino yells at me from one side, I go look and get blasted in the back. I would like to add that @Sonny Tostino, @HaZardouZPlayZ and @Skittlez where working together, but in none of the 30+ minutes we spend together did he ever double mic any radio broadcasts and judging from the amount of info they had some sort of communication must have gone on. Furthermore ''i got told that some of people that were apart of anarachy were by the clinic in vybor'' we just started setting up the clinic like 30minutes or so prior to meeting @Sonny Tostino and met TWO people, who spoke 5words of English and they most definitely didn't even know that Anarchy was a thing. There is only one person who could possibly have known that the people at the clinic were Anarchy (We are not BTW.) and that was/is @Sonny Tostino. Timestamp: Initiation at 21:45 Timestamp: Puts 2 hands up 22:16 (Might be shorten down to 5minutes) Btw, my hood is green/brown, not red. I would like to know if @Sonny Tostino, @HaZardouZPlayZ and @Skittlez where in any way accomplishes in this scenario, just so i can put my mind at ease.
  8. EvanPVE

    Anyone have a mag for the m4a1?

    *Wayne leans back in his chair and presses the PTT* Depends, where are you at my friend *Wayne releases PTT*
  9. EvanPVE

    Contest for DayZRP Loading Screen

    @Randy Happy? I'll edit the stupid ''DayZRP'' text at the top left at some point. Depending on peoples liking, I'll exchange the first one for this
  10. That guy on your right at 00:30 sure is hot, i must say.
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    Bro did Evan get PK´d?

    1. EvanPVE


      Yup, by staff.

    2. Hampze
  • EvanPVE

    What do you listen to ?

  • EvanPVE

    S2 - Vybor RDM

    POV There is a guy in Vybor constantly yelling stuff over the PA system and using his megaphone. He is basically talking trash about about everything, peoples skin color, religion, directly insulting people and so on. He also yelled about his god the water goat? Yelled for food 200times even though he could just go to the store and ask for some and he did, but then he started yelling about it again 2 minutes later. We tell him multiple times to quit doing it in MANY different ways, some nice, some less nice. He started targeting me, so I had some banter going back and forwards with him, him insulting me, me insulting him and so on. I check the town a few times for more people, since no one is stupid enough to do this and be alone. I find 2 people (later we discovered that there was one more) I walk inside the green house located right behind the school and hear a man putting away his weapon, I walk upstairs and see a man with an SVD pointed directly at @Xeno position, he casually acts like he was just looting and I then runs off, entirely out of town, not suspicious at all. I then go searching around town again, where I see a man inside the electrical building, he opens the door the second I walk past and uses it as a shield, also rather close to the school (I believe this is the man who killed me). Then we come to the initiation, my assumption of these two people being with him came true, I initiate from the lower level of the school with the CTF, pointing guns and all, but in a position where I couldn’t instantly get one tapped by the OP and I run upstairs to assist the CTF and hear gunshots flying, i then quickly run back down and up again (As seen in the video) I then see all 3 CDF people dead on the ground and @Xeno looting them / standing close to them. I quickly take action and shoot @Xeno (Since I thought he actually killed them), I had kill rights anyway, since he didn't comply. We run around town trying to find the two people I saw earlier. (This part may be out of order or not entirely true, since I will bring over what I remember from me and @Bsigos discord conversation) @Bsigo then takes fire (without being initiated on) and spots one and kills him, he tells me the location of the second person and tells me that he has him pinned down in a building up in the field. @Bsigo was wrong. I try to run up to the small shed, but a man pops out of the wall next to the gas station and kills me. the rest is basically just me listening to callum bragging about how he is a PVP god and killed all of them. - @Bsigo also pointed out that he met @Ingvalid in town who was shot multiple times by @Xeno friends, but they will have to explain that part since I was already dead. - @Xeno also stopped a bit to many times in his RP for me not to think OOC coms were used. -I find it funny how @Xenos friends still had kills rights after not RP'ing with him for way over an hour, the situation at the school building alone lasted 30+ minutes and all the stuff prior lasted over an hour. At no point did he communicate IC with these people, and we/I know that since we had people following him 24/7 (One of them being @Bsigo) -I would consider the entire thing baiting and RDM from their side, there is no way DEFENDERS rights transferred through RP (Since they are not an approved group) Would last way over an hour and he most definitely baited people to initiate on him, shit talking everyone and everything for way over and hour, even after being asked nicely and not so nicely MULTIPLE time. -I have also never met this person before, like never and he started saying ‘’I know your name’’ ‘’It starts with an E, then a V’’ at this point he realized it would be OOC and said ''Then T'' like anyone would be called EVT. The OP never spoke about it again. (This POV was written before @Ingvalid and @Bsigo posted their POV's, so my confusions may be answered) Since I am going to be asked for video, I have none, but a snagged a few screenshots. These are the only ones that would make sense to post. @Voodoo @Randy
  • EvanPVE

    S2 - Vybor RDM

    @Voodoo I would like the POV from @Bsigo and everyone he killed doing the incident, since they were directly involved and never posted their POV on the other report. -I would also like a POV @Ingvalid since she was there and possibly shot by @Xenos friends. My POV will be posted the second @Xeno posts the ''Evidence'' he showed the first time (unedited) and the 2.5+ min clip he says he has.
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