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  1. See you around my dude take care
  2. true but O'leary's have gone on holiday
  3. deffo works used last night after scaring the shit out a guy at NWAF but it says none on the chat bar when you press / to type in chat or to check if the radios work
  4. NICE https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-11-september-2018 NEW IZURVIVE MAP https://www.izurvive.com/#c=60;4;2
  5. yes but Desolation sucks so why not exile and the ravage zombie mod and for the map chernarus 2035, Taviana and panthra https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1333620906 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=708278910 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113631358 http://ravage.wikia.com/wiki/Multiplayer_setup_guide https://www.exilemod.com/
  6. when I spawned in under a house and had to kill my self
  7. I agree 100% I got on yesterday there were six players and I was with one of my friends and one other at a trader camp we RPed for a bit but there is only so much u can do so we left in a truck and that was that.
  8. Oh yeah for sure the rules and dynamic groups, and I know that some have gone to different communities other Rp servers, but that just proves that dayz as a hole is not dead it's just that they wanted something else but now that the rules have changed for the better and dynamics are back they can not complain about the rules don't make sense. As for the lore there is so much that can be done depending on if it's a compleat redo or if it's a time just, let's say it's a time just say 5 years and it's the 0'63 build you could have a lore government set up and like a UN but made up with part CDF, NATO RUSSIA, AND THE UN and they came together to rebuild so there you have a back story on why the NW airfield is bigger, I also believe that the cherno tower has gone in 0.63 too so you could do a bit on why that changed maybe have that it was destroyed in a battle with the group anarchy and the coalition and the tower was replaced by a smaller building there has been so much happened in game as so many things that could be but in the lore/story in chreno, there have been so many groups that have impacted the lore/story I am just spitballing also don't think a new lore would work but a time jump could but I guess time will tell
  9. Yes we know dayz is fucked it's broken and glitchy and the RP has gotten stale, but the community as ask for the changes and has promise @Roland Delivered and what happened nothing no one got in game no one bothered, I did get in but there were 6 players online I did a bit of RP but when there is only three to RP within one spot It gets shit there is only so much you can do, the reason the server is dead at the min is nothing to do with the game, I feel it's us as a community we are the only ones to blame and we are the only ones who can get the server back up and running, I'm not saying you should get in game and I know you can not force people to play, but if we as the dayzrp community what this to work then we need to work together to get it to work, not just sit by reading the forums and moaning about the server pop just like I'm doing right now
  10. what about this you're in a fire you die you then choose to PK OR not and you remember everything as you are just injured your took hostage then executed you then follow the NLR, if you die three times by execution then you have to PK, but the hostage takers have to have a ligament reason to execute the hostage you can not just take people hostage and execute them just to get them to PK.
  11. this a good point maybe, your in a gunfight and you died then you remember but if it's an execution or you executed then you forget.
  12. I agree I just hope it's not a shit show and it doesn't turn into 10sec robbery and no RP, that being said I love the changes and should work if we all pull together and do it right ICly and OOCly
  13. When will we see the change, I do hope sooner rather than later
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