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  1. Anton Pavlo

    My name Anton Pavlo was born in Chernarus, Nedezhdino To Dmytro Pavlo and Scarlett Pavlo my father was in the police force in Nedezhdino my mother was from the and was a teacher when I was six year my father was killed in the line of duty so my mother and I left and went back to the Uk as we have no family in Chernarus when I turned 18 I went back to Nedezhdino to visit my father grave I had no clue what else to do I just remembered wanting to be like my father so I stayed around I decided to try out for the police force as I have a Chernarus birth certificate I did not see a problem when I got into the police force I was placed in Nedezhdino my home town. W.I.P
  2. *Maxx takes a seat at his desk picks up his radio, he presses the PTT* "Zina, Roman, Semyon Oil 2 Do you read over" *Maxx releases the PTT sits back in his chair looks out the window he then presses the PTT again* "This is Ryder of the ZRS. Oil 2 do you copy.... Oil 2 if you're getting this you need to get to the hazmats suit on the lower deck in B3 and move all personal to Oil 4 and 5 I will try to contact you in a few hours over...." *Maxx releases the PTT only hears static still looking out the window he puts the radio down on the table then hears a quiet mumbled voice over the radio.....*
  3. Wow @Major awsome job dude love it this is going to be one hell of a new begining
  4. Maxx Ryder

    Back before the shit hit the fan i was a Radio operator/messenger for World News i went round the world with world news to set up Comuicaions between the diffrent stations it was a easy job i also took messengers around to places that the radios signals could not reach i was sent to a place called Chernarus to set up a Comuicaions relay on a place call Altar World newswas covering a report on Severograd began experiencing attacks from several soldiers that appeared to be rabid and unresponsive but that was back then my life chagned some what three days after the world ture to shit i was going thourgh a town called Vyshoye it was rain and call so i decided to take shelter in a house to get warmed up and try and sleep and wait out the rain i was just getting a fire going when i hear and nosie coming form the room up stairs so with my 9mm i go check it out i find a guy laying on the bed bleeding and muttering somethnig to him self i get closer and as if he needs help he mutters in a soft and quite voice i need to get to Star...... i got closer and noticed he was bleeding i got out what medicel supplys i had to stem the bleeding i got it to stop in the end and tryed to talk the the young man but he was falling in and out of consciousness for a few hours i made him as comfortable as i could it was about 15 hours and he came round i ask if there was anything i could do for him he ask if i could take this bag and letter to a town east of here he told me the name of the town it is imported it gets there i gave him some water and food but it would not stay down we both knew that he was dying we got talking a little and i stayed with him till the end i told him i would travel to the camp and finish off him mission the last thing he said to me was please dont let me turn as he took his last breath i held his hand and took my gun and gave him peace i then rapped him up in the bed sheets and buryed him i placed his cap on his last resting place and when on to the camp this is where i begin my new life.
  5. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Don't forget u could kill people and the zombs with a quick DAB to the head