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  1. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I am slightly deaf in one ear
  2. Connectivity problems

    ok thanks
  3. Connectivity problems

    There DDOsing the server a lot is there any way of stopping them or know who they are?
  4. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I'm all for all that just as long it with good RP but also when the beta drops and all it will pick up again too and if modding comes into play but with modding that will have to be done smart
  5. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    nice something needed to be done it was getting really pissy getting robbed for well just because they could you know
  6. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I agree dude and don't forget the running into a group a 4 min RP which is normally about 6 words then the some old get your fucking hands up don't move or I will kill you
  7. All Hallows Eve is coming so

    All Hallows Eve is coming so and the Question is Does anyone believe in the paranormal or have any real paranormal or unexplained stories or just what are your plans for Devil's night The only one I have that comes to mind is when I was about sixteen I was looking after my cousin who was five at the time and she was playing in the living room with her toys she ask if she could have I drink so I went to get her one within seconds she ran into the kitchen crying and point to the living room saying go away so I went to see what was wrong thinking it was a bug of some sort I told her there was nothing there but she said the old lady has gone now I ask if she could tell me what she looked like and she told me so i went and found and photo book and picked out a photo of a group of family member five in the group when I showed her the pic she pointed at one and said that was her the person she pick out was my great grandma who died seven years before she was born and she never knew her or see a pic of her before that day.
  8. The Official Tasty Thread

    this has to be the best
  9. New Mutants film

    Yeah i agree @Red but you have to give it ago and it got to be better then fucking jigsaw or what i like to call SAW 8 THE JIGSAW OF PEPPA PIG
  10. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    If you mean a different map like tavirna or a new design because that would be awesome as for modding its self it could be fun if done right and not too many because you have to consider the lag and bad fps but yeah like I say new maps(terrain designs) would be sweet and if that did happen and have a different map then you could very well have a different lore to go with it.
  11. Joe Foster [Secure Frequency]

    *Joe pick his radio up presses the PTT* "Maybe delayed had to make a detour large hoard of the fucking infected.......... Have to go around not sure how long I was making good timing but things change Joe out" *Joe puts his radio back on his belt and keeps watch on the hoard waiting to make his move*
  12. Joe Foster [Secure Frequency]

    *Joe wake to his radio going off picks it up presses the PTT* "Nice to hear your voice David hope your good I will scavenge around see what I can find I have seen some wolve a few hrs ago........ But luckily think they went after the fucker I shot in the leg......." *Joe check the area for infected then check his ammo count* "Ok I will be on the move soon hopefully will meet up at the camp stay safe Joe out" *Joe releases the PTT grabs his bag and weapon and leaves*
  13. Joe Foster [Secure Frequency]

    *Joe reloads his gun and puts it back on the table pick up his radio and presses the PTT* "its good jake just some fucking jackoffs killed one got the other in the leg he made it to the forest a lot of wolves around. So I don't expect him to live fucker smash one of my whiskey bottles but all good got one more. I will get there asap gonna get my head down for the night hopefully will see you both there tomorrow will keep you posted stay safe" *Joe release the PTT opens the last bottle of whiskey. Has a couple of long pulls put the bottle back in his bag lays back down and trys to get some sleep*
  14. Joe Foster [Secure Frequency]

    *Joe picks up his radio and smiles presses the PTT* "Haha no I spent enough time there Dude I'll just check my map" *he releases the PTT "fuck me really that close" joe presses the PTT* "OK I got it they really made a camp so close to the initial outbreak of the infection what are they thinking so what the intel on the camp who set it up are CDF OR UN back or is it just....................." *Joe Drops his radio grab his gun and open fires Shots and shouting are heard over the radio as it still transmitting* "SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK! WRONG HOUSE MOTHERFUCKERS.................. " *this is followed by four shot then static*