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  1. Reaper

    Well... time to go finally.

    Take care dude had some good RP with you hopefully, we will see you soon.
  2. Reaper

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    yes it's an opinion and like I said I do not care, but others may well do so saying I care about gear it not true
  3. Reaper

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Did I say me no I did not say that at all I said this So maybe read what I put I never once said I care about gear
  4. Reaper

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    really I don't give a crap about gear that's why I never have a barrel and if in a group yes we may have tents, but i never use them and yes I do care about RP the fact that you say yes you are correct but having someone attacks you maybe kill you for PVP reasons only and no RP is crap, that's why it's called dayzrp if you want to go pvp with no RP or no rules there is standalone, Arma 2 and Arma 3 like i said I don't mind hostile or pvp, but this is roleplay and I've had a lot of crap where I try to RP and get told to shut up or you die then it becomes just quiet and boring
  5. Reaper

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Ok the rules it depends on what rules if it's the ability to attack people for anything that no, I don't see that happening it's called DAYZRP, not DAYPVP I do think a lot of players don't want to regear every ten mins or so just because some on wants their shit, don't get me wrong I have no problem with Hostile RP if it's done right, and the fact that there is now NORMAL, HOSTILE AND HARDCORE MODE has helped that out just for that two of the rules don't apply on these two modes HOSTILE AND HARDCORE I guess maybe a tweak but not sure how. Now Banned players In my opinion it depends on what they did and how many times the broke rules to get premed as for memes I do think that some memes are just that there memes but there are some that can be a tad fucked up, but this place as becoming too much of a PC bullshit mess, as in oh you offended me I going to report this or you I don't like what you said those words or pics hurt my feeling, I just think that we all need just step back and take look at it, I've seen so many flaming points be handed out just because your not allowed to voice your opinion, or when two friends are having a joke at each other people nowadays people are wrapped up so tight with cotton wool it's getting to a point where even in game you may not want to RP a certain way, just in case they get report for shit.
  6. Hopefully, there will be more than 5 players on the server tonight

    1. Eagle



    2. Svenne


      Haha... 😥

    3. JackZRP



    4. Shane Is Dead
    5. Svenne



      SmartSelect_20180805-174052_Samsung Internet.jpg

  7. Looks good my dude good luck with the group @xdproslim11 *Kyle turns on his Radio and turns on his music then presses the PTT*
  8. Reaper

    Nordic Battlegroup

    sorry but nope not are group the guy is in another group also he was using a alt char so nope info incorrect.
  9. cool beans dude
  10. true it's just dark and shit lol
  11. will it be manually restarted at all
  12. Just a quick on has the server time changed or is there a problem with the restart?
  13. no server restart has the restart time changed?