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  1. Joe,s PoV Was in lop having a good old time chatting, we hear a car coming down the road it drove past us then went back RPing with each, then a few mins went by there was a shot that when everyone scatted, i got behind the red house then i decided to run to the victim did cpr we then got him to the church.
  2. What is going on with dayzrp.The server is dead has everyone gone to play exp 0.63 ?

    1. BorisRP


      its been for a while biggest group archived

    2. Reaper


      yeah gone to shit i was away for a bit just seem to be nothing to do at the min😥

  3. Welcome to the group @Vookay
  4. Thanks to all and @Major sorry dude love you too and the shotgun to the face was funny Now the low down the next door neighbor was doing DIY and the dickhead drilled into a water pipe, now what he did not know is it started to leak into my house, so I though it was my water pipe but no anyhow I have had a chat and he will be sorting out all that he fucked up not sure when but hopefully sooner rarther than later lol So at the min i have to use this tablet and with my old fat fingers it's shit lol And +1 to all i ran out of beans
  5. Well I guess this is it for now had a water pipe burst and yeah now my pc is fucked so to all here cya around hopefully will not be too long but I can not afford a new PC anytime soon. @Kitsunicans only known you for a few months but we had a good run @jacob67121 Dude the meme team well what can I say always been a good laugh keep the meme team alive @chaz06moore only known you a couple of days but it's been nice to meet you @Jeff Adams well fuck dude you are the gear dude if anyone needs it you have it we had some good times @Wyoming well you are only 3 foot tall lol been good to know you dude @Shazzzam Been great to know you my friend don't let anyone get you down and keep up the fight On that note like I said not sure when I will be back could be a month i kind of doubt it but it will probs be in a year or so So again to all i have met IG or just in TS it's been a pleasure
  6. Reaper

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    it's just my opinion
  7. Reaper

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    yes it should be changed in a way but I would wait till 0.63
  8. *Joe responds* "yeah he is and I'm not fuck carrying him this time also he showed one of the guys some and the guy just snorted it out the bag" Joe releases the PTT
  9. *Joe pick up the radio pushers the PTT* "All good Jacob I dropped it off at our place we are in pov mill at the min will go back to the cookhouse asap you ok over there sounds like your having as fun" *He releases the PTT*
  10. *Joe while cleaning the blood off his knife and standing over the body hears jacob He presses the PTT* "Yeah no probs on way just got to get rid of something" *He releses the PTT* "
  11.  DAYZ SUPER SOLDIERS 0.63😋 🤣


    1. Crim


      NEAF is so cool 👍

    2. Reaper


      yeah I did not realize it was a real airfield 

  12. *Joe pick up the radio pushes the PTT* "PHHH it's all good no one really care too much they have bigger thing to contend with I guess, plus she said it would be fine I'm starting to believe her after she was right about the lying fucker anywho we are good to go just need to set up I think Jacob has a place sorted out so when we get together we can start with the proses" *Joe releases the PTT but the button is stuck again you hear him talk to himself* JOE "yes I know it's good we are getting everything in place" ................... JOE "Ok I know but what about him he was lurking around" ................. JOE "right then I guess he has t.........." *Radio goes silent*