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    Viridian - Media

    Pascal is le best fisher around, Merci all
  2. Best of luck boys, if needed I'm sure i could lend a hand reffing as I'm now experienced and basically a pro
  3. GG to old pub, was a blast now let's crack on with the latest adventure!! 

  4. Hope this works out for you guys, always have my support when I'm not at the pub!
  5. Get 2 hitted by a Zombie looking for cows, respawn next to 20 cows...

    1. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      Died 3 times looking for a shotgun, finds a shotgun and then dies again...

      Tis the life of a DayZ player.

    2. waavey


      Its a sad life :(((

  6. Yeh boyyyyyyy, can't wait to get started properly. Thank you for the opportunity!
  7. Buzzing for whats coming now ;)

    1. Pengu


      Haha hopefully this gonna be great :P

  8. George Davis started of life in Oxford with his parents and when he was 2 he had a younger brother, Jack, join the family as well. They clicked instantly and they loved adventuring round the garden and house. As they grew up they got more adventurous, George said to Jack they would someday travel the world together. This dream was cut short as there family was torn apart and George left with his Father and Jack his mother. George never knew where Jack went and didn't speak for another 20 years. George moved to Somerset how ever and grew up playing sports, Rugby and Football. He was a popular lad in school, seemed to get on with everyone. He knew how to defend himself and certainly wasn't a push over. He went to college and studied business and through a careers academy he got a job selling insurance. He did this for two years until he was caught at a festival trafficking drugs. He was had a good court case and because he was of a decent build they let him join the Army over jail time. He took this a second chance and turned his life around. He trained hard and had a good name for himself. He travelled the world training and seeing different countries. When he was 24 he was assigned his first major task, they told him two weeks in advance so he could take his two weeks leave he had saved up. He took this chance to spend time with his Dad. When he got home he was met with the biggest surprise of his life. His brother Jack. They hugged and chatting throughout the night and decided they would follow there dreams in a week and get as far around the world as they could. They started there journey through Europe and they got to Chernaus where they were spending a night there and headed out the next day. We drank into the night. the next day we set to leave and boarded the plain, this changed there lives forever.
  9. RIP Sanctuary, was fun, sad no one was active

  10. Sick looking thread, nice layout! Wish you the best of luck!
  11. Jason was born and raised in England. He was born out of a high class family and with that came privileges. He travelled a lot, went to a private school and also learnt how to shoot. This would come in handy later in life as he'd soon find out. With him going to private school a lot of the kids had 'spare cash' as such and as they got older they soon got into drugs and drinking. Jason would constantly party every weekend. He soon got caught with cocaine and was given the choice of prison or to join the army. He chose the army and enlisted at the age of 19. On his leave time Jason was either travelling, stupidly continuing to do low key drugs and practice his shooting. He also had a secret love for gaming and soon made friends who he knew solely online. After arranging a meet up he got on a plane to Chernarus to see them. This turned out to be something he regretted more than drugs.
  12. I fancy making a return to this lovely community, anyone fancy updating me on whats happened the poast 6 months xD

    1. waavey


      119 in 4 days, the fuck? hahaha

    2. Pengu


      get yo ass back on here George :D 

  13. I'd like to close the report. OOC chat has been made between Blitz and I.
  14. Server and location: South Hill at Kabanino, S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:42:13 Your in game name: George Lane Names of allies involved: None of my allies witnessed my death as i was running to them Name of suspect/s: Anton Melnik, Lev Kovar Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Logs will show i died Detailed description of the events: I was walking towards Kab with Louie and the boys. We hang around Kab for a while (10 mins). In that time we were just RPing and getting hydrated etc. I need the loo real quick so i find a shed to dip into. I got for no longer than a minute and in that time the rest of the group has decided to move out to VMC. I say ill meet them there over radio (TS). As i am about to exit my shed i hear shots flying in all directions in Kab. I wait it out for about 2 mins until i think its safe. Mean while all my group hears the shots and continues to run to VMC and doesn't look back. We made no initiation. After the shots die down i choose this time to make a break to VMC. I get to past the Church and just on the south hill. i see two guys running out of Kab. i assume they are following me. I hide behind a bush and try to see if they have armbands. I see no armband but from where i was stood so thought they may just be randoms like me in the gunfight. I break out of the bush and try and make my way to VMC again. That when i take shots, i try to say stuff IG but before i know it i'm dead.
  15. Hi I'm sorry to hear that you don't like a particular section of our roleplay. Would you like to give us some tips on how we could make the experience more enjoyable for you in the future? Thanks sure, hit me up anytime
  16. Its cool, i'm nice and roasted now, needed that
  17. Looks good, maybe add a relations bit?
  18. Thank you Ender <3 Hope you and Rose are okay and still going strong We will work on the lore
  19. On the page title is says recruitment closed by under recruitment it says open?
  20. *hears his radio buzzing and listens in* "Trading Zone? How do we know that this won't attract the wrong sort of people and these 'guards' of yours will be able to hold them off? Also you haven't even said where it is so we don't know where we are going?" -snip, no OOC in radio chatter- *puts down his radio and continues to fish for his lunch*
  21. Just to clarify, I just looked at the messages and I never said Blake was running around looking to kill Drake. I also remember Drake saying you wanted to 'end' Blake because you said he was dangerous, I was on radio to Blake at the time and let him know this.
  22. If your going to set up a trading zone/safe zone/settlement, you need to make it out the way of all the bandit areas like people have said. Away from Vybor, Kabaino, Stary, Novy, NWAF. Far up North or deep down South I would say. Maybe near Komarovo, your near two military zones not as many people go to so you can get gear to trade. Your also near Cherno so you can get a big variety of trading gear etc. But this would need to have some kind of group running it 24 hrs. You would need plenty of guards as well. If its done right it can be great but if its done right.
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