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  1. The Deal With It Attitude

    That's her choice, isn't it?
  2. The Deal With It Attitude

    Why should there be a problem with him defending her, no matter of their relation?
  3. I waited two years to apply with my whitelist, yes.
  4. So, where to start... I'm sixteen, which means this is my very first year on High School, new faces, new friends and new horizons. The amount of things that are expected from me, by my friends, by my family, by ''the future me'' is overwhelming. I also have a shit ton of work as a video editor that I am, and I'm not going to lie, having 4 hours of sleep each day for last couple of months demands it's tax. I also think that all the bad things I did in the past are haunting me, but I guess that's apart of being an asshole. Overall, I just want to take a break, leave everything behind me, crawl in my bed and sleep. But I can't, because there is so much I need to do, so much I need to prove.
  5. Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    ''I'm Andrei, ha ha!''
  6. Boys Only Thread

    So we're going to be a constitutional monarchy?
  7. Boys Only Thread

    Elections! I call for elections!
  8. Boys Only Thread

    Huh. This a democracy?
  9. Greetings everyone!

    Glad to see yet another new face in here! Hope you enjoy your stay!! ^^
  10. Kinda urgent question

    Whoever fails a test where you can simply copy answers directly from the rules and FAQ, and can't write a short story, has nothing to do in here tbh.
  11. Server stats broke?

    Why to have a password on your internet banking right? If people really really want to, they'll break in anyway. So just leave the doors open for them, is that right?
  12. What do you listen to ?

  13. How could/can the states of Poland and Czech Republic maintain their borders in check? (answered underneath) Why do they not help their NATO and EU allies? (Questions for the LMs). I'd like to say that the thoughts underneath are thoughts of a layman, and are based on my best ideas of how the defense would have been laid if the events of DayZRP LORE have taken place. Czech Republic has around 24 000 trained soldiers (+2000 reserves), Poland has an advantage here, with circa 105 000 active personnel (+75 000 reserves). Czech Republic, although painful to admit, is hugely understaffed and lacks the so much needed equipment. Even if they mobilised most of the civilians available for service (2 000 000 roughly) the army could only provide equipment, mostly outdated with it's functionality and reliability questionable, for 100 000 of these people. - There is a total of 1530 km of borders with Germany, Austria and Slovakia that need active guarding. There are no current barriers on Czech borders, and I doubt they could raise any significant fortifications in matter of months. - The Czechs could theoretically use the pre-WWII fortifications which are build all around the state, but most of these bunkers are in ruins, and could only be potentially used as warehouses/barracks. - Taking that into consideration, to prevent any breakthrough through the borders, there would need to be atleast one četa (platoon, =20 men) ready to take action on every kilometer. With the 1530 km to keep in check, that makes up to 30 600 soldiers. There also should be an ''insurance'' force, ready to answer to any major threats (huge hordes, raiders, large forces of refugees trying to cross the border,...) and for that purpose a simple 2000 men, stationed at the capital city Prague, should be more than sufficient as these men could move to any part of the border within hours, and the air forces should provide them with good intel about hostile movement, leaving them with 'plenty' of time to move to threat's encounter. - Now, taking into consideration that the soldiers work on 3 shifts a day (meaning the garrison changes every 8 hours) we are left with these numbers: Forces in total: 126 000 Forces in use: 91 800 Forces in Insurance: 6000 Forces available: 34 200 Poland has huge advantages in the matter of it's army, but lacks the geographical ones - the entire border with the ''infected'' world is made up of lowlands. Where the Czechs can battle for every valley, every meter, the Polish have enormous green pastures. Also, they unfortunately have the same problem with their equipment as the Czechs have. - Polish borders are made up of 1734 kilometres (excluding the Baltic sea and Czech Republic). - Poland, alike Czech Republic, lacks any pre-infection fortifications, and there is no chance of Poland building any greater defenses in just 200 days since the outbreak. So we'll apply the same rule as to Czech Republic, for every kilometer, there has to be a platoon ready to respond to any breakthroughs in the perimeter. To achieve that, there needs to be a total of 34 680 soldiers deployed. - Also, Poland should have an ''Insurance'' force prepared too, but due to how the borders are stretched, they'd probadly need atleast three of these units. If the same rules apply as for the Czech Republic, meaning, that the guards have to change every 8 hours, we are left with these numbers: Forces in total: 180 000 Forces in use: 104 580 Forces in Insurance: 18 000 Forces available: 57 420 Following my very, very rough calculations (I again state that I'm not a tactician and don't claim to be one, this is just how I think the defense would be laid if the events of DayZRP LORE took place) I have a few questions on my mind. If there are so many soldiers left with no good purpose (as the local unrests would be taken care of by the Police forces, aided by the Military only in the hour of need) is there really a reason for the countries not to help their allies? Even if half of the remaining forces had a better job to do, we are still left with some 45 810 soldiers (from both countries) that can be sent outside. My second question is, how do Poland and Czech Republic, both active members of EU, function after their EU trade partners got ''destroyed''? I'd like to mention that Czech Republic isn't self sufficient in it's food production, and I doubt Poland is.
  14. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    Isn't there (LORE wise) an army guarding the few safezones in Chernarussia? (Miroslavl, Primorsk,...) Even if most of the forces got slaughtered, they still should be more then able to put few thousands of trained soldiers together But again, this is an RP server and this surely sounds like an interesting RP, looking forward to meeting these guys in-game ^^
  15. Private Frequencies.

    Why don't we just all get SAT phones?