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  1. pijkaCZ

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    That's like... so reddit
  2. pijkaCZ

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    We havent been there for years, so I'm not really interested in it
  3. The backing up that Anarchy torn down? The backing up that the Anarchy didn't respect because we hadn't have enough players IG and what isn't IG isn't reality for the Anarchy? I dunno if there were some behind the curtains deals with LMs, but as far as I know (a BPR member), the alliance has been dissolved for quite a few days now, but hey, what do I know.
  4. We're the ones who play here and we're the ones who shape the story. If anyone is at fault for things being boring, it's us.
  5. Are we really big diccing around with character views, which if I remember right you can cheat up by opening and closing and opening and closing and opening and closing,... your character page?
  6. Ondřej never met his parents. Presumably they just left him in the care of his narcissistic uncle Michael, but since his only source for that information was Michael, it probadly was just another of his twisted truths. He frequently used to gaslight Ondřej, starting with little things and slowly making his way to even greater lies as Ondřej aged. This behaviour caused Ondřej to question his every decision, not sure if what his mind was telling was or wasn't the truth. When he pointed out the gaps in his uncle's lies he would be put into a dark room for hours, but ofcourse, his uncle denied any of that. His uncle constantly demanded to be treated with what he called 'respect,' but it really just meant to unconditionally accept all of his lies. When their dog died and Ondřej cried, he simply said that Ondřej didn't like the dog enough, and that the only person who should be sad was him. He started making up events that never happened - how Ondřej got into fights at school and Michael had to solve the problems for him or how Ondřej dissapointed his parents to the point they left him. On the other hand, he refused all the happenings that didn't fit his story. When the virus spread it was like a miracle for Ondřej. His uncle Michael packed his things and left for Novigrad, didn't even bother taking Ondřej with him. He had that small old ugly apartment for himself, finally being free from that monster, or atleast he had it for the few weeks. Then military came and started redistributing the living quarters to accomodate all the refugees who seeked shelter in Miroslavl, and noone cared for an orphan. He got kicked out onto the street, but luckily he found his way to Gagarinova 171, an even uglier apartment building, but still cozier then living underneath a bridge. He made many friends whilst living there, friends with which he would set out into the wilderness after the attack on Miroslavl. Fears: Due to his uncle's educational methods Ondřej is scared of dark and terrified of being left alone to the point of getting panic attacks. He's also frightened by the thought of being replaced by someone else. Likes: Music, Stories, Drawing, Writing and Dogs. Dislikes: Liars, Soldiers, Spiders and Horror movies.
  7. @Daisy Didn't we text like 16 hours ago that I have a friend with a very sexy voice who so happens to be a German? We could have split the money, he would have done it for free! @SheepyMcSheepface
  8. You can still be hostile to all players with proper reasoning, but with those that have other options selected you can go a bit 'further' without actually having to explain yourself.
  9. Isn't that what you Yankees are trying to be for last few decades?
  10. Hi, for those that are not aware of this, there will be a vote taking place in the European Parliament about new Copyright Directive. If the new Copyright Directive passes in it's current form you can expect these changes to take place: Article 11 would create a "link tax:” Links that share short snippets of news articles, even just the headline, could become subject to copyright licensing fees— pretty much ending the way users share and discuss news and information in a place like Reddit. Article 13 would force internet platforms to install automatic upload filters to scan (and potentially censor) every single piece of content for potential copyright-infringing material. This law does not anticipate the difficult practical questions of how companies can know what is an infringement of copyright. As a result of this big flaw, the law’s most likely result would be the effective shutdown of user-generated content platforms in Europe, since unless companies know what is infringing, we would need to review and remove all sorts of potentially legitimate content if we believe the company may have liability. For more information on this subject I highly recommend reading this Reddit post, which summarizes what can change, how it could affect you and how to prevent it. So please, if you want the Internet to stay free and open, consider contacting your MEP through this tool created by the kind guys over from the saveyourinternet.eu //Edit: I know that this case has nothing to do with the Net Neutrality case happening in the USA, but it's far more catchy then ''New European Copyright Directive.''
  11. pijkaCZ

    Humble Bundle

    It's literally the OP of this thread...
  12. pijkaCZ

    What Songs Make You Happy?