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  1. Michael grew up in a traditional Chernarussian family, his father and uncle both served in the CDF and were a huge influence on him. Unfortunately, his father has been killed during the Chedaki rebellion and his uncle didn't make it through the early stages of the Outbreak. Following the family tradition and national propaganda, he enlisted at the ripe age and was promptly mobilised as the Outbreak spiraled out of control. He got assigned to the 176th Gorka Mountain Battalion where he served with his brothers in arms. The unit was sent into the South Zagorian oblast, where he was to reintroduce the region to CDF control and maintain order.
  2. pijkaCZ

    This is odd

    I said it before, I'm saying it again. This never was a democracy. Jim and Rolle pay for this project, they can do as they please. It's their investment and they know the best how to handle their own money /shrug. We're users, not shareholders. Think we should remember that.
  3. @Cosmo provided us with some stellar RP today. I must say his method acting of a lazy British Fifa player was trully remarkable!
  4. pijkaCZ

    DayZ Standalone Mod Video

    As I tend to run by the railtracks (to not get lost), I'm fascinated by the idea that a goddamn train might run me over. If anything - an armored train sounds cool. Just rollin' around, guns pointed at each direction. Who the fuck would want to mess with a beast like that? This is an armored train that travelled across and CONQUERED the Transsiberian Railway when the Czechoslovak legionnaires decided they had enough of war. Now imagine something a tad less armed, roaming South Zagoria. Za republiku!
  5. pijkaCZ

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    Abyss and Kameníci are doing a great job at keeping conflict on the server, I can't stress that enough, everytime I play there's a 'major' firefight somewhere. It's nice to see two powerhouses competing, without one of them being half of the server and the other one some five people playing on weekends. What I didn't like in the past was the mentality of conflict - you want to fight us? We obliterate you. There was no middle ground, usually the more powerful group hunted the smaller one down to the point where the ''resistance'' just stopped trying. I know it would make sense in the real world to crush your opposition as soon as you can, but in terms of RP I, as a third party, would enjoy conflicts far more if they weren't resolved with a witch hunt. Some planned battles would be nice? Like the one PCC did amongs themselves when they decided they had enough.
  6. pijkaCZ

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    @TheeFlocki And did you pm Jamie before the event as was requested?
  7. He didn't say their accents needed to sound good tho. Not like the Russian accents many pull off are good either, so many people just put the emphasis on different syllables and call it a day. I think changing accents is perfectly okay - if I can make very bad American, Russian, German, French and Scottish, then so can a common Chernarussian Pepa //Edit: No matter the fact that Chernarussian accent is not in fact a Russian accent, and Czech accent is as far from the Russian one as it deared to go inside the Slavic language family. But that's a completely different question, heh.
  8. pijkaCZ

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    So this is basically reversed operation Kopec. Sounds neat, enjoyed the last one, even though I spent two hours lying on the ground, roleplaying a sick kiddo
  9. Born to a mixed Chernarussian-Russian family, Artyom was raised to value both his country, but also his roots from his mother's side of the family. He had to deal with a lot of problems arising from his half-blood origins, but he never chose sides. For him, it wasn't the place he was born in, or who his parents where, that defined him, if something had a say in who he was, it was only him. He was still a child when the Civil War broke out. They were forced to live in Novigrad through out the war, as Belozersk was too dangerous for ethnic Chernarussians to reside in once the Russian minority had risen up against their so-called oppressors. He made some good friends whilst in Novigrad and even when they moved back to Belozersk, after the Russian terrorists were defeated, he still maintained contact with them. To this day he keeps some of the postcards his friends David, Tomáš and Anna sent him. He was attending High School when the outbreak happened. Despite the government's efforts to stop the disease's spread, it soon reached Belozersk. Locals, abondoned by their country, chose to deal with the problems themselves - no more Russian meddling inside their city, no more pointless waiting for CDF that would never come back. And suddenly it didn't matter if you were a Chernarussian, Russian or Takistani. You lived in Belozersk, you fought for Belozersk. Artyom had his chance to fight soon enough when the Belozersk's people decided to drive out the Russian occupants, even many of the ethnic Russians living inside the city fought them. Now, when Belozersk wasn't part of neither Russia or Chernarus, the newly formed government of the region issued conscript orders to all able man. They needed the manpower to defend themselves from a possible Russian counterattack, hordes of infected roaming the countryside and CDF wasn't too keen in letting such a prominent part of their country simply leave. He drafted, received a poor military training from the hastily formed militia and then got send to participate in many patrols outside Belozersk's walls. Protecting smaller settlements, redirecting hordes from a collision course with Belozersk and keeping the infrastructure in shape soonly became his daily bread. As Belozersk quickly began to dry it's resources and outstretch their capabilities, an order was issued to his platoon - cross into the Central Kopec oblast, weaken enemy forces and delay any planned attacks on Belozersk. Fifty people surely couldn't stop a full-on assault, but with a clever use of guerilla tactics, they could atleast delay it and give Belozersk some time to breath and deal with their own inner threats and political conflicts. They've been succesfull in following their motto ''Co můžeš, to urvi, co nemůžeš to zkurvi.'' - ''Take what you can, fuck up what you can't.'' whilst ambushing CDF's convoys and harassing their patrols. They're luck ran out eventually. Whilst they could keep on attacking supply trucks and ligt armored vehicles, they never had the equipment to repel aerial strikes - and CDF took great advantage of that. A few failed attacks later, the demoralised BPR forces Artyom was apart of lost the majority of their forces, provisions and lacked sufficient gear and numbers to continue their efforts in slowing down the Chernarussian machine. Leaving them with no other choice, the remaining soldiers decided to scatter their forces and continue the partisan tactics on much smaller scale then before. Throughout the weeks Artyom's group started loosing contact with the other cells inside Central Kopec area until one day there was noone to answer their radio calls. Knowing, that they are most likely the last squad left, they decided to cross into South Zagoria - oblast out of control of all three of the key powers in Chernarus - and reconnect with any remaining forces that were sent into north of the region weeks earlier.
  10. pijkaCZ

    Trailer contest

    Before the LORE team got yeeted I was working closely with them on this video: It was basically supposed to be a series of short newscasts that would cover the three stages of the infection (rise, spread, world domination). It was never finished, because the Lore Masters got disbanded like 5 days after I started working on this, but if you guys would like the idea, I'm sure I could dedicate a few hours and finish this to some watchable BETA. It was supposed to have a voice over from multiple news presenters (for each TV station) where bits of information regarding the infection would be dropped. Also, there would be sound effects for the stock footage, I just never got around to actually doing it. Edit: And that idiot on the end of the video is our now Prime Minister talking about his ''great deeds'' for the Czech economy when he was a Minister of Economy. He technically speaks Chernarussian and not many peeps here can understand it, so the plan was to have a TV newscast's translator say some LORE friendly made up statement addressing the outbreak.
  11. pijkaCZ

    In game Premium poll

    As long as you don't spawn with an AK, three mags and a high capacity vest I'm all in!
  12. It doesn't look great, I agree, but I think we can still keep it for RP purposes. It's a pleasant breath of fresh air, for me atleast, after having only some 15-20 minutes of night time on the previous version:)
  13. pijkaCZ

    Starting Items

    But that's why all the towns located around the Black Forest (where the spawn areas are) have a pump. Polana, Gorka, Novy Sobor, Guglovo - they all have a water pump. The only exception is the small village of Shakhovka, but it's a short trip (10 mins max) to either Guglovo or Staroye, which are villages with water pumps. It's almost like someone gave it the time when choosing such an important location as the spawn points and picked one where basic resources are rather common and no regardless to which way you decide to go, you run into them. And players are an ordinary sighting within all the towns and villages around, so there's always the possibility of trade or other interaction with other characters. Don't see the problem in there.
  14. pijkaCZ

    Starting Items

    I never understood why so many people have problem with the low nutrients stuff. I was able to walk up to Stary Sobor without going to red stats and I didn't have to eat on my whole journey. Yeah, maybe if you start sprinting around like an angry koala bear on meth, then I guess it diminishes rather quickly, but if you just learn to sprint only when it's necessary (which, in my opinion, is a great step ahead from the 0.62 mentallity where players ran from South to North and back again without ever having to stop.) and just jog around instead, you'll be just okay. To topic: I'm also in favourite of some sort of classes or preapproved skins for certain groups - in a pain in the ass to spend three hours each time you die just collecting your ''uniform.''
  15. pijkaCZ

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #CloneWarsSaved Thread