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  1. Finally put my little brother to sleep. Here is my POV: I come back from my afk break just in time to hear that a truck has stopped in the town. I see people jump out the truck and start bolting it for us, so we separate and try to lose them in the trees and swamps. I hear Pips over the radio: ,,Alright, my hands are going up." After that we regroup and go to set up an ambush on the truck. We very nearly miss them at Prison Island and so we decided to cut them off at Pavlovo mil. We manage to arrive before them and set up a trap. When they arrive we spray the truck, upon further inspection we find two people alive and order them to step outside of the vehicle. However a third person logs back into the truck and immediately kills Ducky. We then execute the hostages.
  2. Hey! A great start, for sure. I'd play around with the captions, incorporate it into the footage rather than a simple fade to black! There are many interesting ways a text can appear onto the screen, so you might want to play around with that. Otherwise you have a solid foundation, keep it going.
  3. Well, there goes my social life out the window. Hi.
  4. We don't have to like each other, we just have to play together. Some people take unnecessary insult in IC stuff and feel the need to get back on people OOCly.
  5. I sometimes speak Czech when it fits the RP, but I translate in //OOC text chat if there are characters who speak the language present. I say a sentence or two tops, then switch back to English, partly because I don't want to confuse the other party and also because I can't be bothered typing it down.
  6. It has been there for more than 5 years now I believe.
  7. pijkaCZ


    Started playing a few hours ago, and I joined the spear fags!
  8. You want me to do a version where I speak Czech? Because I can do that just for you
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, however I create this on my own (except the voiceovers). I'd very much like to do something more intricate, but I'm not sure if it is doable at the moment. Will definitely keep this in mind!
  10. I see your point. But last world lore update was almost a year ago now and I wanted to help in a new, interesting way. I understand it is hard to believe a functioning TV station operates in an apocalypse, but I chose to wrap this into an engaging video format instead of the walls of text we usually get. Glad you liked the edit!
  11. I'll be doing a few more of these, if you want your group or event covered - message me here on the forums or on Discord.
  12. Černaruská Televize is a government funded TV station. It is maintained with taxpayers' money, and was funded to report objective, undistorted facts. Similiar to it's Czech counterpart, it's considered the fourth cornerstone of Chernarussian democracy. On 3rd of May it aired it's news reportage about the Chernarussian group of survivors and soldiers in the South Zagorian region - Kameníci. Thanks @Xehara and @Ducky for the voice overs.
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