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  1. Michael grew up watching the corrupt government ruin, steal or sell what was left of his country, listening to the news reports of Chedaki rebels cleansing Chernarussian villages and Russian imperialists laying siege to his motherland. He was too young to take part in those wars, but he was adamant that one day, he would change his country to the better. And when he was old enough, he got the chance. When the government finally admitted the severeness of the ''few isolated outbreaks'' in the north east, he joined one of many paramilitary organizations that popped all around the country to help eradicate the threat of the infection. Regardless of his intentions and effort, he was fighting a loosing war. Each and every precaution the government took to stop the spread of the infection failed and soon most of the country was overrun. Russia once again tried seizing Chernarussian lands, Takistanis raised their war flags and the Chedaki traitors took over Belozersk and proclaimed independence. Michael blamed all of these failures onto the corrupt government, which he believed only used this catastrophe to strengthen their own position. Why would they deal with problems that keep them in power? Disgusted by the incompetence of the government, he left for South Zagoria with a handful of volunteers to fight for the survival of his beloved country. Because if not us, who then? Když ne my, tak kdo?
  2. pijkaCZ

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

  3. pijkaCZ

    BeanZ WAR

    97 (It's supposed to be 96 above me, right?!)
  4. I'd like to think my style improved over the year I've been practicing, so here goes.
  5. @SheepyMcSheepface I lost. I hope you die.
  6. pijkaCZ

    PSA: Town of Salem - Hacked

    If you want to be sure if your account details have been compromised, I recommend to use the haveibeenpwned.com website, maybe you'll find out that your information has been leaked from other websites too!
  7. pijkaCZ

    Dealing with sickness in 1.0

    Wait, thirty minutes between coughs and sneezes? That's a great way to hide you're sick and contaminate everyone around you ?
  8. Sorry to hear that. Could you pass a screenshot of your launcher's parametres, just so we're sure all is set up correctly?
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