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  1. Joshie

    • Joshie
    • CocoMii

    Howdy 🤠

    1. CocoMii


      Howdy there cowboy! 

  2. Tucker was born in Thunder Bay with his Mom, Dad, and older Brother. Him and his parents went to Chernarus before the outbreak and were separated once the outbreak hit. In his early life he was a well respected and kind individual. When he was younger, his dad would take him hunting and fishing and show him how to survive in the forest alone. With those skill he has survived the outbreak by himself. When he came to Chernarus he did not have any of his supplies so finding the needs to survive was quite the task for him.
  3. So recently i’ve wanted to get back into DayZRP but I feel like since .63 is coming “soon” I shouldn’t because then it would be a pain in the ass to get my character back to how it was. Also, i’d have to make a new character because I don’t remember shit about what I waa doing, who I trusted and who I didn’t and whatnot. So I just want an opinion on whether or not to get back into DayZRP.
  4. I think it might be time to come back to DayZRP : )

  5. Destiny 2 tomorrow boysss!!

    If anyone wants to play tell me bc i is lonely : )

  6. Since I am back from hunting, I now have the luxury of looking through 55 notifications ¬¬

    1. Spartan


      56 now :ph34r:

  7. Joshie

    • Joshie
    • CocoMii

    Respond to my snaps you cuck <3

    1. TotallySoberGowb



    2. Joshie
    3. CocoMii


      I don't have time for your bullshit, Josh! 


    4. Joshie


      Ouch, that hurts ;-;

      *insert reaction gif here because I am on my phone*

  8. So I just listened to The Offspring for an hour straigt, was not disappointed.


  9. Idk why but this song makes me happy : ) 


  10. I thought today was gonna be a good day!

    But then the one side of my ear buds broke ;-;

  11. Heyyy I had one today, it was the first one in a while : ) also, that looks sorta creepy, its like the Lays bags with the teeth
  12. Destiny 2 or DayZRP...

    i cant decide someone help me pls

    1. Chewy


      9 slots left on the server, you wanna do DayZRP you do it now :P

    2. Joshie


      but im at school :( 

    3. Nihoolious


      No debate. Destiny 2 hands down

    4. Joshie


      Already done lol

  13. But like, that requires movement and leaving my house, and plus its already getting cold here in Canada soooo But if I ever leave my house I will atempt to become a bush wookie
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