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  1. Joshua Raymond is a normal, average teenager. Before he came to Chernarus he grew up in an average house with his family in Medicine Hat, Alberta. While he was a child he excelled at academics and extra curricular activities, but when he neared highschool he became more distant from it and moved more toward his social aspect of life; friends, girlfriends, life experiences. Throughout his teenage years he and his father would go deer hunting in the fall together as a father-son bonding thing. And as his 19th birthday present his father decided to take him to Chernarus for a grand hunting trip, but little did he know it would be his last.
  2. Rona szn got me all sorts of bored, I think it might be time I return : )

  3. Howdy 🤠

    1. Ratatosk


      Howdy there cowboy! 

  4. So recently i’ve wanted to get back into DayZRP but I feel like since .63 is coming “soon” I shouldn’t because then it would be a pain in the ass to get my character back to how it was. Also, i’d have to make a new character because I don’t remember shit about what I waa doing, who I trusted and who I didn’t and whatnot. So I just want an opinion on whether or not to get back into DayZRP.
  5. I think it might be time to come back to DayZRP : )

  6. Destiny 2 tomorrow boysss!!

    If anyone wants to play tell me bc i is lonely : )

  7. Since I am back from hunting, I now have the luxury of looking through 55 notifications ¬¬

    1. Spartan


      56 now :ph34r:

  8. Respond to my snaps you cuck <3

    1. Gowbe



    2. Joshie
    3. Ratatosk


      I don't have time for your bullshit, Josh! 


    4. Joshie


      Ouch, that hurts ;-;

      *insert reaction gif here because I am on my phone*

  9. So I just listened to The Offspring for an hour straigt, was not disappointed.


  10. Idk why but this song makes me happy : ) 


  11. I thought today was gonna be a good day!

    But then the one side of my ear buds broke ;-;

  12. Heyyy I had one today, it was the first one in a while : ) also, that looks sorta creepy, its like the Lays bags with the teeth
  13. Destiny 2 or DayZRP...

    i cant decide someone help me pls

    1. ChewyLR


      9 slots left on the server, you wanna do DayZRP you do it now :P

    2. Joshie


      but im at school :( 

    3. Nihoolious


      No debate. Destiny 2 hands down

    4. Joshie


      Already done lol

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