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DayZRP 5th anniversary - 50% Premium sale


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  1. Joshua Tucker

    Joshua Tucker is a 18-year-old from Fort Vermillion, Alberta. He arrived in Chernarus before his birthday as a present from his friend. When he and his friend got to where they were staying, his friend decided to go out and look around the area. Josh then took his rifle and went out on a little hunt on his own. When he was on his way back to their cabin, he noticed many people were acting quite sick. After his day long hunting trip he met up with his buddy for dinner. He asked him if he had seen the strange way many people were acting he said that he has seen the way people were acting and that (WIP)
    • equiinox
    • Roach

    Dear Roachie-Poo,

    Why do you always make a character die to end you playing him? It makes me sad.


    Your Favourite Canadian

    • Phoenix
    • equiinox

    Why the fuck do you have an Overwatch profile picture kid..

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    2. Phoenix


      @Eagle he's a meme. ;) 

    3. Eagle
    4. equiinox


      pls leave me and my vidya games alone thx penix <3

  2. It has been done


    1. evanm23



  3. Holy shit, it was fun today. 10/10 to @Phoenix, @Naz, @Majoo, @SmartyyZ, @Gowbe
  4. There is a reason that this was #1 on trending.


    1. Phoenix


      BeanZ for this. Where's ur HOF Tag bud xD 

    2. equiinox


      It's coming, trust me...

  5. Help me convince my friend to buy DayZ

    tf you mean "stop making threads" and yes ofc, PsiSyndicate has some top notch high quality RP
  6. Help me convince my friend to buy DayZ

    Ive tried to show him some of @Roach's vids, but i guess he never watched them It is but not for much its like 15% off, (like $33 now compared to normal 38.99) And I would gift him it but im probably going to donate to DayZRP so, rip money lol
  7. I am trying to get my friend to buy DayZ but he is a bit skeptical on purchasing it. He just played for about an hour and he said the game isn't that bad. I've tried to tell him good things about the game but he brushed it off (it triggers me). Help me try to convince him to buy DayZ and play DayZRP with everyone. I need all the help I can get.
  8. Do you wanna know what triggers me? When people shit talk DayZ when they have never played it then continues to shit talk DayZRP when they have never see gameplay or played it themselves lol

    1. Mercy


      Only thing this reminds me of is Pewdiepie playing DayZ and made it look awful :/

    2. equiinox


      Ill have to look at that then.

    3. Mercy


      Don't, it'll trigger you more :S

  9. How to get VIP/MVP

    i love you too, dad
  10. How to get VIP/MVP

  11. Wallpaper Engine is literally my new favourite thing omg