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  1. Daryl Dunbar, Born in Glasgow, had very little growing up, parents never around, mum was a drunk and dad was in and out of jail. Daryl drifted around doing odd jobs for cash in hand as a teenager trying to save up money so he could leave. At 18 moved to a country called Chernarus to a small village in the hills called Staroye as he had some family there. one day while on his day off Daryl had a fallout with his uncle James and he left Staroye for a couple of days to clear his head on a camping trip but on his return to Staroye something felt odd, the village was deserted and it had this eerie feel not one person around. Just as he was almost at his house a woman who he had only seen a few times while serving at the gas station ran after him screaming and groaning as she got closer Daryl noticed blood dripping from her mouth and she looked crazy he ran as fast as he could into his house and locked the door, as he got inside his uncle almost took his head off with a shot gun before realising it was only Daryl and lowering his gun, James told Daryl that some sort of plague has happened and now who was once neighbours seem like lost souls, riots has been happening and no one can see reason, they were making a plan to flee and head west to Zelenogorsk when the woman who chased Daryl earlier had broken a window and grabbed Hans sinking her teeth into his neck James screamed and told Daryl to run to Zelengorsk and seek help to find out what has caused this horrible disease.
  2. I was in a group with around 4 or 5 guys and we had just been in a fired fight resulting in one of our men getting killed and the rest running off, I was still in the compound at this time and I heard the voices of the people we were just fighting with. I saw them all in a circle and had told them to drop their weapons, everyone there failed to do this and ran away around a corner. I then crouched round to where I saw one of the men who I told to drop their weapon standing out front of a Barracks he was looking around and then spotted me before I could initiate on him so I shot and killed him.
  3. Quick question, how many individuals did you see when you regained consciousness at the hangars? I only saw one and it was the man who was directly infront of me.
  4. Thank you for your PoV, your temp ban has been lifted. Please keep an eye on this report for any further questions we might have for you. Also, does anyone have video evidence of the situation? Thank you, and I dont have anyone video evidence. Sorry.
  5. We still need a full and detailed point of view of the situation. In order to be unbanned, you will need to provide us with one. I had just left my camp and I headed to the NWAF to find some more ammo for my M4 where I looked across the airfield and saw a man running, I went over and spoke to him for a bit and I saw that he had the same gun as me, I told him to stay where he was and to drop his gear I looked through his gear and took some mags for my gun and seeing his weapon in better condition that mine I told him to drop that I then picked up his M4 and told him he could take mine. I looked over his shoulder and said are you with anyone here and he said no but there are a lot of people around. I then saw a man crouch down in a tree and fired at me, the first bullet hit me and so I ran to the hangers just after getting round the corner I fell unconscious I woke up and I saw the man with his gun standing in front of me, I wait don't shoot I also lifted my weapon. I then got shot and killed, and done what any other person would do and respawned not thinking there was anything wrong with the situation.
  6. Denton Fitz, Lt. Alexander Bardov, DeMonte Lemons, Dom Romanowicz, Cameron Hayden Edit-1: Everyone listed fired upon him. I did not groan I said wait don't shoot, I did not combat log. I raised my gun on the person I saw first who was standing right infront of me, I also recieved a PM about killing and combat log, I did not shoot anyone in your group that 'combat log' was me respawning after being killed
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