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  1. Oh god, where do i start, Well first of all all the beautifull people that i forgot the names of that took their time to visit Black Bear Garage! @Anouk For the reunion and taking her time to look at my amazing creation! @trent_rouls For the awfull puns, really bad. @shhhhlp, @SebbePwnYou For the great protection! @SoalXtractor For the fun little kid RP! And last but not least, my partner @Munter. I know there are so much more names, but i just forgot half of them.
  2. FieJaxon

    James Black. Is Back.

    1. Rory


      You need to play more b

    2. FieJaxon


      @Rory Thats why i said im back, took a lil break, but got full energy and motivation again!

    3. Combatsmithen


      o shit dawg braxton gotta watch out

  3. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Small misunderstanding My best friend, She inspires me to be the best i can be.
  4. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    It's a question, you know, the topic?
  5. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    What are you afraid off?
  6. Notifcation of Death (Open Frenquency)

    *James takes a deep breath, and speaks with a calm and concerned voice* What does she... What did she look like? Was her hair Blond? *James takes a seat and lights a smoke* This is James by the way, James Black. *James walks over the several Infected that lay in front of him and he releases his PTT*
  7. Darkness you have become.png

    Sometimes you need someone to guide you through the darkness.
  8. FieJaxon

    Taking a little break from DayzRP, feel like things got too repetitive. 

    1. Saintz


      Playing with different characters and roaming around the map more , makes rp more interesting and fun.But i see where you are getting at, does get boring after a while .

    2. Keira


      That sucks :(

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    • FieJaxon

    I love your avatar & you have the song that I used as group song for my best group that archived a year and a half ago :( 

    Have an eminem meme on the house:


    1. FieJaxon


      Haha thanks man! And the song is just fucking amazing.

  9. Jaxon Finch

    Hello there, My name is Jaxon, Jaxon Finch, and this is my story.
  10. Real life picture Thread

    yeah i noticed, fixed it
  11. Real life picture Thread

    As you can see, my hair lives its own life.
  12. The Paladin's Crusade (Open Frequency)

    *James looks down at his wrist, he rubs his tattoo, he hears the man and he decides to press his PTT and he speaks calmly* This life Carson, its something you get used to. I've been living in these conditions from the age of 16, once you're damaged, you're damaged, you cant come back from that shit. The world has always been a place of pain and suffering, but now more people start to feel it, there is for some reason a point in saving them. *He starts to show anger in his voice while he stepts over the body of several infected* What you should do Carson, is help the people in a way people need it. There is enough time for saving lives later, there is a doctor working for a cure, the way i see it, thats the only way out. *James looks up in the sky, his voice starts to go back to calm, and you hear a grain of sadness* Lets leave the saving lives to people that are capable of doing that, dont put something like that on yourself, it fucking destroys you. Stay away from me with you're Mehdia bullshit, and try to avoid getting yourself killed by that. James out. *He abrubtly releases the PTT, slides his radio back into his jacket and keeps on moving north*