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  1. Just to note. That is the animation of him moving from left to right. In the 8 sec clip provided he never raised his gun. Just reinforcing my idea u guy had ur boogerhooks on the bang bang switches the second yall got the contract
  2. Not to mention everone was dead in seconds so how could they give call outs. When all they see is a black screen. To even consider they were metagaming, giving callouts and usefull information after getting mowed like lawn is obserd. All it was, was salty yelling if anything.
  3. i need to leave for work ill edit this post when i get back. just want to post something to show ive seen this report. i myself have some of my own pov. i was killed rightfully i have no quarrel with this event. i cant upload the vid as of now. i will after work (Edit) The only relevant footage is the sound of a a10 warthog coming from base. i was in the woods 300m or so away when initiation started. i had a fighting chance to defend so i fired back as best i could then attempted to relocate when i was shot in the back running into the treeline. (edit 2) in my own opinion this whole situation is steamy doodoo. i have my own opinions on how itchy their trigger fingers mustve been. but i died with a fighting chance where i had returned fire.
  4. I'm guessing the whole situation came because the streamer died? and didnt know why he was shot? in the video he says why was i killed? when previously it is mentioned that the guy who donated pumpkin slices @Taylor Smith(Roman) was my "friend" Doesnt that give Roman kill rights. I mean it's not like me getting killed and him getting killed happend on opposite sides of the map. Also Jack or @OnionRingOfDoom seems to have only killed the guy next to @Dusty after the man raised his gun at Jack. Im just looking at who did what wrong and honestly fail to see it. I see alot of people died, (that's a firefight btw) but it all seems fair.
  5. This is true and i guess i didnt mention but as i initiated then everything popped off, Roman killed the streamer making him confused
  6. Dominic Ryder-POV Okay, first off i have no video evidence but the logs mostly tell the story as well as others pov's namely @OnionRingOfDoom who very respectably layed out the entire situation from my groups pov. Roman however is in his own heat atm from what i see and what i heard go down. the logs show and if one compared the only video evidence the Prosecutor died by our mate Roman. Not to throw him under the bus. but the evidence layed forth by everyone seems in order and fair play. With that the my exact pov is as follows. Me and my "mates" @Taylor Smith (roman) and @OnionRingOfDoom (jack) traveled from novaya petrovka heading to severograd inorder to make it to a unknown military compound brought to us by Roman. We head down the road further when roman heads up the road scouting it out or something. this is when Havel a character Dominic met previously. came with the BBB'S beaten battered and bruised. we ask him of his wounds. this is when it is revealed that the islamic people murdered his family and he barely escaped with his life. We decide for a short moment wether to keep going or not and i make the argument that we dont know anything of these people and their capabilities. Jack agrees but roman decides to go AWOL and just seems to jet towards and unseen threat. Me and jack stick with havel and ask him a few questions when not a moment later roman begins shouting about a man running down the road. then two then three all till about 5. this sends us into near panic mode and i send jack to check out the problem. fast forward and i send havel off in the other direction leaving me in the forest. i head down to meet with jack and proceed to the town where roman is at this point. fast forward again and i am on a hill near some rocks with jack in town talking to these strangers. i use strangers heavily as we have no idea who these people are. when next thing i know i see a man approach the hill where i am sitting. this sets me off already but i keep cool until he continues forward. i ask him to stop but he continues. this makes me anxious but i continue asking. this is when he patronizes me asking like a child "What am i gonna do if i dont" and he continues again. this erks me the wrong way for obvious reasons and i (without planning or thinking about it) ask the man to raise his hands and almost failing to ask him to drop his weapon he immediately mows me down. this sends both groups into a firefight. and from what i gather no rule breaks apart from @Dusty and his group asking for a "tax" now i may be wrong but isn't that just a very passive robbery. this brings up a good point that they said they would tax non muslims. which lets be honest is just cutting corners and finding easy ways to exploit the rules and steal from people. granted though, the RP could very well be good and in order however forcing a character to change their entire religion or risk getting their items taken is asinine. that's just my two cents. Thanks
  7. I'm Dominic, Dominic Ryder. EX. Military in the army, 36th infantry division from Austin, Texas. I spent 2 tours in Afghanistan and escaped death on a number of occasions, but never did I suspect I would be put out of action permanently. I was on a convoy that was heading towards a village near Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. We had gotten word of a terrorist militia in the village hiding out in a civilian home. We were just about a Klick away from the Village when our convoy was ambushed. but they knew we were coming. I woke up on the side of a dirt road with my Humvee in pieces. The Humvees behind us where destroyed as well. My captain, Captain James McPhee was K.I.A. and the rest of my convoy was torn and seperated. Giant smoke clouds from the wreckage, gunfire wooshing past me. Nobody but me made it out alive. I was awarded a number of medals, but non of them meant anything to me. They were just pieces of metal hanging around my neck. Much like the stress and guilt I bared like a noose, living every day for the rest of my life knowing I could have died out there in the sand. Everyday the noose grew tighter around my neck and seemed to be taking a physical shape. My girlfriend whom I've known for about 2 years now thinks I should see a therapist or some sort of councelor to coach me through my struggles. That was the exact thing that planted me in Chernarus. With the simple life styles. No high stress enviroments to speak of. I took the first plane to Chernarus with my girlfriend who insisted she come with. When we arrived things were already stressfull a group known as the Chedaki where taking out heavy attacks on Chernaurs and it's citizens. Supposedly revolutionary actions. The U.S. eventually helped out and pushed the Chedaki out of the country and away hopefully for good. Then it hit. A virus that attacked the body much like the Flu-virus. We were fortunate enough to be away from the infection which was mainly in a city called Zelenogorsk. We lived in a quiet town called Nizhnoye. I went to Chernarus in order to get away from the stress, Ease my mind. I was earlier diagnosed with PTSD and showed worseing symptoms of Bioplolar Disorder. A quiet country and town such as ours was sure to be enough to ease my pain, I was wrong. We had heard reports of an order to contain the virus. The borders closed and the airlines halted. I knew I was never going to see my family ever again. I was just happy to still have my girlfriend with me. That was until she was attacked by an old homeless man whilst we went for a jog around the town. She had gotten her throat torn out by that freak, she later died on the scene in a blood bath of horror and scars put fresh in my mind. I was on the verge of taking my own life now. Dark, alone and hungry. With everything I've been through I still believe I've never felt true pain until I lost my girlfriend, my family and the rest of my friends. An American Soldier from Austin, Texas was about to descend into a dark spiral of hell. Much darker than the way they are now.
  8. Jason ITS ME ZACK

    1. Biologische




      WE DEAD?

    2. Rocco


      No im alive THEY Tried to make it sound like it was my fault they killed you

    3. Biologische


      fuck sake i wanna report tbh...where are u now? wats ur steam?

    4. Rocco


      Strawberry Sack is my steam

  9. *Jason fumbles with the walkie abit looking for the transmit button* *he finds it and speaks softly and with great weight on his chest* "Hello?, is this thing working?" *he fumbles a bit more still transmitting* "Taz, i'm sorry, i lost the old radio...some bad men took it from me. They were asking me so many questions *lets out a grumble of sobs* they wanted to hurt me and called me names...like the others used too...i wanted to hurt them Taz, i wanted to hurt them like i did the others but i couldn't i was soo scared...i need someone to be with...please...im scared out here alone...i want my Momma back... *lets out more mono toned sobs* *releases the transmit button and in a fit of rage throws the radio to the ground near the fire*
  10. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:00x Your in game name: Domonic Ryder Names of allies involved: Rick James Name of suspect/s: Eli -something- Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Wasn't thinking about screenshots but I don't have any recording software Detailed description of the events: It started when me and my friend ran up to the south east barracks in northwest airfield. We had just gotten there when we met a man, my friend pointed his gun just incase as we are very hesitant of people lately...(I.E. lots of KOS). So my friend points his rifle and says "are you good", too which he responds "**** you guys" something about killing ourselves. after some short talks I get tired of him cussing at us so me and my friend tell the man to put his hands up, He does so respectfully, When I hear running outside, it was only when I turned around to see another man pointing his gun at me...instead of telling me to put my hands up he tries to shoot me with his AK-74, luckily it had no ammo but that was a clear initiation. I keep my eye on our new hostage while my friend runs out to shoot him, a little running later my friend is shot in the head making him unconscious without a word, all the while I'm in a window near by to return the kill. My friend is unconscious and the other is dead...A few minutes later a man named Eli approaches me and asks what had happened, after describing what had happened he attempts to help me pick my friend up. A little while later the man from before whom we took hostage for a short while returns with someone else. A bit of conversation later, everyone's helping...That is until I notice some of my friends ammunition is gone, and as soon as I made that apparent Eli backs away from my view and shoots me in the back of the head...again without a word.
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