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  1. Born and raised in the streets of New York, Ronny was your average, typical office worker. Overworked. Stressed out. Easily agitated. That's how it was for him, for a long time. He had to live in his own small, cheap apartment. Living frugally so that he can earn enough dough to not starve for a week straight. Life was tough for the New York man, and there wasn't much he could do about it. While he had consulted means of earning more money, all of those turned up short. Eventually, he thought, money would not be a constant concern. He figured that if he wanted that to be so, then he would need to take some desperate measures. Which, unfortunately, the man begun to do. He started to involve himself in illegal deeds. Drug deals, pickpocketing, scamming. All the nasty things a man does to earn cash. While it did earn him a lot more daily cash, things got even more stressful because of this. Worries about law enforcement daily, whether he'll get caught, arrested, and thrown into prison. It became one of his worst fears. As it turns out, that worst fear was about to become a reality. The police were hot on his trail, gathering more and more evidence and clues as to where he could be. He was not a wanted man, yet, however if he did not move quickly he would be thrown in cells in no time. With the spare cash he had lying around, and pawning a few things off, he booked a ticket to Chernarus, mostly because it was the "cheapest" option. With the money he had left, he used it to rent an apartment in one of the larger cities. Hopefully, he would be able to maneuver around the law this way. Yet, luck did not see fit to benefit him. He found himself in the middle of the end of civilization. The infection quickly spread throughout Chernarus, annihilating the local military and, indeed, the country itself. Ronny managed to survive by commandeering a local car, hitching a ride into the nearest wilderness. There, he managed to barely scrape by with what little supplies he had. Killing hummingbirds, rabbits, and consuming whatever safe insects he could find, he kept this going on until his supplies were at a breaking point. His pocket knife? Completely dull, could be substituted for a butter knife. Matches? Gone. Even his water bottle had seen too much wear and tear to be used properly. By this point, the man was given a chance to continue surviving. Scouting out one of the local villages, Ron managed to scavenge up a new blade, along with some actual food. He also managed to get a new pair of clothing, but that's a minor addition. Over time, he found himself more and more confident in searching out the local towns. Learning his surroundings, the local wildlife, how to maneuver around, the sorts. Thus, he finds himself at a crossroad. Does he keep to himself, and live out in the woods until this apocalyptic disaster clears over, or does he try to forge his own destiny? Within time, that question will be answer.
  2. I don't know what you're thinking but instead of having solid liquids or beanz, how about we have liquid? Personally, I feel like having a Gatorade™ Drink™.
  3. InsaneCynda

    Random name you remember from a long time ago

    Something (maybe daniel) Blake
  4. This was, again on 0.60 but this time I was by myself but on a pub server. I was scavenging in Stary Sobor, looting through the triangle to try and find the best stuff I could get. I have some car parts with me cause why not?? I go look through the town and I can see in the distance, in one of the fields, there's a car! And I have car parts that match the car, too! It really is my lucky day! I put all the parts inside, go in and try to turn it on. It works but it doesnt drive! How come? Because there's not enough wheels. So I search through the town again, looking for gasoline and a wheel and sure enough I find both. I place the wheel on the car and get the gas can. I try to pour the gasoline can inside of the car, but... I just drunk the gasoline. I freak out, trying to get it out of my body using medications and vomiting myself a new stomach but it doesnt work. I just run around like a headless chicken, trying to find some way to save myself until I just pass out and die. Thanks, DayZ. EDIT: also 50 posts hell yeah im getting up there boys
  5. I remember heading inside of a castle far north, close to the triangle (I believe it wasn't that far off from either stary or kabanino, either of which) and me and Kiwuu were heading up inside of the courtyard towards the tower and I stepped on a rock. From my friends point of view, it looked like I just tripped and faceplanted. In my point of view I FUCKING DIED FROM STEPPING ON A ROCK. Never going to that castle again.
  6. InsaneCynda

    Returning from a LOOOONG time away

    ha HA welcome back..........
  7. By god I counted how many magazines you have, why do you have SO MANY. You have: 4 SVD Mags, 2 AK74 mags, 4 AKM drum mags, and EIGHT FUCKING M4 MAGAZINES. You really should stash that away, you'd never have to worry about getting magazines anymore. It'd be just like in call of duty.
  8. *Sergei decides that while venturing inside of the forest with his comrade, that he'll have a talk inside of the radio as well. He flicks the PTT button on, speaking into it with a short break for getting breath every now and then.* "дерьмо, why are you leaving? Just as I was about to head back to the new camp, too. As my comrade said, we'll try finding you two soon... I had one goddamn good time in the Travelers Respite, drinking vodka with you men and my friend. Its a damned shame to see you go." *He turns silent, feet stepping on grass heard in the radio. A voice says to Sergei, 'Come on you chubby fuck, lets move.' He then flicks off the PTT, slinging out his rifle and jogging off into the distance, in the forest.*
  9. InsaneCynda

    Whip's Meme Avatars

    Oh, alright. Thanks mayn I appreciate it. it really shows my true form
  10. InsaneCynda

    Whip's Meme Avatars

    uh yeah its 50 kilobytes
  11. InsaneCynda

    Whip's Meme Avatars

    He did, though. Edit: Wait no that aint for you I'm an idiot I fooled myself ONCE MORE
  12. This is almost exactly what I was thinking. There should be real, full consequences for starting a war with another group or people instead of just endless skirmishes over and over again, but I dont want to be permakilled by some random motherfucker that decides he wants to ruin my day by executing me with his pro MLG gang. Good job
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