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  1. JUST ANOTHER GUY Well...one bad day can actually ruin your world. Guess those Councilors didn't expect that one haha. Well guess I should introduce myself. I'm Joel pleasure to meet you. Recently graduating high school and wanting to see the world. I didn't realize that my decision would put me in hell. Or what I could assume is what hell would be like was never a bible reader. Anyways yeah um how'd I get here exactly well. A few with drawls from a collage fund I never thought I'd use really can get a man somewhere. Mom thought I was going off to collage but in fact I was going to see the world. Be the man I wanted to be. Well that man is now surviving in a post apocalyptic fuck fest. So looking back that plane ticket makes sense for being so cheap. SO what's a guy like myself doing in a world like this. Surviving the best I can which included taking as much as I could carry and running off into the woods. However my supplies have begun to run drastically low and the nearby towns have been raided countless times. So guess it's time to see if the locals are nice...well at least the ones that aren't tryin to eat your face off.
  2. Heyo ladies and gents been out of the loop and recently have been unable to connect to server. Was wondering if we switched over or not? to .63
  3. Let's see if I finally can get in game.


    1. N-ToxRP


      September 22 lmfao

  4. AYYEEE was wondering where I can find the server port and IP. Unable to connect from the join server link on home tab and can't seem to find it. It use to be able to click play and just type in the PW but I lost the server entirely on my game so kinda in the mud here. Many thanks
  5. YO where is the the server statistics located now?


  6. Just gonna hop in here after ghosting from the community for a bit. No one really likes to talk about the real reason most of the people left. Yes the game is shit....like dog shit, and .063 is suppose to make it all so much better. Well most of the people decided to poof away due to the over and constant BULLSHIT OOC hate that came from some specific peeps. Now I'm not going to name peeps cause in all honesty It'll do no good. Just realize this game being shit is not the hugest reason peeps left just saying.
  7. What the community looks like to me.

    Image result for tumbleweed gif

    1. Farmer-BorisRP


      Contribute then

  8. @Anouk @SlimmDusty


    Where'd ya go??


    1. SlimmDusty


      You need to come play GtaRp bro.

    2. Wolfstorm

      I wish I had it lol.

    3. Anouk


      Buy GTA V my friend 😉

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    Me on For Honor just after work.


  10. Wolfstorm

    Why don't you get in game?

    Mainly a bit of the OOC hate and people trying to big dick others kinda took the fun out of it. Plus this game is wonky as hell and have tried coming back here and there but finally at the point to just sit back and wait for .063
  11. Wolfstorm


    @Psycho I just like the shows man...you.....you WERE THE CHOSEN ONE. YOU WERE MEANT TO DESTROY THE WEEBS NOT JOIN THEM