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  1. Wolfstorm

    Hmm banned for four days....eh cool.

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    1. Jonal


      wot u do skrub ?

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Shame on you hostile rper! Shame!

  2. Wolfstorm

    Love it when something meant to be a good message is used as a political front all over the country.

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    1. Hebee


      Go on

    2. Wolfstorm


      See in all honesty I'm not a very political person. I hate politics with a passion as it leans to breaking people apart instead of bringing them together. Today is the memorial day for the School shooting that claimed 17 lives last month. Instead of being a memorial for those people and respect the lives loss. All people want to do is parade about Gun control cause people still think Guns kill people. They don't people Kill people guns are just an object. Yeah I can get behind an increased Age limit for military grade Rifles but I just can't wrap my head around the ignorance of political agendas.

    3. Hebee


      Yeah, that's any tragedy though, if you remember Charlottesville after that guy drove into the crowd up people the media spent more time covering Trump's reaction than it did the actual event. Best advice don't look at the news or stuff in times of tragedy and if you do don't over indulge yourself in it, same with Facebook or whatever.

    4. Wolfstorm



      I kinda gave up on NEws outlets who focus strictly on politics. Just wish people could just come together for something good instead of being seperated by different point of views. Honestly is what I see is wrong with things nowadays. That's my own opinion though. 

  3. SZPD Freq 28.67Mhz((Open Frequency))

    *Haven taken a hand held radio he heard the man speak of Lopatino and stopped on his little journey. Just before he were to reply he heard his Partner Mack speak out instantly pressing down onto the PTT* "Holy shit you're alive....listen if that place isn't safe then guess you might have to come to me. I'm currently located in the station in Komarovo. I believe that's how you pronounce it anyways you guys make your way to me. Will hold current position. Officer Carter out." *He said beginning to make his way back to the station just being right down the street*
  4. SZPD Freq 28.67Mhz((Open Frequency))

    *After a few minutes of searching through any spare channels he came across many mentioning the Town of Lopatino. With a small nod he quickly turned back to his original Channel* "This is Officer Carter I will be heading to the Town of lopatino. I hear it's an up and running settlement. Probably is a bad idea, but need to get my bearings and meet up with my partner also. Yo Macky if you hear this and are alive brother head to Lopatino." *He then ended the transmission grabbing anything he could carry and heading towards the town he mentioned*
  5. SZPD Freq 28.67Mhz((Open Frequency))

    *Austin grabbed a nearby Pen writing down everything the man had said adding his own little side notes here and there* "I can agree to the meetup. Also if this part of the Country isin't fully lost I say it would be up to any surviing forces to Rally and come up with something. Maybe get in contact with the Government and at least get a new Set of orders to us here in Zagoria." *He said flipping off the transmitter beginning to gather his things*
  6. SZPD Freq 28.67Mhz((Open Frequency))

    *Officer Carter quickly jumped at the sound of the reply. Sliding over to the transmitter now sending a broadcast back out* "Sok I read you loud and clear. I understand the accent throws it off. I'm from the states before this all happened, and was apart of a batch of American officers who before shit hit the fan were sent here as aid to the local departments, and to help in any way we could with the Upcoming Cadets. Recently since this started I've been located in a Safe house just Outside Of Chernogorsk. Supplies ran low, and with no word coming from any other officials decided it was time to see for myself." *He then finished the broadcast switching right back over to the receiver*
  7. Wolfstorm

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Eyyyy I'll try and make one too @Wolfstorm, one edit i'll say you should do is to make my character your partner when I get him created

    2. Wolfstorm



  8. SZPD Freq 28.67Mhz((Open Frequency))

    *Officer Carter was going through the remains of the old Station he had been posted at. Finding the old radio system he finished gathering the essentials begining the Broadcast. His voice was American with a noticeable Southern Accent.* "To any an all South Zagorian Officers this is Officer Carter. This broadcast is to see if I'm not the only one left, and to let you know that there are other Officers who survived. Please respond A.S.A.P I will be remaining on this channel for the Next Three hours. Once again to any, and all Surviving members of the SZPD please respond." *He then flipped off the transmitter now switching to the receiver awaiting any word.*
  9. Austin Carter

    Protect and Serve Officer Carter grew up over in the states. Specifically Nashville Tennessee, where he wanted to protect and serve his country. He didn't see himself as a military man, but as a Officer of the Law...well that's where he specialized in. When he was in high school he interned at his local Sheriff department. Going on ride along's and even at one point becoming the Sheriffs little Assistant. After Graduating he then moved onto join the Department. His career was set however his life would change from a place of comfort to now a foreign land he knew nothing about. See he and many other American officers had been chosen for a program to visit multiple European Countries and observe how there Law Enforcement division works and differs from the American Police force. That was right at the time the world went to shit however. In a foreign land and just being issued his equipment Officer Carter led a group of survivors to safety from the infected. Locked away these past few months in a safe house with little to no contact with the Outside world and the rest of the survivors deciding to venture out on there own. Austin now decided it was time to venture out into the world...to see if any form of Justice and Law still existed. One man in particular was his partner and long time friend Mack Lynn. Who he had ventured on this program with as they were both new and fresh officers. With the events that took place they were separated, and now his personal goal is to meet back up with his partner, and survive. ((Story is to develop during game play. This is not the Final product))
  10. Wolfstorm

    When school is putting you to sleep....

  11. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Some fantastic send off RP from @Strawberry @Mr.Panda and the other Lad sorry never had a chance to get your IC name for this part. Anyways thank you guys for giving some High quality RP that I don't think I'm ever gonna forget. Keep doing what you do cause damn is it good. Sincerely guys thank you for the fantastic experience.
  12. The Killer no more((Open broadcast))

    *Tion stood in a small house surrounded by three people. One by the name of Strawberry the others Hondo and someone he never got the name of. They had just finished getting done with a game that involved them slashing across his back. They now had him standing facing out the window. Standing there being stripped of his items and his weapons glaring outside they put a recorder up to his mouth in the background there voices telling him what to say and to explain himself. He began speaking his voice becoming shaky* "My name...is Tion Thomas...I'm 18 years old from Atlanta Georgia. These past few weeks I've been apart of a group of people known as the Killers....I help torture,kidnap,and kill people." *His words begin to fumble and tears began streaming down his eyes* "To those who survived the encounters...I'm sorry...my words m-mean nothing to you I know. I never wanted to go this far...I never thought I could go that far....I thought what I was doing was helping, but instead it turned me into a monster.....I will never forgive myself for what I did, and knowing now It's all gonna end soon....I'm so sorry. *The tears streaming from his eyes he coughed slightly choking up on his words* "This message was brought to you by Strawberry, Hondo, and the Freaks." *Suddenly a suppressed gunshot could be heard before the recording ended. However he was still alive at this point and look to his captives weak and alone just how he deserved. One of them walked forward and spoke to Tion strapping another recorder on his chest* "Alright Timothy we're going to play a game called Freak Roulette. One of us is going to have a chambered rifle the others well....let's see if you choose wisely." *Tion stood there now looking at the men knowing his time was at the final point. Being scared and simply knowing deep down this was it..he chose. Seconds later into the recording* "Sorry...kid see ya later." *Would be the last words Tion would hear before the darkness took him, and for a moment...he was at peace*
  13. Wolfstorm

    R.I.P Tion for hella good lolz.


  14. Fate((OPEN BROADCAST))

    *Tion heard the message and felt his eyes water slightly. Guess he shouldn't expect anything else. Grabbing his radio once more he pressed down on the PTT* "Hm understood miss....guess being apart of that fucked up little misfit group would lead to this. Well guess I'm fucked either way. currently the location of where the group was going to set up is down South In Pusta to be exact. If they're still there by the time they hear this well guess move quickly. The Names of those who have had or are in direct affiliation with the group are. Jupiter...also calls himself Orion. Asher also goes under a fake Australian accent calling himself Jeff. Eva a huntress of sorts not hard to miss. A man by the name of Hush...never got his real name however he never speaks so it won't be hard to point him out. Joe Norris also goes by Brass...has a slight Italian accent. Everest...was in the process of making a highly addictive drug that the group would administer to people they captured. Then there was me however with this...well I'm done with it all. In a few days a woman the group had captured was going to come into Lopatino and write some things on the walls in pigs blood. She's had no involvement except getting held against her will. Anyways I hope this finds you in good faith. Still will be heading to Lopatino within the next hour." *Tion coughed slightly finally finishing. Hearing a snap of a nearby twig he instantly jumped for his SVD aiming down the scope..only to see a Deer walking by*
  15. Fate((OPEN BROADCAST))

    *Tion sat in a hunting stand taking a much needed break from his day of traveling the back roads to avoid confrontation. He grabbed his radio pressing down on the PTT* "Ma'am I'd love to give you the names over the radio however now broadcasting that I'm giving up the other names I'm probably already being hunted. I'm heading towards Lopatino with this information. To give to any and all who wish to listen. Probably signing my own death certificate, but I just want it to stop. I have no intention on lying anymore as I have no cards up my sleeves. I just want to see my family is all." *He released the button now checking his map now making his way to Lopatino*