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"As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a push"

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  1. Ayo sorry for the bother so the server keeps kicking me due to something about a basebuilding PBO. DO I need to go into the file and delete it or what?
  2. Any of the old crew still roaming?

  3. *Kent sat up hearing the voice come from the radio and listened. As the voice finished he sat pausing for a moment in thought. Before grabbing his radio and Pressing down on the PTT* ”I’m sick...not infected or anything I’m just....a doctor is something I really need, and maybe if I can find one they can help. I don’t mean to be secretive I just don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about what’s wrong with me.” *he sat back releasing the button looking at his hand the shaking beginning to relax his head still quiet*
  4. Feels good.....feels good.

  5. *Kent sat cross legged in the abandoned house a tiny fire going in the fire place in front of him. He had all his items scattered around going over what he had. Thankfully his mind was quiet and had been for the past two days...maybe he was gone. But one can never be to safe that's why he needed to find help hopefully some professional. He reached over grabbing his radio turning it on pressing down onto the PTT and would begin to speak. His voice a young Southern Accent.* "Excuse me.....I don't know if anyone can hear me, but I need help. I'm not bleeding out or anything or running low on supplies I just need to find a doctor. I have medical supplies I can give for whoever can help...maybe even show me which ones I need to take. Anyways I'm down south if there's any camp or something that sets up that has a doctor, or even a traveling one I'd appreciate the help.....the names Kent....Kent Leewood." *He released the button and sat back looking down at his radio, and to his hand watching it begin to shake a little*
  6. Is a AMD FX-6300 & a AMD RADEON RX 580 good enough setup to run this game with it now being in beta? Computers hardware I'm a beginner in so any help what so ever will do.
  7. Time to get back into this mess

  8. Alright peeps?

    1. GalloWB


      Where is smiley he must D I E

  9. Ey come back as Smiley and lets finish this storyline ??

  10. Poof

    1. GalloWB



    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      things are good here my guy

    3. Jono the giant

      Jono the giant

      Who's this fine chap then 

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