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  1. If I could give you more beans I would. This group gave me chills on my first meeting with simply just sending a Message. Then when leading yall to that murder scene I saw the comedic side which adds just more depth. So far all of my interactions have been top of the line and can't wait for the Phase 2 as it was so properly put!
  2. New Character time let's see how it goes


  3. The Devil’s Price My Pa told me when I was a younger lad that the devil always gets his due. I didn’t realize until the loss of my Wife & Daughter how right he was. Everything can easily slip away even when you thought you held On with all your might. So is the Morrison curse but was never one to believe in that Superstitious nonsense. Pa said it came due to all the bad things he use to do back home with the drugs, the guns and the Money. Never really understood what he meant as that all changed while I was born cause the world was coming apart ya see. This sickness the FLu as he called it was turning people into mindless savages who wanted nothing more to rip you apart. I remember growing up on our land, good 10 acres that my pa used for his business. High Walls and self employed Guards he always kept close well that was until the money finally ran out and they turned on him that is. They sold me off in some auction down in the nearby Parish after they killed my Ma and Pa. That’s where I met Lillian and her Father. Turns out though the world was coming apart work still had to be done. I don’t remember how much the ole Man bought me for but damn I’m glad he did. Woulda never met his daughter. Beautiful Southern bell the Likes at which many a man craved to have come home to. During my service to Her father we grew closer as he would try to setup her with other lads belonging to the other families, but for some reason she fell for me and I for her. I remember the day we left and ran off with each other young, stupid, and in love. Surviving out in the world wasn’t easy. The States were ravaged with the plague that had swept the world and now your neighbor would turn on you just for lookin at em funny. So I took up work running guns for some warlords in the Carolinas. This line of work taught me quite a bit and helped me understand how the world now works. Didn’t know all it would take was a gun run south for me to end up on their shit list, but like they used to say “Shit Happens”. So we did the best thing anyone could do and got ourselves a ride on a cargo ship being used by some group of New World Pirates and got the hell outta dodge. Saw many parts of the world on that ship working as part of the crew, mainly inventory management. Then it all changed when I had my daughter my little Rose. My little Light in such a dark world and damn do I miss her. They say a mothers love is the strongest thing on earth but I think that’s a load of shit. She was my little angel and not a day goes by that I don't miss her. After we had her we got off in some ragtag port in Spain I think it was. Lived off doing Jobs as a farm hand for a few of the lucky settlements we traveled to. Language barrier was a problem but bless those Missionaries who were overseas and those boys who trained with our military back home. Life was good as it could be for many years then that day happened. The day my girls were taken from me all because I didn’t bow my head and show respect to some wannabe king. Well that king like my girls is in the ground but I was on my own and was somewhere in Central Europe. Found myself in a state of depression and rage which caused me to go down a path of darkness and hatred. Until the day I met the kid, and damn was that a relief. Some Nineteen year old Black Russian with a goal. Scrap his name was a weird name but I couldn’t judge especially nowadays. He became my little partner in crime, taught me some Russian and I taught him some tricks. We split up for a time after a few years together as he went to this Place called Nyheim. Now I’m not one for self proclaimed Governments but heard about this place throughout my years. After a while the kid reached out to me and found himself a nice girl and now they’re having a kid. I helped them get outta here at the end. Gave em my ride and the supplies I could spare. This kid reminded me of myself in away and before he left he told me the state of this place. Not really having a purpose as contracts were drying up, and I pissed off some more of them Spaniard folks. Decided I make my way to this place. Let’s just hope that Saying Curiosity killed the cat isn’t legit.
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    1. Morytania


      it is! haha thank you Scrap 😄 

  5. SO my play time recently has decreased i only now get on maybe once a week now to roam around and meet up with people. Reason being is just the overall state and speed of the lore atm. Don't know about anyone else but I loved when we were doing events like every other day a D-squad was showing their force and power at times. Now everything kinda slowed down and it just went from SPEED to almost a slow crawl. Which then led to a stale crawl of different groups all trying to be the big bad spooky guy which really through me off. Main thing that would get me back like before is just some more consistent events like before that could drastically change the current political situation within the game itself involving high risk High reward type scenarios.
  6. *Scrap would be sitting on a rooftop looking down at the scar of the brand on his wrist listening to the words that have been spoken over the radio a small smile as he heard Holly's voice one he hadn't heard in quite sometime. Hearing what she had to say he pulled the radio up to his face beginning to Broadcast* "Привет I've been listening on the side for this conversation but a recent voice has unfortunately given me the urge to speak out. As an EX Handler there were times where I do recall we were ready to turn on everybody without hesitation to save our own skins. Don't get me wrong I was all for it as I wanted to make sure my ass was covered before anyone else's but do not speak as if we were saints of this place because oh my we were not my старый друг. We also did not like when people stepped out of line from what we had originally planned as I strictly remember causing some who were as you say. Out....of.....Line to immediately get back on the path we decided for them. Then it got down to when we were ready to abandon literally EVERYTHING due to a single contract being pulled which ties into things we are scared of that we couldn't control. I myself am on the repenting path as I have a ребенок coming into this world in the future. So Food for thought before calling on the sins of others До свидания." *Scrap would then set the radio beside him continuing looking out into the distance dangling his feet off the side of the building*
  7. be back in a week or so 

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      miss you already scrap 😞

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