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  1. Love it when something meant to be a good message is used as a political front all over the country.

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    1. Hebee
    2. edgy Wolf

      edgy Wolf

      See in all honesty I'm not a very political person. I hate politics with a passion as it leans to breaking people apart instead of bringing them together. Today is the memorial day for the School shooting that claimed 17 lives last month. Instead of being a memorial for those people and respect the lives loss. All people want to do is parade about Gun control cause people still think Guns kill people. They don't people Kill people guns are just an object. Yeah I can get behind an increased Age limit for military grade Rifles but I just can't wrap my head around the ignorance of political agendas.

    3. Hebee


      Yeah, that's any tragedy though, if you remember Charlottesville after that guy drove into the crowd up people the media spent more time covering Trump's reaction than it did the actual event. Best advice don't look at the news or stuff in times of tragedy and if you do don't over indulge yourself in it, same with Facebook or whatever.

    4. edgy Wolf

      edgy Wolf


      I kinda gave up on NEws outlets who focus strictly on politics. Just wish people could just come together for something good instead of being seperated by different point of views. Honestly is what I see is wrong with things nowadays. That's my own opinion though. 

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