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  1. Dima Orlavaeg was born in early 1982 to Dimitri Orlavaeg, an international stockbroker, and Aliya Turner, an American national in the country on a business trip. Dima's parents were separated by circumstance shortly after his birth; even though they would never remain together, the two remained on good terms. Both parents were wealthy and privileged, but the young Dima shunned the upper-class lifestyle. From a young age he was involved in the capital city of Novigrad's more unpleasant elements. From time to time he would turn up in the local jail for fighting or public disturbance or some other petty crime, only to be bailed out by his father's wealth. However, he quickly grew out of this thuggish persona and attempted to enlist at age eighteen. The CDF would not take him due to his previous track record. Undeterred, he took the first plane to France he could and attempted likewise to sign on with the French Foreign Legion. He returned home with a rudimentary understanding of French and more than a few reprimands for a lack of discipline. Eager to fight someone or something, he traveled to the middle east. In the wake of the beginning of the War on Terror, there were plenty of opportunities for a man like Dima to ply his trade as a soldier of fortune. He fell in and out with various small mercenary groups, most contracted by one proxy terror group to fight another. After a few years of ping ponging between groups, Dima returned home to share his stories in his preferred dive bars. However, this was in 2009; the bloody civil war had begun. Dima, once rejected by the CDF, opted instead to join up with the Chedaki. He did not partake in the war crimes his brothers did, and when the game was up he melted back into the mountains, crossed the border into Takistan, and caught a plane to Syria. There he found a home with the Free Syrian Army fighting the reign of their corrupt president. He returned to Takistan briefly in 2012 to partake in Operation Arrowhead with some of the pro-Royalist tribesmen, and after the conclusion of the conflict he finally decided to return home to Chernarus, a changed man. Dima's time spent fighting abroad cleaned him up more than either of his parents' lectures ever could. In 2013 he began to involve himself more and more with his family's affairs and eventually settled in the United States with his mother. There he met an American woman by the name of Alicia Carter, and by 2015 the couple was married with their first child on the way. To support his family, he opened and managed a security firm, staffed largely by ex-military and ex-mercenary contacts he had known in his many battles overseas. In March of 2017, his father passed after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. While Dima and his family were attending the funeral, the outbreak struck suddenly and brutally. In the initial panic and confusion, Dima chose to give his spot up on an evacuation helicopter so that his wife and daughter would have a better chance to escape. They escaped successfully and made it all the way back to the United States. Dima, however, was trapped in the increasingly chaotic Chernarus. Choosing the same strategy that kept his ninety six year old grandfather alive, Dima melted into the woods. There has has lingered for several years, occasionally coming out of hiding to find the resources he needs. Cut off from his family and just trying to survive, the mercenary is looking for a way out; and, if possible, a way to make it across a sea in a shattered world so that he might see his family once again.
  2. 100 C.E, so I could see the Roman Empire in its height; namely, the Five Good Emperors. Do pineapples belong on pizza?
  3. Had a pretty interesting day today, if somewhat brief. Thanks to @SurvivorJesse for the travel from Staroye to Sverograd. Banter and mercy alike. Thanks to @RogueSolace and @HarveyJ for cabin medical shenanigans. I hope you both got your fill of the bitter old prick Chernarussian known as Vadim. To everyone in Sverograd, you're madder than a box of frogs. Just thought you should know.
  4. Been a while, but I'm back from a long hiatus and giving DayZRP another shot. Hopefully this time I won't get shafted by life circumstances and taken off the game again. Looks like a lot here has changed, eh?
  5. Vadim Orlavaeg was born the oldest of eight in a small, unnamed village (later called Kamensk) on February 9th, 1923. Born to a peasant family in the Chernarussian SSR, he was raised as an illiterate hunter and subsistence farmer. His first sixteen years of life were unremarkable. However, on 1 September 1939, the German invasion of Poland began to kick off World War II. Eager both to prove himself, as most young men do, and to improve his lot in life, he lied about his age and enlisted with the Red Army in preparation for a potential German invasion. He trained up into 1940, when he was assigned to the 100th Rifle Division and shipped off to Finland to fight in the Winter War. After the conclusion of the conflict, he returned to reservist status. Vadim remained such until June of 1941, when he was called up to join the newly-formed 251st Rifle Division. He served with them from the very beginning to the very end, all the way into Germany. He became a Hero of the Soviet Union following an incident in which he alone rushed a German position, killing four in hand to hand combat and causing the surrender of the remaining ninety troops defending the fortification. He was, however, severely wounded in the endeavor. He was eventually discharged due to his wounds. Before leaving, however, he married a German woman named Adalicia. She is commonly believed to be the nurse that treated his wounds following his one-man raid. Together, they returned to Kamensk. Retirement ill-suited the veteran of the Great Patriotic War. He attempted three times to re-enlist, each time being denied due to the severe damage from his wounds. It took him several years to fully recover. During this time, he returned to his hunting ways and constructed his own home a few miles from the town. While he less than enjoyed his retirement, his marriage was a healthy one; within the first year of marriage, Adalicia was already pregnant with their first child. They would eventually go on to have three more together. There they lived for the next seventy years. Adalicia eventually died and the children moved away, leaving Vadim alone in his residence until the outbreak of July 2017. Vadim was not in Kamensk at the time of the population’s forceful transfer out of the town, and as a result was stranded in the eastern half of Lower Zagoria. His home and all of his possessions were pulverized by the Russian bombardment. When the infection began, he sheltered in the deep woods. Now, emerging from his solitude out of desperation, the Chernarussian once more walks through the ashes of war and civility, waiting for an end to his days. He still waits to this day.
  6. Aarzam's attention turned to his radio at the mention of this woman called Solace. He drew the small transponder from his belt and spoke into it, his smooth Takistani drawl leeching into the airwaves. "I am afraid I am not entirely sure who or where this Solace is, but I have heard of her and her people. It seems like she is quite the popular woman... not particularly a good thing in what is left of civilization. It may be better for everyone involved to let sleeping hounds lay." Click.
  7. @Grimnir Glad I could be of service, and I'll keep it in mind! Vadim's a bit surprised to see someone like her, but it was a nice way of bringing him back to his younger days. Also, for the Empire
  8. Yeah, I gotta agree. This being my first RP experience on DayZRP in about eight months, I have to say I was quite impressed with everything that went down. The discussion about tailoring and epaulettes got more than a few chuckles off-mic from me. Solace's hospitality especially surprised me given that my last RP interactions have been being robbed at gunpoint or shot at. Jim's interactions genuinely irritated me behind the screen, which means that his coming off as a not so friendly fellow was working. All in all, it was awesome to RP with you folks and I hope to catch you again soon... assuming Vadim is still around and in one piece in the future.
  9. *Pierre remained silent for a moment as he examined his surroundings. It was not a high-class place, but it was sufficient given present circumstances. He regarded his radio for a moment before beginning to speak into it, his thick French accent making itself known.* "Hello, fellow survivors! I understand that present circumstances may be hard on you all, be it through infection, hostile survivors, or otherwise. As a healer, it is my duty to aid those who need to be aided, so I will be doing such on the southern coastline tomorrow. I do not have much to offer in the way of food, but I have a fair amount of medical supplies; blood bag kits for transfusions, blood test kits, intravenous saline solution, bandages, vitamins, the likes. I do not care much who you are; I care that you only require succor. Call me naive, yes... but... this is what I choose to do. I hope to see someone tomorrow." *He released the transmission, sighing deeply. Now, there was naught to do but wait.*
  10. Intended to drop a post in the LFG tab; the advice is appreciated.
  11. Howdy. I got my whitelist quite some time ago, and it occurred to me I never really made an introduction, nor did I make a name for myself. So, hello! I go by Sin when it comes to stuff like Steam and Discord. I've been RPing for about twelve years now, since a very young age. Figured I'd give RP on the Standalone a try; had some mod experience, but that never really worked out. If you need some shmuck to patch you up, I'm probably your guy. Looking forward to being here.
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