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  1. Jackie was born and raised in Kc, Mo. She was an only child that was shy and suffered to make a connection with people. Most of her time growing up was spent on reading books and novels. Her mother was a nurse for the hospital and her father was a construction worker. She grew a long distance friendship with Robin Olken from Cali. When she was 17 Robin suggested to sign up for this Political program for exchange students. Jackie signed up for it and when she graduated High School at the age of 18, she was accepted and sent off. After arriving here, Jackie met up with her long lost pen pal friend Robin. But once they landed, they were told to stay at the airport for safety because they might need to get an immediate flight out back to the United States. After a week of chaos, some students decided to leave the airport realizing they'd never get the flight out. Jackie was going to join them, but got separated from them right at the last minute. Being scared, she chose to stay at the airport as long as she could. After only a few days, she decided to go looking for her friends.... Jackie's Journal - (Day 1)
  2. Everyone in line for the check up notMisty and Craig enjoying a bounce back glitch I had Hanging out with Chowder waiting for friends
  3. The beautiful day of coming together as one What you go through to help the wedding go smooth And last but not least, the glitch from springing around Congrats to the wedding couple. Glad I could walk you Dr. Hope Many laugh's this day with Chowder and Craig! Thank's guys!
  4. The doctor is in We will gather supplies to help, no matter how far. Or how lonely it can get See what's wrong with the image? DayZ at its finest!
  5. When you have to wait on DayZ server maintenance Craig and myself playing H1Z1
  6. Some of outrun are from when I was with them. Some are just us RPing out stuff. More to come I hope
  7. Always! Loved running into you when I was up that way. (flips off) Yeah. Good memories running around there.
  8. Some of my favorite moments on DayZRP Thank you to everyone I've come across or ran with for these memories! Mr. Woods saying hello in our own special way Tyrone Jordan being as sweet as always Tyrone, Ryan, Sarc and Eli Odin enjoying a campfire Mandell and West Dr. Hope, Eli Odin, and myself running around
  9. Today was really great rp from L.I.F.E and I couldn't be more surprised with the news that came forth. Was unexpected. Horoscope you were 10/10 with the heartbreak crying and Zombru the whole situation was intense. Loved every minute guys! Always a pleasure running into Outrun!
  10. Was my first event. Enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Thank you for putting it on! Thanks everyone for the great RP.
  11. I really enjoyed the Event tonight! Up until I crashed while streaming. The banter was great! Between the group I was in and the entire Red X. Hostages RP was great! They really seemed scared to leave! Cant wait to see about another event! Thanks to everyone that took part! You made my first event memorable!
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