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    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I would like my GUID reset for DayZ Standalone. I put a letter in the wrong spot /Caesar GUID reset, place the correct GUID in the whitelist tab.
  2. If youre from california youre either EXTREMELY young or all your teachers fave failed you. If you were from a country where english wasnt the first language you would have an excuse.
  3. Ive never seen a human get KO'd by a zombie in my life in any movie. Their muscles are supposed to be liquefied, not made of titanium.
  4. Im sure half of you guys that would have a problem with it arent even playing at off-peak times. This is for the people that are up when theres only like 5 people per server instead of 10 people on one.
  5. The more populated server during offtimes have less than 10 people. Seems pointless.
  6. Build one on S1 too. Itll give you more reason to play that server too. Maybe the second base would be even better than the first.
  7. Likewise, which makes it harder to play when Im free and actually WANT to play haha If I was playing on a Vanilla DayZ server I can see wanting to play on a low populated server so you dont get KoS'd but I WANT to interact with people. Thats the whole reason why I joined this community. If anything they should at least test it out and see how it goes. Id rather refresh the page every few seconds waiting for a free spot than play on a 1/4 full server.
  8. Yeah it really hinders me from wanting to play when there arent many people on the server. I get people want to loot in peace but for RP sake thats kind of pointless. I know theres gotta be a way to see what the exact peak hours usually are. Thats when a second or third server should be used.


    Im downloading it now because of the free weekend on steam. Might buy it if its good although I cant afford it atm
  10. You sure you logged into the server? Not just going to the lobby but actually spawning then logging out?
  11. Change it in-game and log into one of the RP servers then it will be automatically updated on the forums
  12. Im in the same boat. Figured Id suggest it because that would leave the server with an average of 20 people on rather than 5. @Flame. Im sure theres a way to make it so the other server can be put back online as soon as the first one fills up. I dont know anything about servers so I cant say anything about that.
  13. You can change your name/character as much as you want.
  14. Would it be possible to disable all but one server during off-peak times and just enable multiple servers during peak time? It would help fill up one server rather than having 6 on one and 15 on the other.