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  1. @Eddie and the pub staff at Severograd putting up with Carter's drug induced antics. Met alot of interesting people today and I have no clue who you are on the forums but alas it is I: MR AMERICA! @Sophie Sorry I had to leave in the middle of our 1 on 1 RP sesh cause of that emergency but I'm sure we'll have more in the future
  2. *There is a a small burst of static before music starts to play on the station followed by an smooth American voice* "WOOOOOOO good morning citizens of Chernarus! It is I, MR. AMERICA, the bacon eating, commie killing, gun toting, ladies man you all know and love! I have recently "commandeered" some old radio equipment and thought I should put it to better use like combating the aggressive socialist trash on the radio this piece of shit country puts OUT! Fear not, for wherever Mr. America goes, freedom and liberty follows! If you're a communist, terrorist, feminazi, or the worst enemy of all: a VEGAN, and Mr. America finds out about it you will be shown the error of your ways." *There is a brief pause.* "I am looking for able bodied patriots to join my militia I am putting together, the Ghost Town Gunfighters to take the fight to any and all enemies of FREEDOM! With enough bodies, Democracy will never be defeated ladies and gentleman and you will personally be keeping the spirit of the greatest country in the world alive and well, FUCK YEAHHHHHH! Recruitment starts tomorrow at the Severograd pub, and remember: EVERY DAY IS A GREAT DAY TO BE A GOTDAMN AMERICAN! Let's take some fuckin callers! *The transmission ends.*
  3. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Yes! I'm happy there were no hiccups in getting this instantly re-approved! Look forward to seeing ya'll in game boss!
    • Shane Is Dead
    • Raptor

    Great song tbh

    1. Raptor


      Ty ty old Drake is the best Drake tbh

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Old n new are lit tbh

    3. Raptor


      To each our own ;)

    • DustyRP
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    Hey man, got any more of those Vike and Ikes?

    1. Raptor



  4. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Looks really good man, I hope this gets re-approved without a jiffy! We can always use more U.S. military RP groups.
  5. Music in posts

    I think he means like the [mp3]link[/mp3] format of the old website. I know that doesn't work anymore but someone around here should know.
  6. What do you listen to ?

    Been digging tf outta this playlist recently
  7. Raptor


    Me when someone tries to offer me food with processed sugar or sweet tea

    1. DustyRP


      Were all gonna die some day, might as well enjoy as much shit as you can. 

      Everything in moderation is key.

    2. Raptor


      We're all born weak and frail, and we are all going to die weak and frail but it's up to you how you wanna look in between ;)

  8. DayZRP Community Memes

  9. [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    9/10 almost as flex as your avatar
  10. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    10/10 I wanna go to the gym 2 more times a day every time I see it
  11. Dude Im loving it so far, but I like to tell everyone this with journals and stories: add some more visuals/graphics and maybe an mp3 player similiar to those on peoples profiles and character pages playing an ambient track to set the mood of the entry. A little bit of extra spruce and ambience can go a LONG way to getting people immersed in your story.
  12. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    Honestly sounds good on paper but as @Jackstral mentioned, there are people who only like playing one character at a time so forcing them to bench their character is essentially forcing them not to play at all until the timer resets. Like the idea but it would alienate alot of single-character players.
  13. What was your first RP encounter?

    Bumping into @Chief and the hobos in Kab and eventually working for them as a Skully the security guard. Eventually I got connected with the Clowns and ran with them dynamically for a bit before joining up with @Cowboy and The Brave. Those were good, simple times...