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  1. o7

    So due to recent events and endless personal issues IRL, Im going to be going on hiatus from the community. I dont know if Ill return tbh, I feel like Ive alienated most of the people I know cause of my own bullshit. Hopefully Ill see yall again under better circumstances.
  2. Carter Blades

    Carter Blades is a stock broker and model who was a party goer on the Riptide when it was beached off the coast of Chernarus. He is a romantic at heart, being called The Gentleman for his exception good looks and suave demeanor. Despite his profession, Carter is actually quite humble if not smug every once in a while and prefers actions to words when faced with conflict. WIP, full story coming soon.
  3. Desmond Revis

    Desmond Revis was born on July 4th, 1978 in the small town of Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA. His father Jim was a coal miner and his mother Sandra was a stay-at-home. Growing up as as the only child in a lower middle class household, Desmond was quickly taught at a young age to fend for himself in an abusive setting. His father was an abusive, alcoholic racist that beat Desmond and his mother regularly when he got home from work. His mother Sandra was kind but timid woman who never stood up to Desmond’s father when he beat her. However, as the years passed and Desmond got older and stronger, good ole’ Jim got even older and weaker. His years of working in that coal mine took its toll on his body but his demeanor didn’t get any less nasty. Christmas eve, 1993 was the last time he ever laid a hand on Desmond and Sandra. The beating that Sandra recieved night was one of the worst yet and 15 year-old Desmond couldn’t take it anymore. Desmond got his daddy’s gun out of the nightstand and shot him dead in the back while he was beating a half-conscious Sandra. They didn’t mourn him, and Desmond was found innocent after the court learned of Jim’s abusive tendencies. After that time of his life passed, Desmond grew up a humble and practical young man. He was average in school but was was well liked due to his kind nature. He graduated high school and started working out in the oil fields. It was hard work, but it paid the bills so he didn't mind too much. Later down the road, he met the woman he would eventually marry, Danielle Jackson,and lived a relatively quiet and happy life with her. Later, things took a turn for the worst when the oil workers went on strike to protest the wages and working conditions. This affected Desmond’s ability to earn a steady living wage causing financial difficulty with him and Danielle. That was until one night at the local bar, three of Desmond’s friends told him about a few safe deposit boxes in Rock Spring’s Bank of the West belonging to a crooked oil field supervisor. They were informed that those boxes contained millions of illicit laundered dollars and if they could steal it, no one would search for it. Skeptical at first, Desmond finally agreed to help the three of them against his better judgement. However since he had fallen on hard times and his mother Sandra was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, so he needed the money. But no matter how much he tried to justify it in his head, it still didn’t feel right to him. The heist was pull off without a hitch, no one attempted to stop them and the bank guard was old enough to have been working there before Desmond was even born. They wore masks and broke into the safe deposit box room, emptying out the boxes for a whopping 40 million dollars. The group was surprised at the large amount, only expecting a couple million but didn’t think much of it when they escaped. Desmond on the other hand felt like something wasn’t right and sure enough, he was right. The next day two strange men in suits were at his door to question him about the robbery. Luckily, Desmond wasn’t a main suspect as most of the workers on strike were all suspected to be responsible for the heist. The men introduced themselves as CIA and that an internal investigation was being conducted to find the missing money. This surprised Desmond, and when they left, he considered turning over his cut of the money and full cooperation. But after thinking about his sick mother, his marriage and finances falling apart, he decided not to. A couple days later, one of his friends from the heist was taken into custody under suspicion of armed robbery. Panicking, Desmond bought the first plane ticket to Russia to avoid capture, leaving his Danielle and the life he once knew behind. Before he left, Desmond left a note on the dinner table promising he’ll fix this and make things right. He made his way from Russia to Novigrad in the country of Chernarus, where he bought a rundown establishment and turned it into a pub. In 2017 after spending a year there, Desmond picked up fluency in Chernarussian and developed a loyal customer base within his pub. One afternoon when he was serving drinks in the crowded establishment, a young courier about the age of 14 came inside and delivered four small boxes in Desmond’s name. Expecting them to be from his wife, he took the boxes to the back room and opened them in horror to find the severed heads of his wife and crew in each box. A picture detailing the death of his mother was attached to his wife’s head and a note written on the back: “You’re next Desmond Revis.” He was dropped to the floor in anguish and shock, still trying to process what had happened. Desmond took the .357 revolver he kept tucked into his jeans, cocking it and biting down softly on the barrel while squeezing his eyes shut. Tears streamed down his face as he hesitated to pull the trigger and end his own life when he finally dropped the gun to his side and continued sobbing. As he started to calm down, he heard screaming and gunshots outside the pub. Surprised, he picked up his firearm and went to go investigate when one of his patrons shambled into the back room with a crazy look in his eyes. He didn’t think twice and let out a blood-curdling screech before rushing and attacking Desmond. Thrown off guard by the man’s actions Desmond dropped the gun and attempted to fight the seemingly decaying man with non-lethal means. It was apparent that knocking him out wasn’t an option, so Desmond reached for the pistol and put a bullet in the ravenous man’s head, stopping him for good. Confused by what just happened, he went outside his now empty establishment to find panic-filled streets lined with more crazy people like the one that attacked him. In the midst of the chaos, he went back inside to grab his rifle and a few belongings he kept upstairs. He moved quickly to his truck, downing any of the animal-like people that got too close him with his rifle. Desmond managed to escape Novigrad, heading East towards Chernogorsk along the relatively empty highway. Despite traveling for a few hours, his truck finally broke down several kilometers west of South Zagoria in the middle of nowhere. He grabbed what he could and set off, hoping to find someway to get out of the country.
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    Where was this book all my life?

  5. OP wishes in reports

    Just dont report them if you want them to have a reduced punishment. You can't have your cake and eat it too my dude.
  6. No religious group ?

    Last time I check there were a few people also interested in doing religious groups. Definitely great and interesting ideas if done right.
  7. Raptor

    My characters sure do make an impact on this community O.o

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      Omg I'm dead. My first thought was "those bullets made an impact in your character."

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    Everyday is America day.

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      Not even American but this is a great song.

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      It gets me teary eyed every time I hear it.

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  10. Wow I got thanked for roleplay. No, thank you for your roleplay Brayyyy-cezzz
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    "In this life or the next, just know that I love you." -Garrett to Taryn before being executed by the VDV.



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      u ded sun

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    "Don't try it Anakin."

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      I was gunna say what Corb said. Dammit. 

  13. Cade Mercer

    A disabled veteran that served in the United States Marine Corps, Cade is the oldest brother of the Mercer family. He is currently employed by a Chernarussian businessman as a private security contractor. WIP
  14. I cant believe it's come to this. Garrett is losing it tbh.
  15. The Riptide Collective

    About damn time.
  16. This is clearly photoshopped, just sayin.
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  17. Compared to the somewhat cancerous RP that was occurring before the lore wipe, yes it has bought the community the breath of fresh air it needed.
  18. Robbing people! At this current time.

    ^ This. Personally I say rob someone if it makes IC sense, which if someone really wanted to find a way to do that, they would anyways so it doesn't matter. Just remember that hostile RP is necessary at times to progress story lines. Without it, RP would turn into stale safe-space bullshit with little to no conflict.
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    A E S T H E T I C

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      Oh damn. You got it, kid. 

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      ^ that or wake up in your own vomit. From experience I can tell you it's not a pleasant thing.

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    Campfire RPer's in their natural habitat. (2017, colorized)


  22. The Riptide Collective

    Yaaaaayy #HYPE
  23. Garrett Mercer

    Garrett Greaves was born to a wealthy military family in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on the 14th of June, 1993. His father Dante, was an A-10 pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps and his mother Ellie,was an addiction therapist for a rehab clinic on the island. He was the middle child of two brothers; Cade, the oldest, and Kendrick, the youngest. Garrett’s parents were never around too much, his father was constantly being deployed and his mother was always working. This caused him and Kendrick to mainly be raised by Cade throughout their early to mid childhood. Early in his youth, Garrett found interest in hip hop and rap music when saw a documentary on television about the entrepreneur Russell Simmons and his rise to success in creating his own record label. At the age of 12, things seemed to be going well for Garrett and his family. He saw his father more often in between deployments and was able to spend much-needed time with him. It didn’t last however, as his father was called away for duty once again and little did Garrett know, this was the last time he would see him. One month later, Dante was killed in a training accident involving a ejection seat malfunction in his aircraft. Garrett’s mother was so devastated that it took her several years to fully recover from the loss. The healing period for the Mercer family was slow and painful, but eventually closure was reached. In his early teens, his love for the genre of hip hop grew into an obsession. Garrett's room was decorated with posters of various artists of the culture including Eminem, Tupac Shakur, JayZ, and E-40. However no matter how much he tried, Garrett’s own ability to rap always came up lackluster. Instead of feeling defeated, Garrett looked for other means to get involved with his passion. He eventually got into mixing music and beats on his laptop and found he was exceptionally talented at it, delving deeper into the art. During high school, Garrett was the one of the more popular kids. He was known to DJ most of the parties thrown on the island. This was his first taste of fame, and like most people his age, he didn’t handle it well. Senior year, he was getting into increasing amounts of trouble at school and home like ditching class with his friends, getting into fights, and even shoplifting at one point. Initially, his mother brushed it off as a phase but it only got worse. Garrett’s behavior affected his grades severely, but by time he was supposed to graduate, it was too late. Much to his dismay, he attended Honolulu community college for 2 years to get his grades back up and get accepted into a university. Garrett barely tolerated his time there, keeping the trouble to a minimum. He skated by and was accepted into UCLA to major in music production. It didn’t take long for college life and Garrett’s destructive personality to mix and create a chemical reaction. He joined a frat, got involved with drugs, alcohol and countless women. Garrett DJ'd some of the wildest parties on campus and made quite a name for himself as the "party boy" of UCLA. This newfound reputation led to him receiving better paying gigs. Naturally, he stopped caring about school, missing classes regularly and failing tests. The only class he would be present for every day was Anatomy. He met a girl there, Taryn Allegheny. She was pretty and had a warm aura about her that almost seemed to make her glow. He would just flirt harmlessly with her at first but it quickly turned into an infatuation. He would try to sleep with her multiple times, always ending in failure. Garrett was mesmerized that this girl was wasn’t like the other ones he could easily bed and it made him want her even more. But he noticed after awhile that he started catching feelings for her. Reluctantly, Garrett asked Taryn out for real this time. He promised that he would take it slow and that he had true feeling for her. She accepted and it was the first time in a long time he had felt something more for a girl. Their relationship flourished as Taryn supported Garrett to be a better man. He eventually dropped out of college to pursue his DJ career and making a name for himself outside school. This newfound reputation led to him receiving better paying gigs. Soon after buying an apartment in Los Angeles, Garrett found himself DJing for the best and most prestigious parties and soirees in Hollywood and quickly climbing the echelons of fame. During this whole ordeal, Taryn stood behind most of Garrett’s choices and supported him the whole way. January, 2017 was the month Garrett got an invite from a record label called Hanover Records to attend a private yacht party off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey hosted by them and their major up-and-coming artist Joshua Tone. The party was a blur of drugs, alcohol, playing music, and conversations with Taryn he couldn’t remember. It would’ve been the best night of Garrett’s life if the guests didn’t turn into angry psychos with a hunger for flesh. The next several hours was a blur of blood-curdling screams of death, panic, fighting and eventually silence after Garrett and Taryn locked themselves in one of the yacht’s many bedrooms. They emerged to find many of the partygoers dead or missing and the few that were alive, cleaning up the mess from the night before. Of the survivors left on the ship, no one knew how to properly navigate it. They figured if they sailed in a general direction they would hit land since the Black Sea was basically just one giant lake surrounded by land. It didn’t take long before they saw land in the distance. When the yacht was less than 1 mile out, it was accidentally beached on an unmarked shallow sandbar. The survivors got out and swam the rest of the way onto the main shore where they were greeted by more of the dead-eyed things that were once human. In the midst of panic and pursuit, most of the group that made landfall was split up. Luckily for Garrett and Taryn, they were able to stay together during the chaos and find somewhere to hide until they could figure out what was going on.