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  1. Raptor


    Lol just dropped in to say:


    I'm drunk

    1. stargirl


      youre always day drinking on saturday lmao thats why ilu tho


    2. Hardwired


      Hello there sunshine! 

    3. Lucas


      same 🙂 


  2. Raptor


    Consider this an unofficial goodbye:

    Got a really cool temporary duty with the SEALs so I'm going to have to skirt for now to focus on that, but I might see ya'll around in the future 🙂 

    Also I might be dropping by Australia or Spain for training so any of ya'll in the area hmu on snapchat: dvapex

    ❤️ ya'll. It's been real.

    1. Spartan


      GL man

    2. Whitename


      like i said. check in. ill worry

    3. Dark Knight

      Dark Knight

      Good luck Raptor!

    4. lukaszxe


      Gl man and take care! Also what whitename said check in!

  3. Raptor


    Hmu if ya'll play Fortnite


    1. Zero


      The ten year old squeaker squad called and they want their game back.

    2. Raptor



    3. Hardwired


      sure dude 🙂

    4. Hardwired


      itzleventg I added you 😉 

  4. Raptor


    God Bless the Triangulum Emission Garren Nebula

  5. Raptor

    God Bless Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  6. Raptor

    God Bless The United States Of America

    America is the greatest country in the world, get over yourselves
  7. Raptor


    Wow I did not see that cameo coming in Solo

  8. Raptor



  9. Raptor

    State of Decay 2 Thread

    I'm personally really liking it. Multiplayer has been really glitchy lately so I recommend playing with 1 or 2 friends at a time and not a full 4.
  10. Raptor

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Loved the fistfight between me and @G19RP at Severo a few months back Laid me out AND provided good RP, thank you Anarchy very cool!
  11. Raptor

    A Guide to a Good Character Page. - Improved.

    Well well well, this guide is a welcome surprise from you Western I'll send all the new whitelisted people this link for sure
  12. Raptor


    Which shore should I get drunk on today: north, south, west or east?

    1. UncleB


      All of em, take a swig every time you reach a new shore.

    2. Raptor



      except finish a whole four loko at every shore

    3. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I want 

  13. Raptor

    State of Decay 2 Thread

    I just finished my 1st community with a Trader Leader. Lost about 5 people, mainly to jugs. But other than that I'm super stoked to see the other 3 story lines. I think I want to do either Warlord or Sheriff next idk
  14. Raptor

    Why should i come back to dayzrp

    Why should you NOT come back to DayZRP is the real question! This community has a bright future with the slow crawl of time to our inevitable .63 update, and every update after that if going to add more and more of the main mechanics of the game that we've been wanting from the start. I'd say it's worth it to stay and see what our amazing RPers can do with new horizons.
  15. Raptor

    I’m really new to the server.

    I mean it's not normal, but it's not as uncommon as you might think lol. Could've been a mis-ID if the dude was engaged in hostilities with another person before you ran up. Or it could've been a new player who doesn't understand the rules. Also this ^ Either way, I would try to find out from a GM who you shot you before you make a report and maybe talk it out with them. Your call amigo
  16. Raptor

    Zone Rentals for Groups

    -1 dawg. If you mean renting like with real money, it just seems like a way for more unnecessary reports to pop up and cause more drama. Also as some people said above, it will be almost impossible to enforce on an IC level.
  17. Raptor

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    Idk versatility and updated weaponry because you know the Corps has outdated shiz. I was surprised when it showed they'll have a fucking drone now tbh But what do I know I'm just a POG
  18. Raptor

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    I know but giving EVERY squad one of them, or half the squad M27s would've been doooope.
  19. Raptor

    Holyman on Skid Row

    Welcome back to the community amigo!
  20. Raptor

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    I was really looking forward to the replacement of the M249 because holy damn I have a love hate relationship with that weapon. Even though every Marine is going to have a fully automatic weapon now, a 240 or an M27 IAR would've been a dope choice for a SAW tbh
  21. Raptor

    i got memed

    At least you never died tripping on your way out of a shed after looting it. That moment still haunts me to this day because I always walk out of sheds now.
  22. Raptor

    Staff level system

    Mf I had Tier 1 support as my user tag for a bit before it was even brought to light like this
  23. Raptor

    Return after a long hiatus.

    Welcome back to the community amigo!
  24. Raptor

    I Have Returned!

    Welcome back man! Nice avatar btw
  25. Raptor

    Real life picture Thread