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  1. ;)

    I approve of this
  2. ;)

    So yeah I guess Im back by popular demand. Ugh, only God knows why you people even remotely like me. All I'm saying is, I better get a fucking statue. But nah jk I'll be glad to see yall after this very short month. I'm definitely not drunk while typing this.
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    1. Raptor


      Is that a wild Shadows?

    • Ender
    • Raptor

    Hey mother fucker! You're not allowed to leave. Get your ass back here.


    (Welcome back <3 <3 <3)

    1. Taryn




    • Ender
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    Hey. Can you like . . . . idk . . . . come back already? 

    1. Keira


      yea srsly wtf Raptor

    • Ender
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    Hey . . . Hey  raptor. Why don't you Stay gone . . . <3


    also this dude in TeamSpeak named reaper sounds just like you. He is also in the same military branch as you. Super cool right?

    1. Keira


      He aint the REAL raptor tho

  3. o7

    So due to recent events and endless personal issues IRL, Im going to be going on hiatus from the community. I dont know if Ill return tbh, I feel like Ive alienated most of the people I know cause of my own bullshit. Hopefully Ill see yall again under better circumstances.
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    1. Brayces


      Oh it broke, cool.

      Here it is again:


    2. Undead



      Raptors true ic form.

    3. Macbrine


      Its time to stop

  4. Carter Blades

    Carter Blades is a stock broker and model who was a party goer on the Riptide when it was beached off the coast of Chernarus. He is a romantic at heart, being called The Gentleman for his exception good looks and suave demeanor. Despite his profession, Carter is actually quite humble if not smug every once in a while and prefers actions to words when faced with conflict. WIP, full story coming soon.
  5. Raptor


    Where was this book all my life?

  6. OP wishes in reports

    Just dont report them if you want them to have a reduced punishment. You can't have your cake and eat it too my dude.
  7. No religious group ?

    Last time I check there were a few people also interested in doing religious groups. Definitely great and interesting ideas if done right.
  8. Raptor

    My characters sure do make an impact on this community O.o

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    4. Taryn


      Omg I'm dead. My first thought was "those bullets made an impact in your character."

  9. Raptor

    Everyday is America day.

    1. Puncture
    2. Lost

      Not even American but this is a great song.

    3. Raptor


      It gets me teary eyed every time I hear it.

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    Go crazy, friendo.