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  1. Finally got orders to Hawaii!!! Thanks Navy!

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    2. Raptor


      We don't throw the "BF" word around here lightly. I'm the opposite of a blue falcon haha

    3. Keira


      Just a joke! Get ready to be called a HOLLA in Hawaii

    4. Raptor


      Well I'm half Filipino so I should blend in fine. :D

  2. "She's the apple of my eye" :x


  3. *Garret walks away from camp, taking his radio from his belt and setting it to a broadcast frequency. He presses down the PTT and speaks into it as he walks* "Austin Maverick, my name is Garret. I hope you hear this because you're a hard man to find." *He pauses a moment.* "Let's talk." *He releases the PTT and clips the radio back onto his belt.*
  4. Who's seeing the new Alien movie?

    1. Phoenix


      I want to so bad.

  5. Another sleepless night thinking about her...



    1. Keira


      Awww I'm here. You can go to sleep now.

    2. Raptor


      You right, thanks :D

  6. I just noticed the new graphics, nice work!
  7. Thanks for the shoutout Phoenix!
  8. When you like a girl so much, you start to lose interest in all the other things you used to do...:(

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    2. Boston


      Women are complicated, some more than others, and it's a shame that it's like that. A definite answer would be comforting in most situations. Give her time, man. Like my good friend @Autumn says, no doesn't mean never. ;)

    3. Raptor


      Thanks my dude

    4. Boston
    • Phoenix
    • Raptor

    Digging your profile music.

    1. Raptor


      Thanks, G-Eazy is life.

  9. Disturbing but very well written. Can't wait to see more!
  10. I love hide and seek simulator
  11. Good luck my dude and enjoy your stay!
  12. Graduating A-School this week on Friday everyone!

  13. *Garret picks up his radio, hearing the broadcasts and presses down the PTT to respond.* "Hey buddy, you're doing great work out there. I've been away from God too long and I'm tryna get back. *There is a brief pause.* "It's harder than I thought." *The transmission ends*
  14. Good 'ol Lincoln. Reminds Garret of his little brother.