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  1. A small map with a nice little lore update would certainly be a nice change of pace
  2. That marks the third death to lag/bugs in two days. Im schlumped 😴

  3. I enjoy long walks up dumb mountains
  4. Two days back on the server and dead to a bug smh what is this game

    1. DrMax


      DayZ. It never changes. 

    2. Raptor


      You right

  5. To over throw......



    1. Raptor


      Tread on these nuts

  6. E-clout

    1. Brayces


      Come back to RP, Reptur

    2. Raptor


      I am lol, also nice LM tag. Humble flex 😳

    3. Brayces


      🙏 here to make lore mah dude

      AND GOOD ❤️

    4. Raptor



  7. Born to a white mother and a Japanese father, Casey grew up in the small town of Spring Falls, Montana in the United States where he drifted from odd job to odd job after high school. He eventually became interested in underground boxing when a friend of his introduced him to a local fight club held in a barn every Saturday night, earning decent cuts from his fights to supplement his low income. When he wasn't working, he was training and eventually made enough money to move out of his sleepy hometown to the big city: San Diego, California. Casey's passion for fighting dwindled to a part-time hobby when he studied for a a vocational degree in welding, keeping to his studies and becoming an underwater welding technician. He wasn't sure what else to do with his life seeing as college wasn't for him and traveling to different areas for work seemed appealing, so Casey started his first contract under a company tasked with the installation and support of underwater military infrastructure in a country called Chernarus. Travel, hazard pay, and a six figure salary... Casey Sheida's future was certainly looking up. That was until the infection hit the country by force, and his life; everything he knew was turned upside down...
  8. I always find it best to just learn a few phrases and words in Czech if you're playing a character who understand the language. But I always RP *Speaks in Chernorussian* before typing out a sentence to keep it wavy.
  9. +1 I feel like civilian gear should at least be more prevalent than military stuff. Been saying it for a minute now.
  10. image.png.2bf7953f0cfed06d5cf3c2a35afc64f7.png

    1. Phoenix



    2. Raptor



  11. Deer Isle actually looks dummy lit tbh
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