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  1. @AramRP had a great time travelling with you you crazy fellow, best RP i've had in a while and was just talking while travelling.
  2. I know i've said it before but I really miss the Kabanino days, that hub lasted a while cause there were a few Merc groups that took contracts to guard it the problem as always was hostile groups camping the hub waiting for people to leave then immediately initiating on them causing people to not want to go to the hub anymore. I also hate how narrow minded most peoples view of a bad guy is. Theres no grey they just attack everyone they see because they are "bad" I honestly miss the clown group as well. They really knew how to play villains.
  3. Katar


    Lol i've definitely forgotten to hit reload after firing a bolt action a few times.
  4. So you're the guy that boosted my Gunter
  5. IGN: Darren deNeaux Country: Canada English skills: Excellant DayZ Mod Experience: 787 hours(Arma 3) DayZ Standalone Experience: 728 hours Roleplaying Experience: played on Dayzrp on and off, played loads of DnD since i was 13 What kind of In Game role best describes you: Support Have you been in any clan/group previously: None Additional notes: Best way to contact you: On here or Discord Backstory: Originally a Chef and Pilot for the Canadian Armed Forces was on loan to the UN when his cargo plane was shot down over Electro Character is mostly afraid of human contact after being accosted by bandits on a few occasions, spends travel time going through back woods trails rather then taking the roads. Attempts to help when he sees people in need. Offers supplies or travel advice to people in need on the rare occasions when he is forced to communicate with others.
  6. IGN: Captain Ryuhei Kurotaka Age: 29 Country: Japan Language: English DayZ Mod XP: N/A DayZ Standalone XP: 587 Hours Roleplaying XP: Roleplayed in several different games been on DayZ RP for around a year now and have participated in several On Server interactions with other players. Haven't been on the server in a while so i have no info about current groups In Game Role: I normally fill a support role, providing covering fire in pvp situations carrying medical supplies and food, or driving vehicles (as long as its not one of the large ones eg. truck and bus i crash those things a lot) Former Group: I've mostly run with smaller teams of players as sort of a Merc for the most part i don't think i've ever been involved with any full groups Additional Note: I'm not an expert in any area by all means but i can do most things well Contact Info: Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, or Steam Backstory: Character was a Captain and pilot in the Helicopter Relief unit of the United Nations Relief Forces see my character page for any additional info
  7. He admitted they were strongarming our people is that not enough? As far as i can tell they're just using strongarming as a loophole so if anyone shoots them they can attempt to get them banned as far as i'm concerned strongarming is just another form of banditry.
  8. using numbers to intimidate a person into donating is no different then just straight out robbing them and thats what happened here.
  9. Pretty much what happened is our captive friends offered them food and water when they said no don't need they offered ammo and they said that wouldn't be enough. thats pretty much strongarming.
  10. Ryuhei Kurotaka POV: A group of us approached Zelenogorsk from Myshkino to meet up with our friend Barney, Barney said that he was talking to a guy near a piano house next to a blue V3S so we approached to make sure he wasn't being held up another of our allies split off from us to talk with the guy thats when like 5 or 6 more guys appeared and began asking for donations. Barney and Jake(can't remember the character name i just joined this group) offered them food and ammo they stated that that would not be enough and was strongarming them into giving up their weapons so Alex went around the building we were listening from and opened fire on them while i gave him supporting fire to keep the enemies heads down. before opening fire we told our men to go prone which they did but barney got hit due to dysync from what he told us. from there things got chaotic so i ducked into a house where i gave "Jake" a saline bag as he was injured slightly and i didn't know what happened to the enemies except from what was said over radio.
  11. My account was banned for attempting to help a friend find the answers to the questions for whitelist. (Ban Reason: Circumventing Whitelist Ban will be lifted: Never) Link to the source of punishment (report/post): A report wasn't opened i was just instantly banned as i was accused of making multiple accounts originally I spoke to several moderators in the Teamspeak including the original accuser of making a second account i brought my friend in whom i was helping to prove that we were in fact 2 different people. The admins present acknowledged that we were 2 different people informed me they would report on this. They then told me that the other reason i was banned was because they had previously had issues with people filling out account info for other people to circumvent the whitelist. (this i did not do as my previous information states i only pointed out where the answer to the question was and had him read it till he found it) Why the verdict is not fair: Though i do agree that filling out someone elses account for them is wrong and should not be done as it would affect other players gameplay if someone doesn't know the rules. i don't think its altogether fair that i should be banned for only pointing him in the right direction. When he had failed a bunch of times by 1 answer and was considering altogether giving up Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I may have been wrong on just taking the initiative and helping him out myself instead of sending him to talk to the mods for help, i just assumed it would be a waste of time to bother the mods with something i could easily help him with myself when they have a HUGE amount of other issues to deal with on a daily basis. (I'd also like to request if my reasoning isn't good enough for the admins to remove the ban to put into the punishments section a notation about not helping out others with their accounts as it may result in a permanent ban so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.) What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have me and my friends account unbanned so i can continue playing on this amazing server and show my friend how worth it, it was to go through the hassle of signing up for it. What could you have done better?: I could have contacted a community helper/moderator and asked them what my best course of action would be to help my friend while not putting my own account at risk.
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