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  1. *Sean takes a moment from jogging through the snow to lean back against a tree and pull out his radio to reply to the chatter he's been idly listening to for the last while. Taking a breath he presses the PTT and lets it out just as he begins talking.* "This is Lieutenant Hawken, United States Navy, Special Boat Team 20 out of well.. Who knows if Virginia is still even around. Anyway, sergeant there are forces in South Zagoria who are less than friendly to U.S. citizens, and even less so to the military, I recommend you abstain from broadcasting your location on an open frequency whenever you can help it. Remember your training, use common sense, and always keep on the alert. I recommend moving from Pogorevka as soon as possible and carefully moving eastward." *He released the PTT and tucked his radio back into his vest bringing his hands together in an attempt to warm them before tucking them back into his gloves and heading onward on his travels.*
  2. *Sean takes a moment to lean against a support beam of the building he's in and presses the PTT button on his radio* "So many people hell bent on ending the life of a man who may just have a flu. I've spoken recently with a doc who claims on his life that the virus is spread via blood and potentially saliva. Don't get bit, don't drink the dead's blood, wash your wounds with alcohol if you can find it. If someone really is infected give them enough morphine to OD and go out peacefully if you have to, but make sure it's the infection. Fever, shakes, exhaustion, they might just have the flu, food poisoning, or any other sort of problem. Treat with liberal use of Antibotics, vitamin supplements and plenty of fluids. *Taking a moment to pull away from the radio and take in a drag of his cigarette he left the PTT and gave a small sigh as he exhaled.* "This is a message to all survivors on this frequency, don't fear the sick and don't condemn them to death. Only fools and evil men claim life to be so easily forfeited when so many of our people, the human people, are already ravenous walking corpses. This is Sean Hawken... signing off." *And with that he releases the PTT and tucks his radio back into his vest within easy reach and goes on his way.*
  3. Thank you for looking into it anyway and please feel free to close the report at you soonest convenience.
  4. Server and location: S1 Northwest of Zelenogorsk, SW of Myshkino at the foot of the dam. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-12-15 ~3:30ish Your in game name: Sean Hawken Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I had just gotten on the server to try out the new 1.0 update, spawned outside of Zelenogorsk and went through it, gathered the bare minimum of gear and passed by the military camp. On the way out of town I started to grow thirsty so I made a move towards the damn and the hunting camp that I'd been staying at IC for a little while in attempts of gathering my bearings and figuring out what to do after the wipe. As I was drinking at the foot of the dam I was rolled up on by an armed individual who told me to put my hands on my head, I complied and tried to speak and realized I had a bug and was unable to talk. I said as much OOC and looked quickly for a fix asking a friend who had a similar issue. By the time I had figured out how to fix it in attempt of having decent rp with the man holding a shotgun to my head he said count to two hundred or some odd or his buddy in the trees would shoot me and then ran off with all of my gear save for my canteen, knife, radio and some spare attachments I had grabbed in Zeleno. I waited an appropriate amount of time as asked before standing up figuring they'd have just left by then and as I stood up I was shot by a rifle while unarmed, naked and with my hands in the air. So in conclusion it just seemed like quick gear play and no attempts were made to potentially have an engaging encounter even if I had to type in order to reply as it seemed they just wanted my supplies and ran.
  5. Skarin_Ragnarok

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    A solid +1 for me, though honestly simply increasing durability or removing the ruined state would probably be a better work around. Perhaps even allowing to repair from the ruined state but it requiring more uses from a sewing kit/duct tape would be a better solution, that way you're still using materials that you have to scavenge for in the world but you're able to maintain your preferred appearance. a small aside: Bullets really shouldn't ruin clothes out right, they're making a nice small hole right through them 89% of the time.
  6. Good writing man, I can't wait to see you catalog our little journeys! It's going to be a hell of a good time.
  7. A few ideas I've thought of over the last few days. Reskinning the press vest to remove the press logo, or a darker blue/black design with police or swat in place of the press logo. Adding in a recolored/textured version of the CUU uniform in ACU, ABU, OCP and NWU type 3. Just generally expanding from US marine camo to have stuff for the other branches. Possibly doing the same with Russian/Chernarussian uniforms for their different military branches.
  8. Skarin_Ragnarok

    Missing Persons [Katie Storm]

    Sean pulls away from a group and presses the ptt on his radio, distant conversation can just barely be made out through the interference as an american voice comes through. "I've been listening in on this freq for a while and well... I'm unsure how useful any information I have may be but I ran into Katie late last night during very unfortunate circumstances." The voice is interrupted by someone shouting out about one thing or another involving duct tape and the radio cuts out for several moments before Sean is able to push the ptt again. "Right as I was saying late last night I ran into Katie at the north western air base, around the two story military housing buildings there. This was before she put out her breaking news report. I hope my kind deed gave her a fighting chance after The Unknown put her in such a terrible situation. Anyway I digress, I wish I was able to offer more but all the information I have was that late yesterday I and some less than scrupulous colleagues of mine ran into her at the North West airbase. I wish you all the best of luck in locating her and making sure she is okay, if there is anything I can do please let me know... Yeah yeah I'm com-" Once more voices in the background come through over the radio and in the middle of Sean's reply to said voices he removes his finger from the PTT and ends his broadcast.
  9. Sean was born in Alaska into a simple country home. As a young man Sean was always fond of the outdoors hiking, snowboarding, and hunting with his father and adopted brother Joel. Growing up in Alaska helped harden Sean for the outdoors having learned how to survive off the land from his father he is an excellent shot with a rifle and is fairly decent shape. During the later years in his life after college Sean joined the united states navy under a special operations contract. During basic training in one of the few 800 divisions he learned the basics of survival, combat, and naval military operations. After leaving basic he attempted to join the SEALs and go through the BUDS program of training, unfortunately he was unable to match the intense qualifications needed to be a SEAL. Taking the disappointment of his failings in stride the young sailor re-specialized into SWCC. This time finishing his training with soaring colors Sean served as an enlisted sailor for the first four years of his military career before transferring to OCS and putting the degree he earned while serving to use in retraining once more to become an officer. After OCS Sean once more went through BUDS this time with four years of service under his belt he was able to pass through with flying colors and take his place as a SEAL, with his prior experience with SWCC he was placed as a combat craft team leader for SWCC. It was during his fifth combat mission as a team leader that he, along with many a US and NATO forces, was sent into Chernarus to provide aid and enforce control over the area. Sean's particular mission along with his crew was to guard marine and naval vessels moving to and from the fleet and patrol the coastlines of Chernarus. Towards the end of the NATO forces stay in Chernarus before the lines broke and the forces were pulled back as far as possible Sean and his team were tasked with escorting a team of SEALs north of the port town of Svetlojarsk, his boat and team were tasked with holding the bay of the small fishing village of Berezhki while the SEALs moved inland. They were to hold for forty eight hours and wait for the team to return to be escorted out of country and back to the fleet. That time came and went with no radio contact from the team sent inland and Sean ordered his crew to hold for a while longer, their boat docked at the small enclosed harbor. During a daily walk inland for a patrol his corpsman and a member of his crew was ambushed by a small group of nationalist soldiers or perhaps Russian forces disguised as such. As the rest of his team responded to the attack the noise of unsupressed gunfire called out to the dead, a horde of them crawling northward from Svetlojarsk and making it's way towards the combat. Sean's team lost it's corpman and one sailor in the ambush and once the horde reached them it didn't take long for the dead to overwhelm most of them leaving Sean and their radio operator Jeremy Higgens to pilot their boat away from shore. Half way out to sea Higgens started to show signs of infection, fever, sweats, hazy eyes and upon inspection Sean found a bite on the inside of his friend's left arm. Not willing to bring the infected man back to the fleet and the thought of killing him to heavy a notion Sean steered their boat back to shore and set it to cruise before diving off and making the swim to South Zagoria Now after having lost his team to the rigors of battle, zombies, and hell knows what else over this country Sean is on his own. The events after the fall of Chenarus and civilization as a whole have left their mark on Sean, he often finds himself pushing as hard as he can to try and survive setting bigger goals every time he achieves anything he can. Without this constant forward momentum he finds himself getting lost in his thoughts and falling into a state of depression that he has trouble getting out of without something to help drive him once more. Currently his greatest goal is to contact home and in particular his fiance Mercy Johnson, a navy nurse who stole his heart back when he was still an enlisted sailor, a never ending search for some way of radioing the nearest naval station or the carrier fleet that he was attached to when the shit in the fan. Whether he achieves his goals or not, that has yet to be seen.
  10. Skarin_Ragnarok

    Hunting/Fishing classes and looking for other survivors (Open Frequency)

    *Sean grabs his radio and presses down on the PTT button as he looks up through the trees.* "Hey there Mr. Weston, My name is Sean Hawken I'm a hunter much like yourself and I have a friendly warning for you and everyone else on this frequency, Kabanino is not safe that place is a wretched hive of villainous murders and thieves. If you're looking for a safer town I'm recommend Gorka, or perhaps some place smaller like Guglovo or Vshynoye." *He releases the PTT button and slides his radio back into his vest pouch as he sits up from where he was lying in the woods*
  11. *Sean picks up his radio and presses the transmit button upon hearing the frantic man on the other side of the line* "Hey there man, My name is Sean I need you to calm down a little. Humanity isn't lost but it is dying slowly. Don't misunderstand me humans are still well and good but humanity is being lost day by day in this hellhole of a world. If you're looking for people and are craving interaction with another living person I heard over the radio that there is a bed and breakfast in Tulga that is being reopened, Take a deep breath and check your map it's to the south east almost on the ocean." *He takes a moment to breath and the voice of his brother can be heard in the background faintly, after a moment or so he returns to the radio* "Now listen it may not be safe there, but it's the only place I know of right now that has any hope of being a haven. It might not last long hell it might already be gone but it's a shot man... If you're still struggling just remember people are out there, they're alive, and they are not always as kind as I am so be on your guard." *Just as he's about to shut off the radio his brother can be heard in the background once more this time a fair bit louder telling him that they should be moving and with that he shuts the radio off and continues on his way.*
  12. *Sean hearing the voices of the radio reached down for his own picking it up and pressing the PTT button* "This is Lieutenant Sean Hawken of the United States Navy. If you are able to avoid coming to shore I would recommend it just as the old man did. This country is no longer safe. The infected are not our only enemies and the evil people of this world seem to far out number the kind and helpful. If you do have to come to shore here find yourselves a means of protection and stay together it's your best hope for survival.... This world is no longer meant for the sane and the kind and they are dying off at an alarming rate." *He releases the PTT button on his radio and turns back to continue his travels along side his brother.*
  13. Skarin_Ragnarok

    Joseph Divone's Food Service [Open Frequency]

    *Sean smiles as he hears the radio broadcast and he grabs his radio pressing the PTT button down as he begins to speak* "Hey there friend, Name's Sean it's nice hearing about a safe place with plenty of food but is there any guaranty of security? I'm not saying you're a bad man who ever you are but it's just... This world isn't how is used to be." *The radio cuts off just as abruptly as it started as Sean looks up at the star filled sky and smirking.* Maybe this will be a good thing... or it'll just die like the rest... *he shook his head and stood up dusting off his pants and continuing on his way.*
  14. PoV Sean Hawken I did do all of this, I personally felt it was within my rights, as for the one second I'm lagging thing I agree I probably should have said something once it stopped instead of just instantly hopping back into the roleplay and I feel fairly bad in hindsight for that. As for the whole not caring about my life thing I had three armed men around me that didn't seem to want to have a peaceful talk and all and called me a P.O.W. I figured I could probably get out of it alive and just walk away with the grenade and pin it once I was safe, it was a calculated risk. I did not know that I was sliding nor did I know that none of them saw me pull out the grenade and unpin it. I'm sorry if I may have misunderstood the value for life rule but I figured it was a fairly reasonable exchange with no major harm and fit within my view of roleplay. If I do deserve to be banned for this engagement I am fine and will sit out my punishment but I did not intend to break any of the rules with this.
  15. *Grabs the radio off my brothers pack and presses the PTT button* "Heh, A safe place to trade, that sounds nice. You fellas still open for business?" *There is a slight sound of people talking before the voice returns.* "And my brother's wondering if you've got any fishing nets on hand." *The radio communication cuts out just as quickly as it started*
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