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  1. Lyev Byokov was born 1990 in Zelenograd in to an average middle class Russian family. His childhood was very normal. He went to school in Zelenograd and studied a lot. While in elementary school he got interested in cooking and started cooking meals for his family now and then. Later on he went and did study to become a chef. He wanted to start his own restaurant but naturally he had to work in one first. He got a job from one of the local restaurants and started working there. It did go really well he loved his job a lot. But he didn't manage to work there for long as it was a tradition in his family for men join the military no matter what. He joined the military forces which made his family very proud. Like his father who was a higher ranking officer and very nationalistic used to say. "No man is a real man if he hasn't done service to the country, its people and leaders. That is an honor!" The upbringing of Lyev had given him the same kind of a mindset as his father has and he was glad to serve in the military. He did not rank up high but landed a job from the military after his training. He became a head chef of one of the brigades that was closer to the border of . That gave him a lot of responsibility but he did still hope to be able to make his father and his family even more proud by trying to apply for various trainings to be able to climb up the ranks. He did not have the time to do that since something did start to happen near the border...
  2. Kuljukka

    It’s been a blast

    o7, come back, alright? (Also, remember socks.)
  3. Kuljukka

    The Casey white case!!

    *Leo picks up his radio after hearing the broadcast and holds down the PTT* "This then means that I don't have to deal with this shit. Right? Good. Good luck." "I think we still need to have a.. talk.. about some things." *Releases the PTT and static noise returns*
  4. Kuljukka

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Anoymouse @Gallo @MasterDovakiin @Mr. Blue @TehZombyBeard Thanks for the ÖRPS. Love, The Pagan's MC @fletcho1 You're ok too you know.
  5. Kuljukka

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Finn <3 @Mademoiselle!! Thanks again for fun RP. @kimmylou @Zombru(Did I tag the right guy?) Thanks for letting me and the Pagoons trash some of the radio station with @Steckand @Marcoooz
  6. Kuljukka

    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

    What parts need some work?
  7. Kuljukka

    Back in the old days, when HostileRP was good.

    Tbh, It's still up to you if you want to PK or not, even if they ask. Also I prefer them asking me because if I give them the rights I could receive longer and possibly diverse hostile RP situations if they don't (hopefully and I also hope people would get more creative and do more interesting things if they're able to PK) PK/execute me immediately. Also I haven't found people asking me to PK being annoying or a problem because I can always respond with //no permission given, or something. I understand why It doesn't feel right if people ask for PK rights when it's your first interaction with them but I myself haven't seen it happen often. (One reason might be because I was away for a long time, but still, before I needed to take a break I rarely saw anything like that.) If you have a longish hostile past with a certain person/group I find it understandable why they would ask for PK rights. Also I find getting robbed for gear fun if they provide good RP and a reason within that RP as why they need my gear even if the interaction is quick/short because in my eyes they have a good reason to do so then.
  8. Kuljukka

    Back in the old days, when HostileRP was good.

    I totally agree with you @Finn. I do miss the fear of getting initiated on everywhere I go. It really felt more realistic and the fact that you had fear while RP:ing made things more fun/immersive for myself. I still do understand why the limitations were made but the way things used to be were better. This is also coming from a mostly non-hostile RP:er
  9. Kuljukka

    Brothers.. I'm here! [Open Freq.]

    *Leo's surprised when he hears Joe answer and he jumps up from the bench he's sitting on and presses the PTT* "Holy fuck! You're there! So Gunnar and Sammy are fucking missing as well?! Any idea where they might be?" "I'll meet you at the club house if it's still the same place we agreed months ago?" *Leo releases the PTT, picks up his backpack and grabs the weed bag he placed on top of the counter and leaves the house*
  10. Kuljukka


    *Leo yells and starts violently throwing furniture in a house he's in* *Grabs his axe and attempts smash a wooden table in half* *He grabs his radio and presses the PTT* *You can hear the anger in his voice* "Girlfriend huh?! Right.." *His tone of voice turns from angry to serious and monotone* "Whoever did this we need to talk.. *Yells* alright?!" *Releases the PTT* *He rips his axe off of the table before turning towards another man saying* "Let's go."
  11. Kuljukka

    To Leo

    *Leaning against a tree Leo lights his joint while listening Allen speak* "Vittu, Saatana!" *He lets out a long sigh and Presses the PTT* "..Ok.." *Releases the PTT and throws his radio to the ground* "Hey guys! We have work to do!"
  12. Kuljukka

    Brothers.. I'm here! [Open Freq.]

    *Leo finishes with his earlier radio message and adjusts his jacket and sets his rifle against the wall* *Covers his mouth with a piece of cloth to try to hide his identity and presses the PTT* "Brothers.. I'm here, I am coming to find you. You know who I am. Sorry that it took a while to make contact. You still have spare patches for me? My other jacket got ripped by wolves." "Please do let me know where the fuck you are. Alright? I'm not dead, I'm coming.. Tat." *Leo releases the PTT and drops the piece of cloth and grabs his face mask and puts it on*
  13. Kuljukka

    Polly.. [Open Freq.]

    *The man would lean against the wall and turn on his radio* *He sighs and presses the PTT.* "Polly.. you know who's speaking. I did leave. But not for the reason I was going to. I need to think about it still. He told me not to go and I decided not to." "I'm going down south, I won't be long I'm going to get more medicine. Alright? You know how I feel. I'm not leaving you behind, you know that." *Releseases the PTT and static noise returns.*
  14. Kuljukka

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @kimmylou @TheTrueHawk @Allen Storm @Elijah Johnson , Anarchy and all others, Was great accidentally getting mixed in to everything.
  15. Kuljukka

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Jean @Niccokick Big thanks for making my comeback day fun!