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"VACation 100 days done."

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  1. o7 (I'm an idiot)

    Yeah. I'll try to enjoy it somehow. You can now use me as a bad/good example. I'll wear the ban like a jacket of shame like it is.
  2. o7 (I'm an idiot)

    I know.. I'm a dummy..
  3. o7 (I'm an idiot)

    Allright... unfortunately it's my time to say goodbye to this wonderful community. I've had so much fun playing here and I've met the most awesome people. I have to say that this has been the best community I've played in. And it would've not been as fun without all of you. So, why am I leaving? there's quite many reasons but here's a few. 1. I've done goofed (Went ahead and edited Tower United's files because I'm curious and stupid. Result: Ended up being VAC banned for cheating (Found a exploit in the games files.)) Yep, I'm an complete idiot. 2/10 for that. 2. I'm applying for a school to become an engineer in computer stuff mainly going to study Game Technology/Program Technology and implementing them in to real life. I have to study to get in to the school. 3. Me and my beautiful girlfriend have been planing to have a quite a long holiday (2 months?) somewhere. (We still have to figure out where we are going go. Australia perhaps?) Well now that we're over the shocking fact that I got VAC:ed I'll get to the people. @Lyca - You are the first person I met in game and I can't believe that after a 1 week of playing in this community I ended up being a clown with you. You guys taught me so much. I learned how to act in game so that people would not think that I'm a complete white name. And oh boy I was a complete white name. I enjoyed playing in the Clowns and in Kindred with you, @Sylvester Todd, @Boston, @Finn, @Kunkka and all the other clowns and Kindreders that I'm not going to add here because the list would be so long. Now @Steck, @Kyle_Jones, @jamieV_, @Marcoooz, @Jonas Gj and god damn @FrostyCat. o7 I loved playing in The Pagans and loved RP:ing with you. I had so much fun and I'd say it was one of the greatest adventures in this community. Especially the story of Vasiliy and the time when we got the settlement running. One thing that should be learned is that you must be careful with the lab and learn how to use it. AND DO NOT ENTER THE LAB WITH OUT DALLAS' PERMISSION! It exploded too many times. (Frosty.. seems like your donation is not going to happen since I'm going to be gone.) Love you Paegoons. o7 <3 @Oyface and @BillyR - We had the best story. Ever. Nothing else to add. Too bad it ended so quickly. One of the best RP I've ever had. o7 <3 @Chewy, @HEARTLSS21 - I loved every little interaction we had and I was so happy to RP with you. Every day I hopped on ts to see if you guys are on because I wanted to hang with you. I enjoyed your company that much. o7 <3 (HEARTL, Never ever let Rehctub die. I love the character.) (Cait too.) If I forgot someone, I'm so sorry. Got lots to do and write. I will miss you, HUUUUUUUUUUUUU... Now.. I'm leaving you can catch me on steam if needed or in my twitch channel (Same name) I'll hang around ts sometimes. Keep the community up and running until I come back. Okay? "I can't believe you cannot RP, You tried to rob me and when I RP ran away you killed me which is against the rules!" - You know who you are! Miss you!
  4. Finn is Back

    Finn <3 I've missed you.
  5. im out.

    Yeah. We have to play! Have a good one. o7
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      @Bunny: "Can you draw a smiling dolphin."

      Kuljukka: "Yeah, Let me get my photoshop."

      Result: ^^

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  9. Kuljukka's Media Thread

    Yeah, I've got one of them Gopnik suits too but don't know where it is.
  10. Kuljukka's Media Thread

    When you RP your slavic character(Couldn't find my tracksuit):
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    "Take a right."

    *Takes left*

    "I know what I'm doing" - Chawy 2K17

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      *U-Turns in trees at 70mph*


  11. Sam Bauer's Story (Season 4)

    10/10 once again! There's the famous teddy! I'm honored to have met the teddy IC 10/10
  12. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    o7 Boys!, o7