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  1. You can't hide from me, Kuljukka.

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      Not the best at hide and seek.

  2. --------Pre Outbreak-------- Before the outbreak Affe lived in a fairly small city called Kokkola and used to work as a train conductor for the Finnish national train service. He had everything going for him, a small apartment in the middle of town, a fancy seaside summer cottage in the gulf of Bothnia area. Life was pretty good in fact. His favorite hobbies were hiking, skiing and fishing, which he would regularly do with his friends, every summer they had traveled to the Finnish Lapland for a week to hike and fish, and well... drink. So was his life. Before all of the chaos Affe and couple of his friends decided to look for a foreign country to go to and have a two week long hiking trip in the surrounding ares. They settled on the area of Chernarus and after months of planning they packed their packs, booked their tickets and left for a relaxing vacation in the wilds. The vacation turned out to be a grave mistake as the group was not able to leave Chernarus at all as some kind of flu was spreading and foreigners and others alike were put under a quarantine. --------Post Outbreak-------- [Filled with in game events etc.]
  3. @kimmylou @Marcoooz @SillyGoose Good shit.
  4. Thanks for the awesome night @Marcoooz @kimmylou @SillyGoose @BryceTg20
  5. The guy who scared the shit out of three people south of Myshkino tents. We all literally jumped. Don't know who you are but thanks for them scares.
  6. Brothers.. @SillyGoose @Merkant @ChaosDoggo
  7. Dog


    *Leo, sitting next to Joe would also grab hold of the radio* "Uh.. Yeah you all disappeared again and I feel like you guys might be overreacting a bit." "Listen, I don't know what you all argued about but we're not in a good shape." "Loads of us died, and now we're scattered. Is that what this club is about?" "Don't fucking give up." *He would let go of the radio and return to cooking his chicken*
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  10. I see you there.

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      Yes, almost alive.

  11. DayZRP feeling is strong, Right @OskuRP?

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      Legendaarista. ?

  12. o7, come back, alright? (Also, remember socks.)
  13. *Leo picks up his radio after hearing the broadcast and holds down the PTT* "This then means that I don't have to deal with this shit. Right? Good. Good luck." "I think we still need to have a.. talk.. about some things." *Releases the PTT and static noise returns*
  14. @Anoymouse @Gallo @MasterDovakiin @Mr. Blue @TehZombyBeard Thanks for the ÖRPS. Love, The Pagan's MC @fletcho1 You're ok too you know.
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