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  1. Bring back my banned homies and we can talk lmao.
  2. This is fucking beautiful I miss Jerry so bad
  3. there better be people throwing candy in the crowd
  4. I think it would be a cool addition, maybe not necessary, but something that could be added to the item shop for those who want it if it isn't craftable. Plus I'm always a sucker for some new melee weapons.
  5. Gugardo was born in a small village in Russia, he learned the art of war very quickly. After learning about new prospects in Nyheim he traveled there in attempt to make money and fight. He arrived there and fought ever since, he met up with his brother Kiril Sirkov who was in a bandit group. They made a lot of money working for the worst of the worst, never having a second thought to kill or rob. Their lives flourished until the day they met D Squad, vowing to fight them they returned to take out the men who they fought against before.
  6. Gotta have that flora and fauna
  7. Mexico was practically a wasteland before the apocalypse, but since then it is nothing more than a cartel ran warzone. If you were born in the country you were born into the cartel life, that is the story of Leo Padilla. He earned his stripes working as a foot-soldier for the Sureños working under the cartels. Constantly fighting with smaller cliques and trafficking drugs across the boarders. He was very content with his life, some could say he loved his work, he never found any problems with the cartels even when his orders were too grim for most. The cartels used him as they seen fit. Leo never missed his drop when moving any drugs, he was one of the better smugglers out there until he had one job moving a boatload of meth to Rosenborg. The smugglers traveled for that felt like a eternity until a massive storm hit when they were close to their destination. The smugglers were caught out of their element and utterly unprepared. They struggled to even hold on as the mountainous waves collide with the ship, Leo trying his best to hold on screamed out for everyone to brace themselves as a monstrous wave flipped the entire ship. Caught in the open ocean Leo did everything he could not to be kept under the water, each wave feeling like a freight train when they met his body. Luckily the cargo hold broke open and there were kilos of meth floating everywhere, he grabbed two of them trying to use them as flotation devices even though they seemed to not work at all. The waves kept twisting him around until he lost sight of the smuggler's ship, they kept pushing him till he felt hard rocks smash against his back and as he looked back he didnt know at the time that the rocks was the start of the shore in his new home of Nyheim.
  8. I have not played this beautiful game in well over a year and a half, should I come back? My fondest memories being a toxic rp'er came from this decrepit community. Not a day goes by i dont think of my experiences here, and i miss it. I may be drunk but dayzrp is part of me and is something I always crave. If i do i plan to start up a small group similar to the IRA. Please give your input and tell me to kill myself ? much love.
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