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  1. Usually when you see groups like this a lot of people think “oh yay another dog brain pvp group” or “they just go and start things to get frags” This is something completely different, I personally have yet to find you guys just rolling up somewhere and looking for trouble, all the conflicts I’ve heard about have been from things you didn’t even start. (Yes there are some things but it’s mostly defensive or it’s apart of your goals) that’s not to say you guys are like hero or something As the community likes to label neutral groups as noncombatants I think this group is an actual neutral group at least in my perspective I have yet to see them run into berizino or some other town and just go in guns blazing and holding people up they actually take their time and talk. This group is a perfect example of how situations don’t always have to end in gunfights and fragcomps. I wish these guys the best of luck and I hope they stay around for a while this is a quality group that shouldn’t have their name tarnished like the others(hostile groups) PS: it was a joy to play red right hand with y’all
  2. Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1742/ Link to character twitter: https://twitter.com/RaePeyton1
  3. you could try walking away, People roleplay differently in this community and alot of people don't have to like every style of roleplay. If that small of a detail upsets you and breaks your immersion then ask OOC to stop, OR just walk away. I personally dont understand how it ruins it. This is a video game remember that, everything cant be perfect
  4. So a lot of people do this for a couple reasons. One- People don't want to get robbed based on their gun. Yes it happens and that's why (including myself) put guns in our backpacks. Two- It's a quicker draw. And it saves people's (characters lives) there is no reason to be passive aggressive here, people have their own points of views on many things. This subject you posted will have many varying opinions and replies. I would suggest you get ready to read through a lot of different replies and respect it. But to answer your reply i do think it does add some benefits, It may not seem but if you think about all the times it has saved people's lives and brought high tensions to certain situations, you'll agree with part of my reply
  5. Rae Peyton loves taking photographs,Though its hard to communicate with people due to her suffering from Aphasia. She took a plane to South Zagoria to visit a locally known ski resort to take photographs. She was excited to finally take photographs since the new year, opened up the country once more.She got settled around the 25th of March. She lived on by selling photographs online and doing wedding photography.. Fast forward to the riots of May, she didn't feel safe at all. She tries to stay as close to the government officials as possible but it sadly falls through. It is now June and all hope seems to fade away, people are scattered and scared. The government still exists and and its falling fast. She hopes she can make it home somehow to reunite with her family, and thats her goal.
  6. God


    mfw a new whitelist appears, welcome to dayzrp
  7. God

    Rae's Adventures

    Rae is in Chernarus
  8. Pov- Everyone is hanging around at soup, chilling relaxing all cool. Someone decides to jump into the tree and a lot of us started to follow Since i'm familiar with the soup tree i decided to get higher than everyone and just chill. I look down to see @OxeNrun up to the tree with an axe and start chopping, That's a big no no for us in soup because 1. people can die from it 2. It blocks off half of soup and it just looks retarded honestly, we used to have problems with people cutting it down in the past and we used to punch them and such to get them to stop (as seen in the video) i'm not sure why it was thought to be a good idea to chop it down. Especially with 3 people on it I yell down with my prerecorded message saying "Stop wait" he starts to yell "Timber!" so i run down and try to punch him out of the animation but i guess on everyone else's screen i had my gun out and tried to "kill him" An initiation is dropped by oxen and someone else joins in. Sassy and a couple other guys just chill and kind of watch the situation, I'm restrained to be disarmed by sassy . After some apologizing oxen says oh well if your going to kill me do it. he drops his gun in front of me and says to kill him. I decline since i don't want to get gassed by him and the only other person who initiated. (the guy in the black balaclava in the video a 4:54 ) I'm let go and told to not do it again and so forth, (basically given a warning)
  9. Yeah basically what @Banshee said.. like Rae is a cannibal, I’ve eaten someone’s face off in front of people but think just think I’m like badass for it or I’m just crazy. You can get away with a lot of stuff as long as you don’t act like your “typical cannibal” like I have a “family” now and I pick and choose who I eat
  10. God

    Rae's Adventures

    Had a interesting time in the help desk with Eddie explaining and screen sharing this moment, thanks for the video @kalyri thank you @Eddie for the wonderful kick message @JamesRP, @FaeRP, and many more thanks for looking at this
  11. God

    Clash of titans

    Well I won I’m my heart
  12. I would love to see the rifle hostler but im not sure about the others
  13. @Eddie @ASMRRP @Havikar @Krullix @FaeRP don’t pretend you all didn’t see god yesterday
  14. Pov- I was chilling about to start my wedding and i see the car tent is open, and some spicy men tried to say it was their car. It was a lie, I tell them no by saying my recording "No". It fails sadly so i give up and start heading towards king's ridge. I turn around to see a gunfight break out and 3 people end up laying dead af on the floor, @SassyRP then runs around the cabin i'm next to and drop's the compound initiation after the 3 people died. . I comply and sit down next to the campfire. During the course of our campfire rp we do basic questions and they demand more stuff later because they weren't given "charity". After the questioning they take the wedding car and dip-set. Pov- End
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