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  1. God


    The sea of green with music
  2. God

    Cooldown on traveling between maps

    @neom Sorry if i worded that wrong or just read this wrong but that's all i was replying to, That's just how i personally see the issue being solved. sorry for any confusions
  3. God

    Cooldown on traveling between maps

    @neom lets save accusations for pm's , imo gear is gear and i honestly couldn't care less about a base being raided. i was just using @Ryan Shepherd as an example because he used "Smashing wellies" in one of the reports when he described when we were walking lol, Like i said it's all just suggestions and no need to start something from a wellie joke
  4. God

    Cooldown on traveling between maps

    i'm not instantly talking after the death then all they would have to do is wait the 30 min, no? i'm using it as a example / template so people can understand and see that others may or could possibly run away from a RP situation
  5. God

    Cooldown on traveling between maps

    @Roland I think the reason why we all want this to happen or atleast give an idea to it is set to three points which i've found recurring in peoples replies to this thread People believe Groups/Characters should stay to their oriented map which they focused their main goals on. Now im not saying forever and they can never switch but it would be nice to see it set like that. It's weird seeing a chernarus group in Livonia after a "helicopter trip" from Chernarus. It over 3000 miles away Now a lot of people are talking about a cooldown time similar to the one we use for let's say the items we can spawn it. I for one agree on this, @Hofer and @AndreyQ had a great suggestion of 24 hours. Now for three you say I don't think I would use "abuse"? i'm not really sure how to describe what i'm about to say but im gonna try it anyways. Now let's say My character Kirby ran into lets say @Ryan Shepherd and i called his smashing wellies shit or something, a gunfight breaks out and i win, Now if i don't want to face repercussions of that and (i'm gonna use heavy quotations on this) "End RP" I could just switch over to Chernarus. I think if we don't put at least some sort of a timer/cooldown people will begin to run away because their current situation isn't going the way they wanted or start hostilities with a group and never come back. I just believe people will abuse the "Fast travel" we are all currently capable of.- Now i'm sure there are more ideas i can think of but just not at the time. But if anyone would like to list any possible "Unsportsmanlike" RP situations from what i said in 3 feedback would be much obliged.
  6. God

    Nostalgic Group Videos Thread

    Glad to see this thread bringing back memories happy feels boys and girls lol
  7. God

    Nostalgic Group Videos Thread

    yeah the raid on moons base a while back, the death race we had on the nothern highway.. old times
  8. God

    Nostalgic Group Videos Thread

    @Mellstrom i feel that pain omg that video
  9. God

    Nostalgic Group Videos Thread

    This Thread is to remember old groups and nostalgic videos Let's all catch the feels together and remember the old times
  10. God

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    so i forgot what happened with the first lore wipe i was apart of. My character doesn't die right? just gets a fresh start? what if we just lock characters to a server? I do agree with the loot change, and zombie change.. it would be nice to be hanging out then boom you see zombies for the "first time" if i read that right?
  11. God

    NVFL S2 NW Polana

    u said exactly here So you radio'd your approved group member that you were getting robbed by me in the future are you, yourself a mind reader? this is false. Only time we said you were going to die is when your approved group failed to rescue you. You topped your death off with the blatant shit talking. We are not arguing the legitimacy of my friends nor my execution we both agreed to it so it would spice up roleplay. if the game masters what to go back to when i came back into the server about 1-2 weeks ago and look at my chat logs we both agree. this is what happens when RP unfolds and you "execute" someone..they get revenge... Now for us knowing about yall execution on me. one of your own spilt the whole story for us in RP. see this stream at this time stamp i posted 04:07:57 until 04:14:00- I see you also failed to comment when you unmuted your mic at 0.11 seconds in your video.. care to reply on that why was it so important?
  12. God

    NVFL S2 NW Polana

    how did you know this exactly if you were under the world / handcuffed and when your hands where up? when did you warn your friends? How did you say this if you were falling threw the earth? since when i pulled up you were stopped and "lagging". do you have any video evidence of this? cause i was close enough to hear you talk but didn't hear anything.
  13. God

    NVFL S2 NW Polana

    Hey just got a bit to reply with here but here in the rules it says, and i'll highlight where it shows "excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage" so your death was valid both videos show the point im making 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. Now for the execution rights we have a whole list of instances your group has had hostilities with us. explained here. - If treaty doesn't go through they will hit and run us - They tried assassinating Kirby - They cold blooded killed a friend of Kirby's which was Gio, telling the guy to look him in the face to kill him - Contracted by Potias to kill Kirby - Moretti is pretending he knows nothing - Gio killed for basic fun - Mikey knows full on about the assassination attempt and was there Now i'm going to leave @HDragon to explain this further as he has better knowledge of the situation and more history with your group.
  14. God

    NVFL S2 NW Polana

    Pov- @Ryan Shepherd and @HDragon initiated on @Skeeterbolt and @HECTIK32sadly then ended up driving off. I was thankfully in front of them but they swerved around me. Then they stopped up the road because @Skeeterbolt was lagging. i dropped my initiation and roleplayed with them until he fixed his problem and until @HDragon got there, where he took action on the situation. We were about to move the two but then i was shot in the back of the head.
  15. God

    Rutkiy's Edits

    this is probably the funniest video ive seen this year
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