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  1. This post is going to derail into people summing up big groups=bad I remember when potius had like 60 members and everyone cried. But the thing is half the people in the roster weren’t active, you might see 30 people in a group but not everyone is active at the same time. Get my point? look I understand the Zerg mentality, to counter this you may ask?
  2. Honestly i wish i could do shit like this. yall are talented as hell! keep up the great work
  3. same with Rae. Added a text to speech and boom. Plus (forgot the forum name but @UniiLR knows) was doing something similar on Livonia
  4. Overall I would like to see the fuck around and find out rule implemented, Give us an option or let it set for a week to see how it goes. Fuck it
  5. ehhh don't know about that cause then what if someone leaves the group and is just chased? Like i love the idea it's just good on paper i think
  6. Yes to an extend. Like let's use me for an example. Dossers attacked a Spero and blew up a gate, after spero attacked the bar. But what if i was not present during the attack? Would it fall under normal execution rights? or would they still just be able to PK? I voted no and to explain. I'm somewhat liking the idea but i feel like it will be rushed to, get my point? like hey after a week imma pk you. Now to what @neom said, basically I just repeated him lol. I feel like this should be an optional rule for the time being, Like when making a character they can select it. We had this
  7. This is not a full time job blisna you have to remember that. And yeah let's just clap our hands together and poof more people. C'mon staff gets busy with stuff. People want this and that and expect it to either happen instantly or have everyone agree with them. Not saying you are any of these people, I am just saying staff have lives and families, They did not sign a contract or anything to stay here and put X amount of hours a week. but onto the original topic what stops that person from making the same character just have a different name? I mean many people go around doing it a
  8. Well we were more less forced down towards dubbrovka or however you spell it. We rushed off since obviously if we went back into berezino they would have just kicked us out again, I had a bucket with some beans inside and I think a pair for brass knuckles and a wallet. I went to help desk where I met with @Griffinand @Jade. Started up a stream to show my situation where when I got to the closest town I was on red health, and blinking temp, nothing I could do, couldn’t start a fire or anything. And to answer a future question no I could not spawn anything in at the time. Lucky enough @Geek act
  9. Sad to say it already does exist and it already happens.. but moving on I’d wish there was like livers and shit if that makes sense like actual body parts. That way if someone says “oh that’s an arm” there is a literal arm... Catch my drift? Or like a small steak if someone instead of giving it that vanilla look, like a fillet or just a small piece of meat boiled or fried
  10. That is like you're opinion man. Maybe try not to let people go off in the dead of winter half naked, I understand it can ruin the moment but I was already asked and agreed to stay a hostage for Dum Spero and was planning on logging off since I work in about 30 minutes. I was not planning on to get stripped naked. Regardless thank you for the compliments on my RP and I hope our RP can improve together in the future. I would like to point out I was caught with human meat on me. Not eating it, I can still clear my name here or I should be able to. but I was push further and further in
  11. As a cannibal character... fuck yes please
  12. Server and location:S1 Berezino Hospital "school" Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): like maybe around 3:40 3:50 Your in game name: Rae Peyton Names of allies involved: West Peyton - @Geek Name of suspect/s: @Silverhand and co: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So after some okay Hostage RP from Spero we were transferred over to @Silverhand and some UN guys on the way out of the hospital. I get scarred on my arm for being one and so for
  13. Alright well this got off topic quite quickly..
  14. No... i would murder them on the spot. Now going back to the original topic. This is kinda how Rae is honestly i mean other than the TTS lol What i am basically getting at is Would this community like to see a group of cannibals? As an official Group but done differently in a way.
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