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  1. God

    s1-KOS-Barn near neaf- Server time (UTC): 2019-06-22, 20:41

    I was talking with @JamesRP, he said you would be willing to drop the report @Zman44 is that true?
  2. God

    S1: KOS Near Krasnotav - 06/22/2019 20:30

  3. God

    S1: KOS Near Krasnotav - 06/22/2019 20:30

    @Wyatt Peavy Just to clarify I also initiated on my side of the compound seen right before and as @FruitPunchG died in his video and @ImDongleit is also in my POV Can I ask you what side of the barn you were during the firefight? I don’t want this to be a back and forth I just wish to understand on what all went down during the time that lead up to your death? Thanks for time reading and if you guys need anything else from me I’ll be on in about 2 1/2 hours since I’m typing this on my phone and I’m at work.
  4. God

    S1: KOS Near Krasnotav - 06/22/2019 20:30

    Kirby Hammer Pov- I was running with the boys around Krasnotav, we know its the liquidators so we say our famous code word "apples" sometime passes and a initiation is dropped on the other side of the compound. Then @FruitPunchG puts his hands up *acting like a random to the situation" and i run around to initiate on our side of the compound and i drop my initiation and keep it going for a reasonable amount of time for the two people to comply then the person in then back aims his gun at me and i rightfully kill him even after killing @FruitPunchG i still give him time to comply seen in @ImDongle 's video evidence and @FruitPunchG . After i kill him i start dodging bullets from the liquidators we take 2 hostages in the long white barn were we continue to take shots from the liquidators. I killed 2 more and the gunfight ends to my knowledge.
  5. God

    s1-KOS-Barn near neaf- Server time (UTC): 2019-06-22, 20:41

    Kirby Hammer Pov- This is all during a firefight or very little time after the firefight which is apart of this report here.I went to reload my mags by the corner of the barn near the door you died at. I heard footsteps come my way and pulled out my gun. I didn't hear you speak at all and thought you were apart of a gunfight. You can check logs from the time of the last death and i sadly dont have my pov recorded but i do have dongles pov of the entire situation. Can i also ask how you did not hear the gunfight that occurred minutes prior before your death? I added some bit of ms paint to add to my pov. Bodies location and positions. Blue = Dead bodies Red = You Green= Me
  6. God

    To those impersonating us.

    *Kirby presses the PTT laughing* "Hey nice to see so many people joining in on our beef, who got killed by this sledgehammer you speak of? And im kind of sad that yall pussied out, could of added some numbers to my body count" *Kirby releases the PTT*
  7. God

    Komarovo Ghosting/Griefing

    @Onyx I’m not entirely sure but sometime yesterday I think. If you check logs for my name I went unconscious by the barb wire so check then? Sorry I wish I could be more accurate
  8. God

    Komarovo Ghosting/Griefing

    Kirby Hammer- Pov @Chrona and i buddy boosted in though a small crack to get inside, I then broke down the lower front wall from the inside (logs will show that no ghosting occured)
  9. God

    S1 KOS, Bad RP 6/17/2019 Aprox 4:30am EST

    Kirby Hammer- Pov I was in the elektro with the boys and i hear that a car almost wiped them all out while driving past them. The car then drove off east and @FruitPunchGgave chase, he then gave up and started heading back west towards the elektro. The car in question came back again and almost hit @FruitPunchG,on his way back. We then set up around the barriers were they would have to slow down and have the perfect time for them to comply yet they floored in to get away and try to squeeze past us. I gave them a just amount of time to stop and started to fire towards the fleeing car that just tried to run over my boys. I would also like point out that @TiredTurtle47 just blatantly copied and pasted from @DillionD report on us which was already solved because he was just removed from the community.
  10. God

    Final Warning Removal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/0b2ee1bcd2b568ce207e1123e875e0d9 Why the verdict is not fair: I still personally don't think it was blackmail, you can see in the discord chat of the verdict im trying to talk to him about closing the report, i wasn't trying to force him into anything. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have done my 3 months of final, stayed active on game, and in the forums throughout my months on final. I even tried some new group idea (didnt work out) met up with new and even old friends. I have had many fun rp adventures throughout my 3 months. Hanged out with Potius Cras once more, helped build camp Eden. Now i am running around doing contract work with the old freeman group plus some more. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: final warning removed What could you have done better?: Communicate better and make sure to triple ID suspects and hostages .
  11. God

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    hell yeah buddy
  12. 23 imma guess
  • God

    S1- Invalid Kill- Possible AOGM

    Please keep this location secret because i do not want people raiding their base/meta-gaming locations thank you! Server and location: Server 1- undisclosed location Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): I'm not sure sometime yesterday mid afternoon (logs will know) Your in game name: Kirby Hammer Names of allies involved: @twig Name of suspect/s: @GoatFyourself Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I arrive by the a while before with some dude name yuri, he said there was a trader here and hes been wanting to come so we take a trip from kab all the way down to it . Once we get to the town we get separated and i log for a bit to do some irl stuff, I come back and meet with my buddy @twig and we find the base and look around for a gate, and there was none to be found. I also want to put in i feel like they took down the "fences" to just make them walls so no one could enter without a buddy boost (which we did). Once inside i look around a bit calling for people. no one answered and i realize i'm stuck inside after double checking that there was no gates or anything i resort to breaking a lower half of a wall to crawl out and that was it. I try one wall but i don't see the actual concrete wall there so i cant crawl under. So i try a different wall checking before hand to make sure i get leave through that side. Once i finish the wall @GoatFyourselfcomes out of his building. I also want to point out in the video @1:34, he proceeds to make the "Fence" into a gate and you can hear it behind @twig talking. He then sees me, asks what i'm doing i immediately put my hands up knowing i'm going to get a gun pointed at me. He then asks how i got in here i reply and he proceeds to shoot me in the face after me explaining i got stuck inside and told him sorry about the wall even offering to help fix it.
  • God

    DayZ Update Thread

    "Chemlights and the Handheld Transceiver can now be attached to most backpack stripes" sweet now all we need is a camera and more quality to life mods. cant wait
  • God

    What's the funniest RP experience you've had.

    This moment that just happened last night... best idea ever
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