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  1. For the Forum Clout this was my plan on the kidnapping And it was amazing rp'ing with you
  2. God


    Fastest Approve in the west
  3. God

    Rae's Adventures

    i have actually decreased it the most i can. I usually try to reply ahead of time but thank you for the feedback! And i hope to run into you again
  4. God


    Take me off the roster as I said before I didn't want to be put on. Also my boot leave moved to an earlier date so I'm not really gonna be on much to be active, maybe 2 times a week if I'm lucky. Thank you though
  5. God

    Valning Map

    We see this type of post (not singling you out or anything) like 2-3 times a month. People offer new maps, we switch. Then people get bored of zed map in about 2-3 weeks. Either its to cold, its too small. Or its just unfinished, now don't get me wrong maps are cool and stuff but its just going to be a repeat of every time we have done a map cycle. At least in my opinion
  6. time to half a bottle of vodka again
  7. @Oryx Great time traveling with you today from vybor to the bar.. I couldnt stop laughing the whole trip, Hopefully you'll find out what other colors i am
  8. I mean realistically if I punched the shit outa someone’s face (if I punched wrong that is) bye bye my knuckles. But overtime they would split and start to bruise/bleed
  9. hmmmm I just got killed as a complying hostage.. No clue what happened ?
  10. Let me just let some dude obviously give out information, It's the same as running into a firefight lol. It's cool it was a win for us in that firefight
  11. Be aware! Hovering above a firefight at less than 70m high will make those kills legitimate! None the less amazing flying ?
  12. @GaryCash Please no... lol Only approved prefabs please AND NO OIL RIGS! Yes there are pros but the cons will outweigh the pros
  13. #MakeKabGreatAgain! I miss the French Foreign legion and the clowns ;c
  14. Gary... i love you, but no. If people want to build things make a rp and get a soup kitchen v2 Not sure why this wasnt edited in my last post, but eh screw it. There are many great things base building can add yes, But i do not want to have to deal with constant server crashes because a group building a 2-3 high wall in gorka and just chillin in it all day, Then they all leave or something and boom! useless stuff.. Its just to much hassle for a profit rn @GaryCash but i would like to see it back one day
  15. This mostly if not at least 80% have been tried, No matter if base building comes back people still horde stuff, or still make AOGM placements I've seen atleast a small building in a apartment have at least 5 gun cabinets full, Now if its a set rp with 1 wall high made my staff i wouldnt mind that. I think if someone wants a RP do what they did in Livonia with soup kitchen. No much no more
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