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  1. I survived. After the outbreak my girlfriend and I ran from the city. She doesn't know much and can barely load a gun. I grew up in the country and I can handle a rifle just fine. She hasn't fired one except at bottles a few nights ago. The progress is slow, but she is getting it. I have been though the cities for supplies a few times and have seen some survivors. Its horrible. I have seen some deaths before, gunshot, bite, and even clubbed to death, but these men are psychotic. They poured cleaner down his throat. I wanted to help, but he was gone. I pulled up the rifle and squeezed a few rounds. I dropped the two of them and left before more could follow. I got back to my SO before nightfall. She asked why there were gunshots and I told her it was nothing, just some walkers. I hate that I have to do that, but the less psychos out there the better chance we will see another day. I reminded her that there are some good people out there, but to never trust anyone except me. I fear that something will happen to me and someone else finds her. God, the things I've seen done with rotten kiwis..... ugh. We travel alone usually. I have only found one other survivor who wasn't crazy. He helped me show her a few things. He was a good man, too bad the ladder broke under him. Maybe one day we will meet more friends, but for now, we trust no one.
  2. ShelbyBrown

    The Savages [Real Ones Only]

    looking good !
  3. *you hear a Indian man rambling on about his shop* "This is Shelby Brown,I hear you loud and clear Mr Baja, what time do you open and close?" *it cuts to static as the man stops talking*
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