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  1. SketchParker

    Just lost everything...

    Sorry my friend, DayZ. We've lost 3 base projects so far that I'm aware of. Each time after a server crash or a server reset. Base building just isn't permanent right now.
  2. I'm thinking this would be more appropriate (and effective) if I rewrote this as a guide to rping pharmaceuticals and complications involved with them in the DayZ environment. That way people can choose to RP this stuff if they want. Will do when I get home.
  3. The point is less about "expired meds are breaking my immersion" and more along the lines of trying to offer other ways of thinking about something relatively overlooked in DayZ. Hospital grade antibiotics are kept in HVAC storage (especially liquid antibiotics). Since that's not available, it's very likely people will run into expired drugs as well as drug misuse due to misunderstanding or negligence. This could increase the RP potential for people, both medically inclined and otherwise. We're reaching the point where meds are expired (if not already), I'm seeing this as an opportunity rather than something immersion breaking.
  4. Might also be a great RP thing... A lot of people won't know this and can be getting really sick off of meds.
  5. Okay, so let's go through the realism of having certain meds available IG. I'm going to specifically focus on Antibiotics. Antibiotics such as Tetracycline have a shelf life of a year or so. Many drugs are okay past the shelf life even by years, (FDA usually does worst case scenario when assigning expy, acetomenaphin can be safely taken 3-4 years after expy, aspirin is safe as long as it doesn't smell like vinegar... etc...) antibiotics are one of those that absolutely are not able to be used past shelf life. They degrade and lose effectiveness, which they are dosed exactly to a point to kill infections over a course. If they lose effectiveness, the infection won't only not be killed, but will be more resistant to treatment. Let's say this is day 450 of infection. Most antibiotics probably already were out for awhile before the event. So, maybe they were out for 180 days before the event in Chernarus. So now we're well over a year past expy. We can't compensate by taking MORE, because if you take too high of a dose it causes other complications. You'll wipe out your resident gut bacteria and develop a Clostrodium Difficile infection and die of toxic megacolon. We aren't specific on how badly the rest of the world is faring, maybe plenty of pharmaceutical companies are still pumping out drugs, but where in RP do we consider "Jeez, all the drugs in Chernarus might be past expy?"
  6. So hard I went to high school where they required grad projects
  7. Community Service. Does that count?
  8. Yup, we got zombies for..... DayZ! *guffaw guffaw*
  9. My favorite thanksgiving dish is making promises to people, breaking those promises then giving them blankets infected with smallpox.
  10. Yikes, clarification, @SyncFlow, I was talking about our main DayZ servers, didn't realize you were asking specifically about Mod
  11. We routinely have 80 people on S1 during peak hours, we actually have 2 servers, so anywhere from 50-100 people on at a time depending on when you join! Stable? Eh... Stable for DayZ if that answers your question ? Barely any zombies at all, eh? Well... You're in for a surprise.
  12. SketchParker


    Then I shall. There's been too much movement across the globe making internet Pay-To-Win. If this continues, the internet and all of its contents will be restricted to only those who can pay for it. Premium accounts for basic access to knowledge.
  13. SketchParker


    This is right up there with Net Neutrality, which ended up passing in the US anyway. I can't sign, I'm not EU. Someone who isn't signing, please sign for me.
  14. I don't think hypothermia mechanic is working right now. You get hypothermic but can't die from it. The problem I'm having is constantly being overburdened due to everything being friggin soaked.
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