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  1. Well me bones and Lakota were watching above the town because we had heard shots thinking it was just infected that were being fired at. Eventually we didn't see anyone else running around so we decided to head over to trade. As we begin to approach the compound multiple people emerge from the bushes "put your fucking hands up or die. All of us put up our hands and they take us to the compound. Once they had us against the wall they kept making raise one hand and both switching between the two. At this point it was really hard to tell who was talking as many people were talking and eventually bone got shot. We all pretty much sat there against the wall for awhile, they also shot a guy in the leg but I can't remember why. After awhile they left in a truck and what was left was set free.
  2. Thomas Monroe was a young and mischievous child. He was raised by his Uncle after his parents had passed away while he was still young, However he become much more dependent on himself. He matured quick for his age often picking up odd jobs for cash until his uncle offered him a proposal. They soon moved out of the country to Chernarus. Tommy slightly lifts his head back up his arms bound on a chair. A rugged figure steps forward quickly grabbing Tommy's hair and slamming his fist against Tommy's face. Tommy picks his head back up quickly looking back at his badly-beaten Uncle. The man sighs through his mask looking at one of his comrades. "shoot him he's too weak to sell." He motions to the Uncle. The man quickly nods, He takes out his sidearm from his holster. A loud bang is heard through the desolate house. Tommy cries out through the rag shoved in his mouth as his Uncle lumps forward dead. The man in the gas mask pulls Tommy's hair up once again. "But you should be fine." He mutters through his mask. The man then walks towards the window shouting. "Alright load him up and well take him back to the camp." Tommy stares at the corpse of his uncle whimpering to himself. The gas mask man turns back around towards Tommy bringing up his AK74. "Night night." he cocks his arms back slamming the butt of his gun into his head. Tommy awakens inside an old sedan crashed into an old roadblock gunfire and screaming erupting outside of the vehicle. Quickly he looks behind him from where the gunfire is coming from. A horde of skin-eaters sprinting towards the gunfire. Tommy quickly unlocks the car door and under the cover of darkness sprints into the forest the sound growing faint. Soaked in blood and bound this is where Tommy's story begins...
  3. Yeah, We talked it out and it was just a misunderstanding. Thanks! This Report can be closed now. Thanks for getting this figured out!
  4. Me and him talked it out on ts and he just had believed i was apart of the group he was shooting at.
  5. Server and location: S2 US: Topolniki Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:00 ish Your in game name: Allen West (after i spawned i switched it to Phillip Kindred) Names of allies involved: Aaron McTabish Name of suspect/s: i don't know. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Walked up at the front gates and asked "Anyone there?" and heard a snap and i died.
  6. There are some members that have gone Rogue and rob people claiming they are still part of the Spartan Order. There are people in our ranks who have gone rogue and try to ruin our reputation.
  7. Hello! I Hope you get accepted and if you do, Welcome to the community!
  8. *Krieger aiming a gun at Allen* On three we shoot..... One........Two..........Three! *Puts gun away and walks off laughing*
  9. I got it to work last night thank you guys, for some reason it said human verification failed but i got my password wrong. Like a said again thank anyone who help.
  10. I have been trying to log into steam from DayZRP and everytime it says Human Verification failed or something but i have it all right and my login is correct, anyone know a fix?
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