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  1. The Black Roses

    Likin the group thread, Good luck guys, hope u don't end up pissin off the socialist
  2. The Deal With It Attitude

    Honestly met these guys earlier that night and found their RP hilarious and a nice change, maybe their RP isn't the best, but it felt new and entertaining. Honesty yes it was abit trolly and may deserve a ban and some improvements, but perma?... Hell no
  3. Hype my guys, good to see u could make a group im sure Jack would have loved for us to join u, if he wasn't busy studying
  4. Fin.

    First Jack, now you enjoyed this past month or so with our boys n urs, was fun make sure u shoot any of those argentinian bastard if they try owt
  5. David Christine

    David lived his life peacefully in New York, studying media and politics throughout his education, being the editor of his school new paper and all round bookworm throughout school. Later in life after recieiving his degree David managed to gain a job within Fox News, his favourite news producer, meeting many of his idols and at first enjoying himself in his new job. This job eventually gained a hatred for him job because of his lack of importance within the company and all round irrelevancy, eventually after months the infection happened which caused his to go into a panic, however later he decided he would venture to Cherno in hopes to gain a story, it was only months after the infection after military control collapsed when he eventually gained access to the country
  6. Tyler O'Leary

    The O'Leary family have travelled around Chernarus for generations, this was a peaceful life where they did as they pleased and where they pleased. Throughout these generations although the family ventured across Europe they always kept in touch with their Irish heritage, never abandoning their culture no matter how many countries they visited. Tylers life was simple just like his family, he followed his da and ma, doing as he pleased with little to no discipline. This led to an usually sadistic side and throughout his youth he was seen to have a disturbing amount of fun beating his dog, when "disciplining" it, this was of little concern to his da as his family although loving were not very caring and often neglected him and his brothers. Tyler's simple life was however cut short when his family where stuck within Chernarus during the outbreak, unable to leave because of border shutdowns they were stuck within Chernarus, eventually making their way to south zagoria after a few months of surviving within the wasteland.
  7. Artyom Pretrov

    Artyom was born in novigrad, living a simple life, that was until the day that his father was murdered before his very eyes. Artyom's father was wanted for harbouring his brother, a known collaborator with the Chedaki, murdering his father was meant to remove the seed of the Chedaki from his home, leaving him to his mother the CDF believed they had seen the last Chedaki from that house. This was not the outcome of that brutal attack though, Artyom had found his fathers notes and began to study the ways of communism that his father had hidden for so long, no longer did he hold fear for the CDF, he know held hatred for them. Once Artyom was old enough he came into contact with his brother and joined the Chedaki forces, he joined a small Chedaki cell to fight the CDF and went on for some years fighter with his brother. After the death of his brother however during the defeat of the Chedaki forces Artyom went with other Chedaki forces into hiding within the green mountains, it was there he was recruited into the 85th Platoon, a platoon which would later adventure out into South Zagoria after the outbreak of a world destroying virus.
  8. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    Yh that's np @PCJames, we will play for around 2 hrs and then have to slip out
  9. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    If we are gonna be doin it at that time then we will not be able to attend it will conflict with an ingame event
  10. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    Yes, stags is right, will be much more interestin if we form natural teams, rather than historical ones
  11. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    Please don't make it conflict with the Kelsey brother's event I would prefer to attend both
  12. DayZRP Hearts of Iron 4 Game

    @PCJames me and @Jack Rees-Mountbatten would be down for a European game tomoz could you get back to us about time tho, so we can confirm if we are definitely available
  13. United Nations (And then they were gone...)

    A few of my favourite pictures from my adventures within UN, was great while it lasted guys
  14. Next time don't go flirting with any of us @Felix Corten sorry again for getting u shot cheers to @Lady In Blue and the other 2 gentleman for our unusual interaction while we waited for ling longs return great rp from everyone involved