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  1. Wyoming

    Well, lads, it was fun. o7 to everyone.

    Rise patriots! id say I'm gonna miss u, but isn't like ima stop chattin to you my guy, can't say I'll ever forgot our session of torturing with weed brownies and cocaine in Aegis, my first group after UN n I loved every min. sad to see u go, I'm glad we could be in the same group right up until the end (when most of us stopped playing/were banned) yet another proud boy gone, less n less reason to play each day
  2. Jesus Christ how can this thread have got taken off topic so much I agree that some characters are pretty edgy n some lack unque characteristics but that shouldn't matter, we live in a world where many people are very similar, if at least only from the outside, the point is the get to know the person and then they open up and you learn about there quirks n shit. I believe the hotspot point @Reaper brought up is more important than edgy characters who are insane. Groups who force others to change there hotspot with no "valid" reason I believe are honestly selfish and I believe that is a large issue, however it might be true it's a much more important issue when the Playerbase actually allows for a full server. if we are being petty n talking about what type of characters are the bane of our lives. I think we can all come together and agree that the true evil of dayzrp is CHILD ROLEPLAYERS, the player model, the roleplay style, everything just please, stop
  3. Wyoming

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    Shit my oil rig will have been wiped, I cry everytime
  4. This line pretty much sums it up, couldn't agree more the main issue is hostile RPs repetitive nature.
  5. I honestly agree with your statement of the server being boring, I haven't read your whole post but if the jist of it is that the server is boring then I agree. hostile RP has been eradicated almost fully, if you do get hostile RP it's from the same group over and over again, of which gets repetitive and boring. The same people make the same groups with different names but almost the exact same play style n mindset (sadly I suffer from this conundrum quite often myself). many of the people I would say made my time on this server interesting and I believe effected others on the sever have been banned, 90% of them, not due to their ingame actions, but due to their actions on the forums. The game was always dead, it was always killing the server, but bad decisions and a harsh forum punishment system has led to the already dying playerbase being slaughtered even more. This isn't just about my friends, as I have felt this backlash of my friends being banned, you don't feel like playing anymore, especially when they were banned due to forum actions. groups are archieving, peaceful groups come, get shit on, archive. Hostile groups come, get reported loads, go. I had seen that new paladin group appear, I was happy and it gave me hope, however they then archived. Another issue is the fact 'apparently' groups have been told that their settlements need to be moved to specific locations, yes they are not forced but the threat of being in pvp constantly forces them to, so they move, RP gets centralised and it goes stale. personally a big issue for me is there only being 1 hotspot, and for selfish individuals trying to force groups to not create rival hotspots, centralising RP doesn't work, even with a small player base we need to strive to have at least 2 hotspots which aren't attacked every hour of the day, because it makes the game more interesting. conclusion: -The game is boring, update may fix this -RP is stale and bland -1 settlement is a bad idea, 2 or more are required -anyone trying to force a settlement to move unless this group had been openly hostile is doing something stupid and irresponsible -reduced rules regarding shit posting, prioritise someone's RP over their forum activity (as it should be) This is my opinion and isn't to be taken as fact or fiction, it is just my perspective on the sever
  6. Oh shit, its nice to see a group with people I don't constantly see, will be cool to see some new people running this group. hope that me and da boiz run into u sometime, Goodluck
  7. Wyoming

    Rossiyskoye Natsional'noye Yedinstvo [RNU]

    Me likey Hyped to begin my journey as a Russian, betraying my previous pledge to the Cherno-Russian people.
  8. Throughout his life Artyom has felt out of place, he was born in a suburb just outside of Moscow, living in a moderately poor household with nothing special to make him stand from within a crowd. He had average grades and had only achieved a slightly higher than average physical fitness, living at home until his late teens and then moving into an army barracks to serve in the Russian military he has lived an ultimately unfulfilling life. This changed however after he had served his short term in the military, earning some decoration for his actions in the conflict within Ukraine he had injured his leg and was sent home to recover from his injuries. These injuries however affected him for a large time, he struggled to find work in his truck company that he was once employed by. Due to these struggles he began to cause trouble within his local community and began to hang around with some very questionable people. Landa began to hang around with some russian ethno-nationalists, almost neo nazi like individuals, men who you wouldnt want to be seen with by your mother. Due to this Landa begant to have these sort of dires and predudices himself, they began to "purge" their local communities of what they deemed as "undesirablse" they would harass others until they left their towns and moved into more rural areas to escape. He would go around his town hunting for jews and non ethnic-russians, even attacking some if they refused to leave what he classed as "his people's town" eventually gaining the nickname of Охотник еврейства. After a long time he gained recognisition from his local Russian Unity Party and was employed by them as security for local rallies, eventually after showing loyality and prowess he was allowed to enter their paramilitary force and after the outbreak deployed into chernarus to save the local Unity Party members within South Zagoria.
  9. Wyoming

    Svoboda Movement

    The warning to our group has been heard, tensions are high and members are annoyed. Many of our members have been banned for memes however until this situation I believe our input into the server ( ic) has been largely positive. The comments of hiding in the woods were made in jest (although with some real concern), our group will continue to RP and this situation will not deter us from our goals. I'll admit that situation was fucked, the initiation went wrong in many ways, however I remain steadfast in our reasoning behind the initiation and will not be giving any ground in that matter. Thanks to everyone providing feedback on IC actions, we will continue to work upon improving. now I'd like to request any further arguing be done elsewhere, it will not be "feedback" if u are going to moan about our ooc attitude, people have already voiced their concerns and if you agree with them, pm us. Or beans the previous comments regarding our "attitude" (as to not clutter the thread) 'long live svoboda, long live da memes'
  10. Wyoming

    Svoboda Movement

    A point both my own group and the others on this thread should listen to tbh.
  11. Wyoming

    Svoboda Movement

    I believe the main issue here is that some of our members now believe that if they make 1 wrong step they could cause not only their own ban, but the disbanding of our whole group.
  12. Wyoming

    Svoboda Movement

    -User has been Cautioned for this post-
  13. Wyoming

    Svoboda Movement

    Time to sit in the woods for 2 months, internal RP it is lads!
  14. Wyoming

    God Bless Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    Wonder if I'm allowed to make me a "God Bless the German Reich", seen as tho the USSR is fine In all Seriousiness these "God bless' threads have become the new meme threads tbh
  15. Wyoming

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth