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  1. Wyoming

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    If only we could have nice things, without people getting upset over the internet ?
  2. Wyoming

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Haven't played in months, but honestly after seeing this glorious group, I felt a patriot tear run down my cheek, tis amazing, I might even jump in game just to meet u absolute Toffs ??
  3. Wyoming

    201 Chernorusskiy Aviatsionnyy Shturmovoy Polk (CASh) [Recruitment Open]

    Oh shit, good to see u Boiz together again, I have high hopes @HenningRP @Centurion
  4. Honestly I like the look of this and like how your making the distinction between fascism and nazism. If your basing your ideology off a pre-existing one then it is relaistic to be pushed towards following it exactly, so I'd advise writing a small document of the main beliefs of your ideology and making it more of a sect of this pre-existing ideology. Like it's honestly nice to have a fascist who isn't going down the whole racist route, like every Tom, Dick and Harry appears to do nower days, try reading up on the British Union of Fascists if you need ideas for a more truly fascist ideology, rather than a bunch of edgy Nazi Boiz. goodluck and I hope to meet you ingame.
  5. Wyoming


    Thought that was #DestroyDickDecember
  6. Wyoming

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    As always, a sexy thread, for a not so sexy person ?
  7. Wyoming

    Bring back Hall of Shame

    The Hall of Chad is a great loss ?
  8. Wyoming

    Why don't you get in game?

    1. The game is and always was pretty shit n boring 2. Most of my friends are banned and the others won't play due to them being banned 3. Over restrictive rules 4. Lack of a player base 5.the remaining RP from people is stale and boring 6. Too many SJWs 7. The majority of the playerbase is ignored (regarding decisions and rules etc) 'rest can't be said without catching points, as other have said just remember - "The walls have ears"
  9. Wyoming

    What would you like to see in the server.

    My friends not being dead ? + old rules
  10. Jesus Christ how can this thread have got taken off topic so much I agree that some characters are pretty edgy n some lack unque characteristics but that shouldn't matter, we live in a world where many people are very similar, if at least only from the outside, the point is the get to know the person and then they open up and you learn about there quirks n shit. I believe the hotspot point @Reaper brought up is more important than edgy characters who are insane. Groups who force others to change there hotspot with no "valid" reason I believe are honestly selfish and I believe that is a large issue, however it might be true it's a much more important issue when the Playerbase actually allows for a full server. if we are being petty n talking about what type of characters are the bane of our lives. I think we can all come together and agree that the true evil of dayzrp is CHILD ROLEPLAYERS, the player model, the roleplay style, everything just please, stop ?
  11. Wyoming

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    Shit my oil rig will have been wiped, I cry everytime ?
  12. This line pretty much sums it up, couldn't agree more the main issue is hostile RPs repetitive nature.
  13. I honestly agree with your statement of the server being boring, I haven't read your whole post but if the jist of it is that the server is boring then I agree. hostile RP has been eradicated almost fully, if you do get hostile RP it's from the same group over and over again, of which gets repetitive and boring. The same people make the same groups with different names but almost the exact same play style n mindset (sadly I suffer from this conundrum quite often myself). many of the people I would say made my time on this server interesting and I believe effected others on the sever have been banned, 90% of them, not due to their ingame actions, but due to their actions on the forums. The game was always dead, it was always killing the server, but bad decisions and a harsh forum punishment system has led to the already dying playerbase being slaughtered even more. This isn't just about my friends, as I have felt this backlash of my friends being banned, you don't feel like playing anymore, especially when they were banned due to forum actions. groups are archieving, peaceful groups come, get shit on, archive. Hostile groups come, get reported loads, go. I had seen that new paladin group appear, I was happy and it gave me hope, however they then archived. Another issue is the fact 'apparently' groups have been told that their settlements need to be moved to specific locations, yes they are not forced but the threat of being in pvp constantly forces them to, so they move, RP gets centralised and it goes stale. personally a big issue for me is there only being 1 hotspot, and for selfish individuals trying to force groups to not create rival hotspots, centralising RP doesn't work, even with a small player base we need to strive to have at least 2 hotspots which aren't attacked every hour of the day, because it makes the game more interesting. conclusion: -The game is boring, update may fix this -RP is stale and bland -1 settlement is a bad idea, 2 or more are required -anyone trying to force a settlement to move unless this group had been openly hostile is doing something stupid and irresponsible -reduced rules regarding shit posting, prioritise someone's RP over their forum activity (as it should be) This is my opinion and isn't to be taken as fact or fiction, it is just my perspective on the sever
  14. Oh shit, its nice to see a group with people I don't constantly see, will be cool to see some new people running this group. hope that me and da boiz run into u sometime, Goodluck ??
  15. Wyoming

    Rossiyskoye Natsional'noye Yedinstvo [RNU]

    Me likey Hyped to begin my journey as a Russian, betraying my previous pledge to the Cherno-Russian people. ??
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