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  1. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

  2. The Man in the High Castle, by far the best program I've seen in a long time Red vs Blue is also great
  3. Mmmm maybe Yh, we will discuss in ts baby @Dakotaen
  4. It was for the memes, but I regretted it after 30 mins
  5. I only have an issue with not being able to kill ais early, that's only think that makes early game interestin for me all I've learnt from last game is not to be Ukraine
  6. I like the idea of another big match, however the war cap bit, specially the fact it also includes ais, puts me off tbh
  7. REPORT: Powergaming, Metagaming, Castle Winterfell, E7/S7

    always got toxic Starks in this community, ruleplay over roleplay I say, can we get a rule4 please
  8. Svoboda Brigada

    Love the thread, graphics are great, been talkin to sylva while he wrote the group, n always liked the idea. i just hope this group doesn't get plagued with constant PVP like most military/Paramilitary groups

    *Julius steps up from his step on his cabin entrance, places down his rifle and grabs the radio after hearing of the doctor's return* This is Washington, I don't know if you remember me Saviley, what the hell are you doing, I thought you had died *he sighs* Well anyway, you sound off your fuckin head, but its nice to here more agents of Aegis survived than just me and Monday *he turns off his radio and returns into his cabin to drink and smoke*
  10. The Society For Classical Preservation (Res Publica)

    Always a pleasure to be a part of a group with @Sylva @barto300 and @Lady In Blue was a pleasure to RP while part of this group, hopefully our RP will continue after the disappearance of res publica
  11. It's where all RP is distributed equally, but at a sub par standard, with the seized means of RP production. Also all stream produce is sent to Kenyan sex ring survivors, with minorites making all community decisions rather than that straight white male, rolle.
  12. To the people that live in the North.

    *Listens to the radio, intrigued by the announcement, he picks up his radio and begins to transmit his thoughts* "Oh my, seems like I was right to stay away from the riff raff of the north, its like England all over again" *He laughs, roles his eyes and starts again* "Good luck out there boys, I should hope that this war can end soon, more bloodshed isn't needed when you have flesh eating monsters walking around" *he sighs, placing down his radio, stopping his transmission and carries on walking towards Novy*
  13. Nice bit of roleplay walking to vybor and then hiding from rain, was nice to have a little chat ic @barto300 - Loving the new character @Nozzy1110 - Nice to hear about ur conflict between ur own ideals and your groups @colabear - Nice to have some company on the walk, great first impression man
  14. Karmínový Nocí [Recruitment Open]

    From UN to BDSM, oh how things have changed An......usual, but interesting group to say the least best of luck