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  1. NATO Contact Frequency 88.8Hz [UNSECURE]

    *A man quickly grabs his radio from the ground* Hello this is Corporal Emanuel, I was part of one of the border defence squads, I was originally part of the UNIFL but I was transferred from Israel to Cherno, my squad Vicotor-7 was completely wiped out apart from me and a private first class, I have no idea what to do sir, do we have any orders in particular, I was only just able to get my radio working *Emanuel sits back down turning off his radio and falling back to sleep*
  2. Emanuel Levi

    Will finish later(short summary) Originally in the IDF this soldier showed much potential and upon a UN inspection of his unit was offered a placement in the UN, #### decided that he would graciously accept the offer into the UNs ranks as he was tired of hatred between Israel and Palestine and he wished to get away from the madness. He was stationed with a small squadron onto the border of Chernarus He was new that something had gone on in this country to warrant such In intervention but he never believed the rumours until he encountered those monsters himself, out of his squad only him and a friend survived, as they had lost all contact with command and didn't have any idea what to do at that time, all they could do was try to contact other UN members and survive.
  3. Julius Kingsley

    Julius was a boy born of high class, coming into this world from the heavens is what he would describe his own entrance into this world. He lived a life of a spoilt rich kid, brought up in his family mansion in London, his dad a business man rich beyond his wildest dreams, this wealth trickling down to Julius all through his life. Eventually Julius was given an offer from his father, his father demanded that Julius give him a reason for him to inherit his fortune, to prove himself as a businessman and a son. Julius thought of only one thing, money how could he obtain it and how could he possibly prove to his father he deserved this fortune. So Julius decided to go to his dads new factory recently built in Cherno, a trip to one of his fathers factories would give him an insight into how to impress his father he thought. However Julius was never able to prove himself to his father as the infection struck before he was able to leave the country, stuck in a wasteland full of monsters he now had to fight for his life, only protected by his bodyguard which his father had sent to his aid within a UN relief force. "I do not live for what the world thinks of me, but for what I think of myself."