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  1. The Aegis Corporation

    Be inactive for next week or so while I'm in Mexico, look forward to more RP when I return
  2. The Aegis Corporation

    Amazing roleplay with @Sylva tonight, had a blast, to bad I was only guard
  3. Aegis Countermeasure Service [Secure Frequency]

    *picks up the radio* Affirmative sir, we will be there shorty over and out *he stands up placed the radio on his holster and grabs his ak*
  4. Aegis Countermeasure Service [Secure Frequency]

    *Julious would hear the voice and grab his radio is a panic* This is alpha platoon's Charlie assault squad leader, Code name Wyoming, reporting in, it's good to hear from you sir *he signs in relief to hear a friendly voice* my squad was hit pretty bad and currently I only have an operative named Monday with me, myself and this operative managed to escape however haven't had contact with any other Aegis forces until yourself. we are currently staying just outside of severograd, would you like us to proceed to the school building? *he places down his radio and explains the situation to Monday*
  5. Julius Kingsley

    REQUEST FOR OFFICIAL AEGIS PERSONNEL FILE DATE OF REQUEST : July 28th, 2017 NAME : -REDACTED- DATE OF BIRTH : -REDACTED- CODE-NAME : Wyoming ROLE/OCCUPATION : Aegis Defense Service BACKGROUND : -REDACTED- was born in -REDACTED-, He served within the British military for a few years until he was discharged because of an injury. After his recovery -REDACTED- worked within the field of politics until he was arrested for -REDACTED- this led to -REDACTED- arrest, until he was later recruited into the Aegis corporation, this recruiting allowed him to leave prison as long as he served his appropriate sentence time serving the Aegis corporation. -REDACTED- served in the A.C.S for a few years until he was sent into cherno where his squad was almost all wiped out. -REDACTED- was later found by reinforcements and promoted into the A.D.S. because of his efforts during the outbreak. MEDICAL RECORDS : -REDACTED- has a clean bill of health, however further psychological evaluation is required to determine if he is a stable asset to Aegis Corp. COMBAT EXPERIENCE : -REDACTED- had experience when he was serving within the British military, this has provided him with many skills a private soldier needs, -REDACTED- also has a lot of experience when dealing with the public from his political background.
  6. NATO Contact Frequency 88.8Hz [UNSECURE]

    *A man quickly grabs his radio from the ground* Hello this is Corporal Emanuel, I was part of one of the border defence squads, I was originally part of the UNIFL but I was transferred from Israel to Cherno, my squad Vicotor-7 was completely wiped out apart from me and a private first class, I have no idea what to do sir, do we have any orders in particular, I was only just able to get my radio working *Emanuel sits back down turning off his radio and falling back to sleep*
  7. Emanuel Levi

    Emanuel Levi was born and raised in Israel, born into a poor family his family were often hard up on cash and struggled to get by every week. He had average grades in school however was exceptionally good at physical fitness, often running to clear his mind in the early morning before his school started, after he finished his education he decided to go into army training from the age of 17, the bear minimum for a soldier within the IDF, he hoped to not only make enough money to keep his family fed but to also make his father proud by serving to defend Israel and all within it. Originally in the IDF this soldier showed much potential and upon a UN inspection of his unit was offered a placement in the UN, Emanuel decided that he would graciously accept the offer into the UNs ranks as he was tired of hatred between Israel and Palestine and he wished to get away from the madness. He was stationed with a small squadron onto the border of Chernarus He had known that something had gone on in this country to warrant such intervention but he never believed the rumours until he encountered those monsters himself, out of his squad only him and a friend survived, as they had lost all contact with command and didn't have any idea what to do at that time, all they could do was try to contact other UN members and survive, hopefully he and his friend could contact their command and carry on the mission he was originally intended to do. Update 1(78 days into infection): The UN's official mission was over the evacuation had happened and Levi was now trapped in this hell hole, he and Suzaku, his close friend, didn't make it to evacuation, they had been wounded defending an injured comrade back in camp and couldn't make it in time to evac. They had believed they were left alone, stranded and injured they camped within the woods, licking their wounds and contemplating what to do next. A week or so after the evac levi had found some of his old comrades he had believed left him, relieved he talked to them discussing the events that had happened while he was injured. He found out many of his friends had stayed and were now staying together, protecting each other and helping the weak, a group of once comrades now become a family. Although Levi was hesitant to leave Suzaku alone he decided he would hand around with the remnants of the UN until Suzaku was well enough to join him. Current state of Levi: After being injured from a burst of M4 rounds Levi was placed on medication from Elizabeth, pain killers the strongest they could find, in order to stop the pain from effecting Levi too harshly. However after the camp went down he was no longer able to get his supply of pain killers, he began to feel an iche to have more, even though he had gone over the time in which Elizabeth had explained he would require his pain killers he felt the need for them, a craving of sorts. Levi was now looking for pain killers where ever he could find them and taking them unnecessarily, could this mean his addicted, or is he just taking them out of anxiety of the pain of his wounds returning, we will have to find out.
  8. Vanguard Disease Control [VDC] [Active]

    Won't be on for 1 week after Tomoz PlZ update me on anything important that has happened when I get back
  9. User was warned for this post.
  10. Are you trying to tell us you had kos rights on everyone on kab that was flashbanged by u
  11. Either way you are saying you are allowed to throw a explosive in the middle of 10 people just because you see 1 person u have kos rights on, why would u use 1 person as a excuse to throw flash bangs st the whole of kab.
  12. See, we weren't the ones who robbed you. We were not a group up there, when you got shot. That was all of Kabanino. This was not ONE group, this was multiple people that got impacted by your actions (the flashbangs). You attacked us, we had rights to defend us, leaving you with NO Kill on Sight rights at ALL. The rules also SPECIFICALLY include that you need to idenfity the target(s) who robbed you, and then execute them via roleplay. In your case, you blew over 4 people up, whereas none of us was guilty (one guy was not even involved). I certainly do NOT accept your apology, and I never will until you are punished for your intoleratable actions. As specified before, none of us were group members, me and John for example, barerly even know eachother. We met down in Kabanino. You basically just killed 4 people (as yet identified, might have been more) for the reason that you thought that we robbed you after you attacked us with flashbangs. A side note, before anyone complains about flashbangs just temporarily blinding you, it can also cause damage. None of us took any stuff from you. If any of the other group (Oliver Hound for example) took anything from you, that is not up to us. As mentioned, Oliver Hound is not in our group. The people that was in that area were not all a big group, this were all the people that currently was impacted by Khan's actions in Kabanino. What were you wearing in the situation ?? Oliver was wearing a bright blue outfit, all our group were wearing gas masks.
  13. Okay, so one of your dynamic group members shot him in the leg, but you claim it was not a robbery? Him being shot in the leg by one of your group members gives him KOS rights on your group. He wasn't in our group, we wouldn't class someone we hung with for 5 mins as a group member
  14. No one robbed you, you attacked people in kab and they chased you down, and besides the guy who broke your legs and took your stuff was not even there .
  15. I was in a group with Alex, max and a few other, we had earlier been in a situation where a man(black everything, red mask) where he had throw a flash bang at a large group of us and ran up the hill. We finally caught him where he proceeded to throw another flash bang at us, however this time he was shot in the legs and couldn't escape, after a small talk we let him go and we went on our way. Later me and 3 others were leaving kab when the men in black approached us, he was lagging and teleporting around the place, we tried to start a conversation with him however he ran inbetween us and then pro ceded to run out from between us without a word. We were distracted at the time by another survivor but I saw as he got about 3 foot away form us we all blew up. It is of my opinion he ran inbetween us, threw then explosive and then tried to escape, however he didn't get far enough away.