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  1. I'll take this to PM for my next point.
  2. What I do alone will not save the server, nor is it intended too. What I am attempting to do is give people the tools to have another option of development other than shooting each other. I understand that people are stuck in a rut waiting for the next big uprising or alliance or settlement but I'm afraid people don't like waiting months for a single week of development. Making me think its the reason the server is bleeding.
  3. Read the spoiler and tell me that its complicated man. Oh it is not my ideal experience man, not at all really. I don't even get to roleplay with the people I send on these missions. I just give them a paragraph of text. Its difficult to not allow alittle frustration to ebb into my wording due to the fact I've been making this point for 2 years.
  4. PVP is not the issue in my opinion and it never has been, the problem lies in the narrative that has been completely neglected by the staff. If you want to retain players you need more to keep them than the by yearly game updates. A story that people can get involved in, in a world they can shape with their actions its RP server 101 and the worst part about it is, it isn't really that hard to implement. This took me 5 mins to put together for a group. Offering them a narrative to roleplay around and develop their characters, what happens on the mission is up to them all you have to do is lay the outline.
  5. Or an imagination, god forbid.
  6. I hear you man, I do. I've been pushing this since before the lorewipe I've offered solutions and instead of trying the solutions people just keep complaining that nothing is changing while simultaneously doing nothing about it. I have my fingers in a lot of different pies for roleplay and DayZRP is only one of them. What bothers me is the fact that we have the potential to do something really special with DayZRP and people seem to be content with stale shite rather than pushing their comfort zone. Its frustrating to say the least.
  7. As someone whom hasn't been killed a single time since the lore wipe I'm probably qualified to tell you surrender is of course the best option for roleplay which is why I've decided to run with it in hopes of scraping the barrel for something half decent. I'm also qualified to tell you that after the first five times you realise your just re-reading the same script to people whom have little to no interest in actual roleplay. PVP is -not- the issue it is integral to the roleplay on DayZRP. The problem tends to arise due to lack of ambition, organisation and character development caused by the way PVP encounters are handled.
  8. Good PVP fuels RP for the winning side but not really good RP. Gunshots heal in 30 mins for most people. Good RP, I've yet to encounter any if I'm honest. People like having boxing matches, get married and have relationship spats at the end of the world? Its barely been a year. People normally follow the same old backstory of "I was here on holiday" etc etc... who the fuck goes to cherno Russia for a holiday really... How many times have you encountered schizophrenic crazy guy that seem to care about attention more than anything else? There is no over arcing story-line that is given much or any attention by the "lore" staff. I think a lot of people forget the roleplay is playing the role of your character in their situation which in our case is pretty much the end times, ask yourself if you think most characters act like its the end of the world. I've offered another way which can be read here.
  9. Mason26

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "If they had known what I had done, perhaps I wouldn't be the only one left breathing." - Dr. Tyrus Mason
  10. That is my goal, word for word mate.
  11. Hello, for over a year I've been contacting groups to attempt to offer them another way of roleplaying aside from the PvP/campfire stuff. I currently have two groups that are working for my off screen mission giver. Missions can range and even include other groups and players from time to time. Rewards are given out through roleplay items ie. a case of Jack Daniels. When missions are completed your reputation with the mission giver will increase and unlock further answers to who exactly he is and higher grade rewards. To get a mission for yourself or your group send me a PM. I've not publicly announced doing this for some time for several reasons but I believe due to the poor quality of narrative construction on our server I can make a difference for those whom want more out of roleplay than the same old. In addition I like to ask for anyone willing to play NPCs for PVP encounters for people on missions give me a PM. NPC means none player character and so you would be playing a throw away bandit or even a russion solider. You may be asked to dress a certain way and act a certain way for these events. Thank you.
  12. >>> OUTPOST CLOSED<<< (Radio 87.8)
  13. "To anyone that can hear this, my name is Doctor Tyrus Mason. Myself and some other like minded people have opened a temporary safe haven from infected. We are located atop the green mountain radio tower. We have no stockpile of goods but we can offer anyone a chance to rest their head or just take a rest before heading on the road north. Tobacco Products, Ammo, Weapons, Medical Supplies and Treatment. We expect to stay in place for at least another day and we can be contacted on 87.8 when the radio is manned. Lastly, a word of warning, this is by no means a permanent outpost do not make plans to stay long term." *The message would repeat on the wide band every thirty minutes.*
  14. *These markings would appear almost as if out of thin air in the north west of the country. People sometimes finding them laying beside their heads after waking or nailed to the chests of infected. The symbol always accompanied by the same message.* "We are the hand that has guided you. We have never stopped watching."