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  1. Gary like many other tourists was trapped in the country of Chernarus followed the lockdown of the third wave of the horrific new strain of the infection. Marrying Rosa Imirlov in Lativa in 2010 he enjoyed his retirement from the British armed forces which he served in for 12 years. In his service he took part in five deployments but only one in hostile territory and served in the Royal Artillery regiment. When Rosa died from complications in the first wave of the infection Gary withdrew into himself having moved to Latvia with his wife and unable to return home to England he drank, heavily. Several phone calls from the military begged him to return to service as they clearly needed more men as things got worse. Gary was depressed and mostly sat alone drinking letting the world slowly fall apart without ever really watching the news. One day however, a leaflet was dropped through his door with the most beautiful lake he has ever seen on the cover "This was it" he thought, "That is where I want to die". The next day he drove to Riga and booked himself on a Russian train to Moscow then on to Chernarus. Gary wiped the sweat from his brow as he reached the lake he had seen in the photo, but it didn't quite look the same. The water was not crystal clear, the sky was a hazy black and the tree's pines were still bare. The distant sound of small arms fire could be heard miles away he took out his bag and took out the 34. revolver he had bought and placed it on his lap looking up at the sky as the clouds started to part Gary leaned back against a tree and looked up into the sky as day turned to night he smiled up at the stars it being his favorite hobby before Rosa's death. Slowly Gary Closed his eyes and fell asleep. Gary awoke suddenly to the sound of a loud gunshot the birds fluttered up from the tree's on the far side of the lake and three figures he could not make out were sprinting after one another. Gary tilted his head as he looked over at them, a woman screaming, a child crying a bearded man chasing them. Gary got up quickly as the man caught up to the child and took it from the woman's grasp like a lion taking a baby zebra. Adrenaline washed through his body as he ran towards the scene the woman had now joined the fray and as Gary got closer he could see the carnage unfolding, the child was dead, quite clearly by what Gary could see and the huge bear of a man was matted in thick clotted blood as he pounded with balled fists and bit at what remained of the child's neck. Gary didn't give the man a warning and fired a shot into the back of his skull. His heavy frame fell with a "squelch" as it fall atop the body of the child. Gary eyes were wide open shock was engulfing him like a firestorm at what had just happend. The woman pushed the frame of the man off of her child's remains and made a sound worse than anything Gary had ever heard before in his life. Gary tried to pull the woman away after a few moments of he attempting to put her child back together again but she fought him and he tried to reason with her but she clearly didn't speak English or simply was in too much shock herself to care. Gary walked over to the lake looking out over it trying to come to terms with what just happend. The woman suddenly stopped crying like she lost a child, she started to cry with happiness. She started speaking in Russian and Gary turned unable to make reality of what he was seeing, the child was still breathing? But not only that, was hugging its mother? That was until her cry's became bloody gurgles as the child's mouth clamped shut around he wide pipe. Gary upon seeing this pointed his revolver and pulled the trigger for the next five minutes eventually putting the gun to his own head for a further five minutes not seeming to realise he had wasted all of his rounds. Gary then stumbled into the woods beside the lake and just kept walking.
  2. I'm eager to see what you come up with this time around, the last lot of lore wipe was terrible in my opinion past 4-5 week mark, and story lines none existent. I hope this time around will be different. I'd like to see more interactive events and quests/missions given out by lore masters to groups. Players can of course make their own narrative but its restricted by practicality and by a distant lore team that never really stepped up. I really think assigning a lore master or dungeon master to a group could work wonders as it would for instance give people IC reasons for doing things rather than aimlessly raiding and dancing around waiting to be raided around a campfire. Military group needs to fix this radio tower, raider group needs to defend territory, doctor group has to salvage equipment etc. Minor objectives can lead to more and then major objectives that are not necessarily governed by the group but an out of country contact or unseen leader.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I feel that the punishment is exceptionally harsh given my time on the server with a completely clean record. It was -never- my intent to die and I place a great deal of value on my characters life considering he has been my character for five years (6 Deaths). I had hoped that through misdirection I could have created enough confusion for people to start firing on one another. NVFL is simply wrong in this case as it was my honest belief at the time of this action that I was doing what my character would have done to attempt to slow the enemy down. I logged on to DayZ that day without speaking to anyone on discord or any other third party communication to find a lot of people inside my groups base. I felt it was my responsibility to resist, I had no idea if the fire fight was on going and presumed the situation to be on-going. I made the decision to put on a red armband with the intent of killing another person and putting theirs on sowing confusion. My actions had far more steps in my line of thinking than simply "kill". I did have a plan even if it didn't go as I planned it shows my line of thinking which I do not believe constitutes not valuing my life. As you can see in the video from my angle I cant see anyone else other than the two people I engaged the argument made for NVFL is that I opend fire on a corridor full of people when from my angle I could see only two. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have always advocated for people following the rules as it is something that makes our server what it is, an excellent environment for role-play. In this instance, at the time it was my belief that I was in the right and it is my hope that my record can prove that this was simply a dip in judgement on my part rather than a common theme. I have attempted to contact FaeRP to attempt to resolve and explain my actions in more detail in a civil manner but she did not respond sadly. http://prntscr.com/rk7svc What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I accept that my view of the situation was completely wrong and accept the verdict of KoS. I do not however accept the judgement of NVFL for reasons already stated. What could you have done better?: A dip in judgement after coming home from a long days work as a health professional combined with the shock of finding my groups base under what I presumed to be "attack" led to me not thinking the situation out. I should have said something, I should have initiated, sadly when you are running at 200 ping constantly, announcing your presence is something that more often than not will get you killed which is a strong motivator to not do so in the moment. I would also like to add this is around my 5th person I've killed on the server in five years which should illustrate my in-experience with the type of situation I was presented with. Thank you for your time.
  4. 1. Why did you decide to spray down @FaeRP, myself and 4-5 others who are all near us? From my perspective I thought only two people went up the stairs. My mistake. 2. Why did you hide your armband on your body? Because I would have been instantly shot if I put it on. (No value for life) 3. Why did you not initiate /Roleplay to the situation instead of one man army the place like some sort of wannabe rambo? I was on the grounds of my groups base and therefore had rights to defend it. The roleplay had I decided to try it would have been around two words long and completely blown any chance I had of coming out on top. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I logged on to find our base being looted by several people, I walked out and they didn't seem to check whom I was and took the decision not to immediately open fire. Two individuals walked away from the main group and were on their own. I then made the decision to attempt to kill both of them before retreating through the base however my game lagged and the second person put me down. This was well within the bounds of my groups base and I felt I could have an effect which I'm sure I would have had the second person not put me down. Thank you.
  6. VIP Target - Anastasia Nikolaevna Mission Status upon completion - Success. Squad lead - Captain J.Folk 2nd Recovery Unit "My men located target 56Km away from her residence at the time of the event. Target was part of a small community living in a railway tunnel. The camp and target were both well known to the local community. The nearest corporation facility is located 678km north and they seem to have no knowledge of the corp or our actions. After three days within the tunnel camp I made the decision to come clean to the target about our identity. After discussing with target at length it was decided that she would accompany us willingly if we agreed to take the tunnels five infant children to a safe zone. Although the mission statement did not give this capacity for additional's I felt due to the additional's age they would not be a threat to security and may develop well under corporation standards. Recovery was completed and the VIP transferred to Belinda site 67J with all additional's. Family member will be contacted in 48 hours."
  7. Connecting.... Decrypting Data... Link Established... Transcript Beginning... 15.34pm REDACTED- "So, Doctor what is your analysis of the situation?" Dr.Jackle "Tartarus itself is nothing outside of the norm sir, is is an aggressive form of influenza that the human race has dealt with before many times over. The issue is the global situation, and peoples lack of trust in anyone outside of their organisation. Using the U.S satellite that was taken by the Finland Facility last week we have been able to get satellite images showing vast amounts of people headed west across the Russian tundra's. This problem can not be fixed with last resort protocol." REDACTED- "If this infection spreads with these refugee's doctor we have no choice." Dr.Jackle "Sir, if we keep this up humanity will have limited margins to recover, killing even five thousand people at once could set a chain of events that leads to our eventual extinction. We have discovered the vaccine and we have already produced enough for all board members. The problem with fighting Tartarus is distribution of the vaccine to halt its advance, many of our facilities have a less than good reputation with the local population. So we must find ways around the problem before its too late." 15.35pm REDACTED- "Doctor I'm giving you authority to ensure the vaccine is distributed rapidly to our facilities but be warned doctor, if the boots on the ground fail we will have little option but the last resort protocol." Dr.Jackle- "Understood sir, we will have our better tomorrow." REDACTED- "That seems to depend on you now Doctor, do not fail." End- 15.36.47am 7/03/2020
  8. Connecting.... Decrypting Data... Link Established... Transcript Beginning... 04.56am Op-Thule - "This is Task force Omega on route to Belinda Safe zone 4b, we are approaching the rig, will check in when we make entry, Over" REDACTED - "Excellent Thule, remember the primary objective." Op-Thule -"Yes, Sir" .... .... .... 06.45am Op- Thule - "Sir we have gained entry, no signs of life yet." REDACTED - "Continue Captain" ... 06.46am Op- Thule - *Loud grunt* "Sir, we found something, there's corpses everywhere but no infected." Op- Hopper- "Captain! Come see this!" 06.49am Op- Thule- "Correction sir, we have around one hundred survivors! They say they recovered from what the doctor called Tartarus Virus." REDACTED - "They carry it Captain that is why you are here, you have your orders." Op- Thule - "We continue with mission statement." Op Hopper- "But Captain, the survivors." Op- Thule- "Damn it Hopper, deploy it and lets go.. or would you rather stay?" Op- Hopper- "Understood, Captain." ... ... 07.25am "Auto Warning, thermonuclear explosion detected. " Op Thule- "For a better Tomorrow, sir." REDACTED- "For a better Tomorrow, Captain. Report to Decontamination." End- 07.25.45am 5/03/2020
  9. Connecting.... Decrypting Data... Link Established... Transcript Beginning... 08.56pm REDACTED- "When all of this started I could hardily believe it was happening, I mean we had talked about a pandemic of this size before but nobody was prepared for what the virus did to the world, what it did to people. I suppose that is where this all started for me and why I need to write this down. Site 67 is under attack and we are 3 days away from getting anything resembling backup. The Min Clan uprising which are mostly former students and army personnel from both north and south Korea are firing rocket propelled grenades and shooting artillery guns at us. I had a staff of five hundred once but now its just eight of us, myself and seven security staff holding the doors. But we didn't get beaten by the Min, it was their damn influenza that killed most of us. Thinking that we had brought this upon them, they attacked us in response those damn savages. Without us here to contain the spread Tartarus has the infection rate and mortality rate to project a 40% decline in the worlds population. All computer simulations point to Tartarus being what finishes us off, you must contain the spread at all costs. We are activating the on site last resort protocol, site 67 going dark. We die, for a better tomorrow." 08.58pm "Auto Warning, thermonuclear explosion detected. " End- 8.58.59pm 19/02/2020
  10. *Open Cast Message* "Citizens of Livonia, to you I say please judge for yourself and do not be influenced by other peoples opinions. We are among the last organisations in the world that continue to study this infection that has devastated all of our lives across the globe. We do not seek to control anyone or anything, we simply wish to go about our research in peace. The reason for any and all our business here is directed towards cures and vaccines for not just our people but all peoples, everywhere. Yes, we have a militant arm that has access to enough firepower to ensure people that have fallen into insanity, like those claiming to be wolves, are kept at bay. We are not limited to Livonia and our organisation is world wide, it is not our intent or want to impose law and order, but we -will- defend ourselves and the innocent should the situation arise. Which might I add has, arisen before with this particular group, they fight us for the same reason they will fight some of you, resources. We have had a hard hand in past events because of groups like, the wolf pack with greater threat comes escalation. A deadly form of influenza is sweeping through Asia at this time and we are preparing vaccinations for those whom want them. Please be safe." "To you, little wolf. See you in the forest."
  11. *Doctor Tyrus Mason lip quivered a little as the red light turned orange, the engines of the large cargo aircraft droned in a low hum at high altitude.* Mantis - "Alright doc, time to suit up." *Tyrus looked up at Operator Mantis clearly terrified of the situation and not hiding it very well.* Dr.Mason - "Understood Mantis" *Mantis pulled the heavy titanium lever and the large cargo door of the aircraft slowly opened, he then turned to check the doctors equipment and then his own before hooking the doctor up to his rigging.* *Both of them stared at the orange light standing over the edge of oblivion until the light suddenly blinked green before turning solid green.* Pilot - "Drop, drop, drop" //REPORTING FOR WAVE 4
  12. I've owned the medical scrub set since the shop came out since I've played a doctor since the lore reset. When I returned from a break I was happy to see the addition of the black option for the medical scrub top. I was however disappointed I could not complete the set. I'd like to suggest that both a black option for the medical scrub pants and hat are added. Thank you for your time.
  13. I ""Mason26" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.
  14. Dr.Tyrus Mason, Reporting.
  15. Got into the middle of s skirmish between the corp and anarchy, after taking a member of the corp hostage anarchy as well as myself and another bystander we were loaded into the back of a truck what followed was the single best ambush I've ever seen on DayZ. The corp managed to ambush the truck and free us all flawlessly taking out both of the people in the cab and the guard in the back of the truck. After they freed us we made it a few miles before Anarchy tracked us down. Sadly they understandably didn't give me much time to put my hands up and I was gunned down. Best experience i've had for a long time on DayZ. @Juice Hand
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