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  1. Mason26

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    Need guards brother.
  2. Mason26

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    Will be nice to finally stay in one place.
  3. Mason26


    *A heavily modified voice sends out a message down the radio on the same frequency* "The Hand is still watching Doctor."
  4. Mason26

    Safe Zone Trial

    My opinion on the safe zone is that while I believe the concept can work, it needs something behind it to make it work. A group would be best for this role having actual security and a settlement leader would make the zone feel more authentic. The name "safe zone" is not something people would use to describe it in-game, that's why I believe picking a location with an actual infrastructure would be better than simply naming somewhere a "safe zone". Why not simply say that central Gorka for instance was known as "Barter Town" which would fit into the lore and flow better in role-play (Gorka as an example). This location can be subject to safe-zone rules, and depending on its success, jobs could be offered and trade route established. The possibility is endless and the Roleplay could develop into something truly outstanding. If a particular group does something that disrupts activity within "Barter Town" jobs and contracts could be given thus hindering the offenders and rewarding job takers with reputation with the "Barter Town".
  5. Mason26

    The Aegis Corporation

    After reading through the thread I have to say I am not only impressed but eager to see this idea flourish. The idea of a corporation taking advantage of the decreased authority in the world is something that will defiantly add a sense of the way things used to be fading. With nothing to stop them, I believe many shadowy organisations would be among the those be trying to control a world in which governments are collapsing by the day. Something I must stress however is the importance to do this correctly. Having the name "Ageis" talked about as openly as a common bandit group takes away from the effect this organisation should have. I believe working through proxy would be how things would work best for the group and having some "nameless" shadowy group behind said proxy is the role I believe Ageis needs to fill. There existence should be little more than rumor in my opinion.
  6. Alone It had been days since Tyrus had been separated from the other members of the UN near Bolota airstrip after disagreements with the VDV and CDF and boiled over into conflict. Tyrus had lost his handheld radio in the evacuation and only managed to grab an MP5K and four clips and his bag with some basic supplies. Finding himself alone and with no radio contact Tyrus assumed the worst after hearing several firefights in the hills as he fled the area. He decided to follow the careful research of a woman claiming to have pinpointed the source of the illness. Tyrus had heard whispers from several people that on the night of the 7th of July large Russian troop transports flew over them and landed at the old cold war base shortly after which the base was shelled before the first reports of Greys came about. It was from this site that the study found to be the source of infected attacks leading up to the current sate of affairs. Thinking himself the only survivor of the UN operations Tyrus made his way to an intact chemical facility recovering a large yellow hazmat suit and gas mask. He needed answers and if there was any truth to the study he would find them at the base. Using a wheelbarrow to ferry the tank and the rest of his gear up to the base was a long and tiring task but after a day of hard work he reached the outskirts of the largely dilapidated walls. After resting, he made his way into the base leaving his equipment back just outside the wall. Using his binoculars he scouted the ruins of the base. Like the locals said, the place had been decimated by heavy duty bombs or shelling and most of the bunker entrances and buildings had been destroyed. Infected in the area appeared more weathered and rotting than other places. What they lacked in appearance they made up for in number. The base would be next to impossible to infiltrate, by day that is. One door appeared to be undamaged but it wasn't clear what was inside the gloom of its interior. That would have to be his way in like it or not, and so he went back to his small camp and waited for nightfall. Moving silently in a hazmat suit was hard and so Tyrus packed it in a bag and strapped his oxygen bottle to his back. Gripping his MP5-K and snapping one of his magazines into the weapon he made his way through the brush towards the nearest breach in the wall to the bunkers entrance. He crouched lowly stepping quickly and as quietly as possible hoping to avoid the attention of at least forty infected only fifty feet away. Clicking his weapon flashlight on and shining it inside the gloom of the entrance he couldn't see anything and so he stepped inside the hatch. Suddenly an infected ran at him from the gloom and his eyes went wide as he raised his MP5 firing one suppressed round clean through the head of the grey. But before the body hit the floor the bullet passed through the rotting tissue and pinged loudly of an iron strut. The loud screech of the infected horde filled the air as they started running through the gloom outside towards the sound. Tyrus dropped his weapon and with all of his strength closed the door to the facility mere moments before the horde would impact his position. Now alone in the gloom, Tyrus took out his hazmat suit and put it on turning on his oxygen supply and slowly started proceeding deeper underground all the while gripping his weapon tightly, sweating and shaking with fear with what may lie just beyond the reach of his light.
  7. Mason26

    World Health Organisation [SECURE]

    Speaks into the microphone as well as fiddling with a dial on the radio trying to clear up the static. "I thought I was the only one who made it, I decided to follow the girls research in hopes of finding some answers. I'm at the source, the first event. There are Greys here that died well before any subject so far. I'm trapped here and I can only move around at night. The Greys are everywhere but I think I've spotted a way into the complex."
  8. Mason26

    World Health Organisation [SECURE]

    After extensive work Tyrus would manage to bring an old military radio back up to function. He speaks into the microphone yet his voice sounds muffled like he is wearing a mask. "This is Doctor Tyrus Mason, do any surviving UN personnel hear me?"
  9. I'd like to say that this thread was not intended to bash PVP, this is DayZ and PVP its woven into its fabric. My point was to bring to light that although PVP is something that will happen, I dont think it should become center stage for some time into the near future. And at no point did I mention throwing in the towel.
  10. Few are bloodthirsty by nature, that was not my intent or meaning. People never seem to see themselves as the aggressor in many of these scenarios and so they are justified in open war with little to no reasoning other than minor slights. I understand conflict is fun and exciting and far more intense, things happen so quickly that a lot is overlooked. People who are strong friends in the morning may be enemies by nightfall, due to the fact people would rather jump to conclusions rather than have a chat in order to not get into open conflict. Without proper consent from a government or npc leadership many of these groups would still be stalwart in service to those factions until their demise or the demise in power of said faction. Meaning that in reality much of the conflict currently taking place is due to people on the front line adding more problems to their struggle for little to no reason, rather than the over arching factions making those decisions. Thank you for your opinion and angle
  11. Since coming to DayZRP I have had a great deal of good experiences and bad ones. During the last phase I voiced my opinion that people seemed to value PVP over story progression and acting realistically to situations. Most conflicts seem to boil down to one group wanting to get one up on the other and the victor being decided by which group gets sick of fighting and dying and then re-gearing first. However with the lore wipe I was exited, finally a chance at a clean slate and whats more, new lore masters to give up a wider world to roleplay around. For the first week it seemed everything was going well. Regular events given by lore masters hinting at clues to whats going on over the world and people for the most part acting in a way that people would act in the current situation. However after the first week I started noticing a shift, a shift away from the train of thought I believed we had embraced as community. I am starting to see the beginnings of a return to how things were pre-wipe and although we have not fully descended into it yet I felt I should try my best to advise against it. Conflict is inevitable and without it DayZRP wouldn't be engaging, however less than a month after the first corpse got back up and started eating people and a week after the detonation of a nuclear warhead we seem to be losing faith in our own ability as a community to act out the end of the world appropriately and at least semi-realistically. This is not something that can be blamed on any single person or group but something we are guilty of as a community. Fear for loved ones and more importantly fear of corpses walking around has seemingly dissipated very quickly and again the main threat appears to be taking center stage as rival groups that for one reason or another have made a slight against yours. It was my hope that we could resist this urge for at least the first three months when I believe it would become almost certain to a lot of people that this is indeed the end of the world as they know it. However here we are just over half a month into the infection and the dead have been sidelined once more in return for more of the same. In each and every group, from mexican drug gangs to civilian traders we all have our reasons for placing blame and acting upon slights to our groups. It is our responsibility to ward off this train of thought or look for alternative solutions to conflict for the sake of roleplay during this early phase. If we can do the first three months properly the rest of this phase stands a much better chance of being rich in quality and roleplay for bandits and survivors alike. The only enemy that would unify the world is one that is not human or alive.
  12. That sounds like a really good idea actually I'll set up a PM chat to discuss it If anyone else is interested let me know.
  13. Thank you Cheif, I'll do my best but I actually don't consider myself to be good at this. Half the time I have no idea what I'm talking about, I only really use what I know from watching Operations where I work which actually is most of the reason I can get by.
  14. Mason26

    (WHO) World Health Organisation - Documentation, Cases and Notes

    Excellent work so far, I'll get my next report done by tomorrow.