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    Peet McHogan is from Nacka Sweden, he is of Swedish descent but has relatives in scotland. Peet divorced his wife and was in need of a fresh start, that is why he left Sweden. After looking too deep into the bottle for a long time, he needed to do something. He had an old acquaintance that had already moved to Chernarus, and he got a job offer from his friend. Peet came to Chernarus 2016 to work at a construction site in Novodmitrovsk . Peet is a calm and cheerful person that tries to get people to feel god, but also carry a lot of bitterness inside. Peet has a lighter alcohol problem, which means that he tends to drink too much and get into fights, the bitterness he carries on comes up to the surface when he drinks. Peet is a amateur radio operator and he knows morse code, he love to tinker with electronic things on his spare time. Peet McHogan was of work for a week when the infection started he fleed to the woods and found a small barn he lived in for weeks. Peet is now looking to build a sanctuary where people can get shelter and food and medical care. He has been looking around for a nurse or a doctor and workers that can aid him in his shelter. Before Peet became a site manager in construction he worked on the merchant fleet as a machinist.