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  1. You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best. Stay safe.
  2. Extremely sad to see you go Tiv ? Stay safe
  3. Sad to see you go dude ? Hard o7 to you sir.
  4. o7 you made me interested in the rp during my first days here and I will always remember that. Take care out there.
  5. Legit sad to see you go ? o7 take care out there
  6. So guess noone was intrested enough to atleast try helping, cheers
  7. So ive been playing for an hour now as you can see on the counter in the screenshot but when i check my play statistic it only shows up as 17 mins. Dont want to loose the streak pls fix
  8. Yeah, like a big metro system like the ones in metro 2033.
  9. Dimitri

    IRL stuff

    Some pics of me either doing urban exploring or dayz style cosplay/airsoft.
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