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  1. Dimitri


    How the fuck did i get 750 hours in steamVR? When all my vr games hours combined makes maximum 120 hours?

    1. groovy nate

      groovy nate

      listen boi when my vive gets here hmu if u tryna play onward or pavlov or something

    2. Dimitri


      shieeeeeeeet im too broke to buy those games but soonTM ? And @Limpan is getting oculus this friday he says so more peeps in vr would be awsome ? 

    3. groovy nate

      groovy nate

      yoooo, hell id even be down to play vrchat with yall dudes

      ive got the oculus already but im paying for the vive and the feet and waist trackers w/ it so just letcha boy know

    4. Dimitri


      Yeah sounds fun ?

    5. Limpan


      If i can afford it, im getting it and then ill be totally down to play some vr games! ?

    6. groovy nate

      groovy nate

      just message me dudes!

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