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  1. Dimitri


    Can someone tell me how to bleach T-shirts so it turns white? I have tried Disinfectant Spray only in hand, Disinfectant Spray in a barrel with a shirt but nothing works for me?

    1. Chewy


      Did you close the barrel and right click it when you have inventory up? Havent done it myself but apparently it should say "color clothes"?

    2. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      I havent done it recently, but you're supposed to be able to place the spray bottle in the barrel with the shirt, close the barrel, right click it, and get the option. Make sure it's a T shirt and that the bottle has a lot in it.

    3. Dimitri


      ye i did that, i dunno if it needs water in it or if it shouldnt have water in it? Maybe its something like that.


      full new bottle of disinfectant and a beige and black t shirt the ones u can spawn with, didnt work for me.

    4. Chewy


      Probably needs water, yeah..

    5. Lyca


      Nope... you can't use those Tshirts.

      You need a coloured white Tshirt. 

      You can't make white Tshirts with those Fresh-Spawn-Tshirts who already have a colour. 

    6. Dimitri


      But the wikipedia claim it can be done as of 0.61? Did it get removed in 0.62?

    7. Lyca


      Never worked when I tried it. 

      You need water in the barrel, the desinfectant spray and the Tshirt. Then you close the barrel and there has to be an option for bleach or colour. 

      When that doesn't work then its because of the Tshirt. 

    8. Dimitri


      aight thx for the tips

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