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  1. Nordic Battlegroup

    Some pictures to get things started Listen up, ÖB is speaking. ( @Max @Pontito @jonas @lukaszxe ) Taking aim ( @Max ) Attention! ( @jonas @Pontito @Max @lukaszxe ) Line up ( @jonas @Pontito @Max @lukaszxe ) Long road ahead ( @Pontito @jonas ) On patrol ( @dimitri @jonas ) Light in the dark ( @artyom_ ) Svart taxi bre ( @jonas @Pontito ) peekaboo ( @Pontito @artyom_ ) Living in the bush ( @jonas @dimitri ) A never ending journey ( @Pontito @jonas )
  2. Love giving more details on the character page https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1269/

    Also new song on character page hype.

  3. Hva er det dere gjør? [Private Frequency]

    *While sitting guard infront of an old building hears the messages and picks up the radio* "Detta är dimitri som talar, hör dig klart och tydligt" "jag är inte riktigt säker på vad du menar om kamenka incidenten men antar det var grejen med alex och kjartan" "Vi har det faktiskt ganska bra, skaffat nya kamrater och nya fienden" "Anta inte att en av mina män har spanat på er om ni inte direkt kan bevisa det, vi har inget direkt emot er vid detta tillfälle" *He lets go of the button and looks around, making sure the others are sleeping then presses it again* "JAG har iallafall inget mot dig eller de andra* *He hears something fallover and releases the button, puts his raido in his jacket and goes to check*
  4. That feeling when offical group leader, its a spooktober miracle!

    1. Max



  5. Nordic Battlegroup

    I can´t explain how happy i am now
  6. Normal things todo on a saturday night, run around in the forest with my new head lamp shouting "MAN BEAR PIG WHERE U AT" 

    1. jonas


      hahaha i give 10kr if you do it


    2. dimitri

      I just did lmao, posting pics tomorrow when im on da computer (check mystory if u dont belive me) 

    3. jonas

    giphy (1).gif

    1. Samti


      you are a meme bro xD 

  8. If you roleplay as someone roleplaying and your character is doing it poorly, would you get reported for badrp?


    1. Saints
    2. Faith


      No. That’s like when you’re roleplay and say “Ok I roleplay this person who did this to me and you pretend to be me ok?” To react the situation. 

    3. Saints


      Unless you rp as an actor it would actually be better if your character roleplayed poorly tbh. That's what i do.... Sorry if your meme was ruined xD

    4. dimitri
    5. artyom_


      My name is dimitrinen im from sverigenen

  9. Nordic Battlegroup

    Thoughts on changes?
  10. Nordic Battlegroup

    Its mainly due to time zones ooc since we dont want people who are more active when we can´t play. But also due to being able to speak the language of that country ic. Thought i had added that but i must have missclicked and not saved it
  11. problem, loving my profile song so much i keep it open for the entire song making it look like im stalking myself.


    1. Iso


      That's what offline mode is for :D 

  12. First you say you had to fuck with us to get in somesort of gang, in ts you say you were bored and now you say you were drunk? I just feel like its very odd how you change the story over and over again. (sorry if im support to have all my response in one response tab but i don’t do many reports or posts on the forums over all so i don’t really know how to use it, hope you understand)
  13. @Kirov Mironovich When we talked to you in teamspeak you said you went back to the pub area, but here you say you stayed at ur house?
  14. @lukaszxe have the video about the while baiting thing.
  15. Im removing the no value for life accusations after thinking over it again and you got away, im still pursuing the rest of the claims. About the no value for life "5.6 Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage and threatened with death if you don't stop." I feel like him talking back and threatening to shoot elliot infront of his 4 friends with m4s achives this rulebreak