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  1. dimitri

    Apealing 10 points for "NSFW" pictures

    ok, sorry about that. But in every picture in that album i commented more in detail why i dont think the pictures are "NSFW" can i send the link to an admin or something so you get more of my POV?
  2. dimitri

    Apealing 10 points for "NSFW" pictures

    @Jamie Well i must upload the evidence and pictures in question?
  3. dimitri

    Apealing 10 points for "NSFW" pictures

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): -snipped- Why the verdict is not fair: In my opinion, the pictures that I was given points for was completely safe for work. They didn't show anyone getting hurt, didn't show anything graphics. They were what is known in today's internet called as "shit posts" pictures that are supposed to make you go "lul whut" or at max "okay that's odd". BUT yes I agree it could just have been my opinion so I started asking around for people such as @GenjiRP , @Svenne , @lukaszxe , @JackZ , @Tiviyl and many more asking them what they thought about the pictures and if in their opinion they were NSFW. Everyone i asked said they only thought the picture with the two gentlemen in the bed with a pig was weirding them out a bit much but still nothing too harmful to classify it as "NSFW". The video shows a man eating a glowing hot piece of wood, yes it might be odd for a man to eat such warm wooden stick but if you didn't know there is a talent in some people to eat weird stuff like frying pans, glass, and glowing hot things. Now in the video, the man is clearly calm and for what I can tell he is doing it under no pressure or someone forcing him to eat it as a form of "torture" or something. And as in your message @Whitename i did filter out ALLOT of things I was gonna send but thought "hey these might be a bit too spicy for the dayzrp discord". But then the next day you go and post a picture of a man getting beat up and think that is ok because "It's In a meme". I think that is worse than some weird pictures. Either you allow some spice or no spice at all and this "meme" you posted was honestly spicer than anything I posted in any of the channels. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: If someone would have stepped in and said something like "hey Dimitri I don't like these pictures, can you stop?" I would have listened to that person's request. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get the points cut in half or removed completely. What could you have done better?: Stop shitposting in any of the discord channels.
  4. dimitri

    Dimitris photoshops or screenshots.

    Recently I have been playing allot of SCP secret labs and I think it's my new favorite game on steam How many MTF units do you need to take out one chaos? When you have 10 in agility in fallout Who would win? One doctor boi or 40 ish highly trained soldiers (the doctor boi won)
  5. dimitri

    • dimitri


    Come back 😞❤️ 

    We need our Pekka

    1. Artyom

      Im not starting up TS ever again 


      It hurts my eyes to look at it

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  7. dimitri

    Tag the recent 5 viewers of a profile and comment

    @Svenne - Hello there @Whitename - https://youtu.be/eQ2gztLw6BE @lukaszxe - Forever oRaNgE imo @EdgyNova - Dobrý den @BorisRP - The unofficial dayzrp admin visiting my profile eh? Enjoy your stay
  8. dimitri

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Expecting Lukaszxe? TOO BAD DIMITRI TIME Idunno Max?
  9. dimitri

    Truth or Lie

    I mean ur pekka so it must be true I will vote for the social democrats in the next swedish election
  10. dimitri

    Truth or Lie

    True I think waluigi is the best character of all time.
  11. dimitri

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    • Elk


    😞 Miss you in game father 💔 

    1. Elk


      Endeavour is sleeping child 

    2. dimitri



    3. Elk


      But where is Falk 

    4. dimitri


      🤔 Good question

    5. Elk


      Last seen at the radio tower near tortuga. But the hidden one in the trees? Hmmm

  12. dimitri

    dimitris theme thread

  13. dimitri

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Hell yeah lukaszxe
  14. dimitri

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  15. dimitri



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      @JackZ didnt work mate

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      @dimitri sad reacts