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  1. I was with my friends in Kabanino and we decided to rob the guy because we nedded his ak, and when we were taking him to a house outside of kabanino, i stayed behind, and when i was going to the house one guy said to me to stop and put my hands up, and one of my friends saw me getting held and shoot the guy, when i was going to run away other person killed me
  2. I was in the field next to the airfield and i saw my friend being handcuffed and taken by a large group of men, and i decided to follow them in a safe distance, and my othr friend follow the airfield outside wall and killed one near the blue gate, i continue to follow them to the barn, i reached the barn and placed myself in the woods away of it, i waited until my othr friend arrived, when he arrived we decided to wait a little and watch their moves, 3 minutes and they didn't run away so we decided to rescue our friend.
  3. Me and Dimitri saw the man with black clothing and we decided to rob him to see if he had some supplys that we need as food and a secondary weapon, when we were leaving, we saw a man running after us and shooting at us so we decided to run until we have some cover to shoot at the man, so when we arrive to some rock i get behind them and my friend shoot at one of them, when the men went down i decided to trown 2 smoke granedes and we run away again, when we arrived to a small tree line that break the line of sight with the other guys we stop heading south and turn left to other tree line and when we arrive to that tree line we saw the other two guys running straight south in direction to a house so we lay down on the ground and wait for the 30 min time. but the server restarted
  4. Hello, i'm Dimitri's friend, we will post a video of our pov
  5. I'm Dimitri friend, I can say that we were going to meet a friend and he robbed you because of your vest and gun, if you want to meet us again and do a better roleplay just create a radio trend calling us and we can meet up and do a better roleplay. Sorry for that small roleplay, i still have youe things so we can trade them. Sorry again
  6. *Carl pick up his radio and press the PTT button* You never learn, you have just said where you will be so i have more then time to prepare something to kill you, and eat you, make a fireplace using your bow and arrows and cook your meat on it, you will be a very tasty dinner sir, thank you see you soon buddy. *Carl laughs and turn off his radio*
  7. *Carl pick up his radio press the PTT button* I'm not going to tell my name on a open frequency, and i prefer Dallas to Robbin Hood, and my automatic rifle to bow *he laughs and release the PTT button*
  8. *Carl pick up his radio press the PTT button* If i find you i will take your bow and throw it into the fire and force you to see it burn, i will destroy your dreams man but i'm not going to kill you, but i will let you with some broken bones. You can call me Dallas. *Carl release the PTT button and put his radio in his jacket*
  9. *Carl pick up his radio and press the PTT button* Really kid, Robin Hood? How old are you 7? You wanna fight with one fucking bow or crossbow when everyone uses a decent weapon? If i use a helmet you can't kill me with that simple arrow, kid just shut up and hide yourself because you told everyone that you only use a simple gun so you will be robbed and killed really fast, see you son kid *Carl laughs and then release the PTT button*
  10. *Carl pick up his radio* Hello Bron my name is Carl i'm alone too so if you wanna meet up please tell me the location and time, i will be there in a few, See you soon *Carl turns off his radio*
  11. The problem is that both groups of people had waited at least an hour for you to get on. A few of us waited five hours for this rp we were going to do and we got almost no rp from you at all. You waited us to kill you after we said no and broke the cuffs to leave the rp. If you had to leave, then why set up meeting with them? We had robbed you and moved you only a few minutes later you said you had to leave. The whole point for you was to meet up with them and have a meeting of sorts in the first place. Are you saying you had us wait for you to get on for only a few minutes to have a whole meeting with them? I didn't think my kids would arrive soon, and i had to make them dinner they are too young, i understand your point of view and why you and your friend are mad because of that i wanted to roleplay with you guys too, and the meeting was to be really quick like i would just say the plan and leave, i'm really sorry for that and when i tried to run away was to come back later to take my revenge on you, but you are very good shooters, i'm really sorry guys
  12. I saw they were to many to kill and when break free of the hancuffs i tried to run away i didn't stop because the best way to survive in that situation was running away i know that they would killed me if i stop and since i had to leave and i didn't want to break Roleplay i break free from the handcuffs and run, as they said for me to stop and i didn't stop they shoot me down, that wasn't badrp that was a good rp for all of them and for me that tried to save my life running from them, so i don't understand why is this problem going on
  13. *Josh pick up his radio* These are the groups that i know, just tell more and will put them in my list *Josh turn of his radio*
  14. *Josh pick up his radio* Just try to get me first, im waiting for you *Josh turns his radio off*
  15. *Josh pick up his radio* 7.62x39 is the last thing you will see, i don't know who you are but i will get you i will kill every member of your group until i get you *Josh turns off his radio* *Josh pick up his radio* Really? Let's play hidde and kill then, so please don't die before i get to you *he laughs* See you soon dead men *Josh laughs again and turn off his radio*
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