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  1. I don't know if it's just on my computer but this post looks like it was formatted by satan..
  2. Not much is known about Frank's past, as his story gets different every time he retells it. What people have been able to piece together is that he was born in a very poor area, and that his father beat the everloving crap out of him. When he was sixteen he was already involved in drugs, gang violence, and had been arrested for trying to set fire to the house of a kid who stole his lunch money. Frank ran away from home that same year, hitched a ride to the train station and his family never saw him again. He was headed for the place he'd always wanted to go, New York City. As soon as he got off the train, he got in trouble again. He hadn't really considered how he'd make it in New York with no money, and he didn't know anybody... After being arrested for breaking and entering, he met a man named Louie, and while their first interaction was a brawl over prison food, they started to respect each other more and more. A few years later, Frank and Louie were best buddies and had worked their way up as mobsters for a prominent crime family. Frank doesn't like talking about what he did for a living, but he was a suspect in several suspicious deaths of rival gang members. Everything seemed to be going well for Frankie, until the day Louie was killed. Frank left the family that same day, and disappeared for a few years. No one knew what he was doing, until he suddenly popped back out of nowhere in South America. Frank had built up a reputation as a reliable arms dealer, and soon started making money. He got more and more rich as he traveled the world, buying up weapon stockpiles from all over the world, and reselling them in new war zones, mostly in Africa, South America, the middle east and eastern europe. Whenever asked about how he ended up in south Zagoria, he will tell a different story, but due to his history it can be assumed he was on his way to pick up an old USSR weapons stockpile, when things went awry.
  3. steakbishop

    Biggest fear?

    I'm scared of sharks, it seems rational until i remember that there are no sharks in the waters where i live.
  4. Yup. We knew we stole the stuff, he knew we stole the stuff, and yet he played it cool as a cucumber.
  5. I think it was @Sandy who RP'ed like a boss in the castle yesterday. I was fucking petrified.
  6. *Chris is sitting in his cozy little tent. With a little smile on his face, he presses the PTT* "Hey Ling Long, good to see you're spreading the word. We can't have a trading post without traders. Also, to anyone listening, I'm planning on setting up a hunting school near the post, consider stopping by." *He releases the PTT button and lies back down. With his eyes closed and a big grin on his face*
  7. @Ryan Petersen Was a great traveling companion!
  8. Yeah, it just started happening today. It's working better now but i'll try your tricks if it starts acting up again.
  9. When I first join a server it works totally fine, but after a few minutes i get the dreaded "Connection with Host has been lost" message. I have restarted my internet and computer, nothing seems to be working...
  10. IGN: (In - Game Name) Chris Butler Country: Denmark (GMT +1) English skills: Fluent and very little accent DayZ Mod Experience: On my alt account it's ca. 350 hours. DayZ Standalone Experience: don't remember, a fair amount I think. Roleplaying Experience: Medium, i haven't been playing so much lately so I might be a little rusty. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter/Lookout, also I like to stay informed, I'll frequently trade found supplies for information and such. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Only with a few people at a time. (The Hub) Additional notes: I definitely rp best with a few friends, if i just randomly meet someone I might be a bit hesitant to go all in (This is a personal thing, i've had bad experiences in the past.) Also i make a lot of stupid jokes. Best way to contact you: PM or find me on the Teamspeak server. Backstory: My character page should fill you in, I might update it a bit when I feel i have time.
  11. No need to apologize you've been super helpful, thanks a lot
  12. Thanks hebi, you might wanna check if the trick you showed me didn't work for only me or if it's a thing for everybody.
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