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  1. SirMadness

    What was your first RP encounter?

    Met some guy in Cherno a couple years back. He RPed as a mute which I thought was kinda cool. Cant remember his name
  2. @Exio @RalphRalphenstein Great RP today. Boys down the pub top notch as usual. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the internal dispute between them all.
  3. All good points. So I guess the consensus is to go to/near a highly populated area (just to maximise possibility and frequency of player interaction) and if no motive is provided by anyone, provide one yourself upon meeting someone. I'd agree that internal RP is underrated, unfortunately, all my buds I've persuaded to play with me aren't much interested, so all my RP comes from strangers. In essence, you just have to be patient, just do your part and wait for something fun to happen. It is not that I want friendly or hostile RP, I just want something of significance. Everyone encounters some form of a robbery or a chat around a campfire fairly frequently. I'd just prefer to experience more unusual RP that you might remember for a while or just generally really enjoy. Id also agree that the beauty of this community is that all the best things come spontaneously as you can't control other player's actions. However, if you take a look at how awesome some of the ideas of the organised events are when things like that happen spontaneously IC and IG (a collision between the two integral parts of the community) is in my OP where the best experiences arise. What you were saying @N-Tox about finding someone and sticking with them. I've thought about adding someone/ talking OOC with them to organise something IC and IG at some later point after having previously met them IG and RPed with them. However, I thought this might devalue the whole thing.
  4. I wasn't trying to suggest that robberies and hostile RP were bad in my OP. Just that the RP was bad in the scenarios I encountered falling into that category. I favour hostile and non-hostile RP equally provided the core RP was well done. I can relate to what you're saying about an 'OOC yap fest'. People I play with tend towards wanting this, unfortunately. So your general advice is whilst hotspots can generate fun adventures they can also be a 'shit-storm'. Is there no good way of increasing the likelihood of creating a more interesting encounter rather than the usual storytelling and the like, which occurs in these 'hotspots'.
  5. SirMadness

    Private Frequencies.

    This is such a good idea! Seems quite complicated though. Can see it being quite awkward of randoms just joining your ts channel too aha. I wish people used the IG radios more.
  6. Hello all! Just come back after a year break or so. I remember I left due to the lack of fun encounters, during the PsiSyndicate surge of players who just robbed everyone. There are about 3 scenarios that I can actually remember and enjoyed, and that's after an awful lot of hours on the server (is this normal, are particularly fun encounters such gems?). Thinking back they all seemed to be random encounters with strangers which led to some sort of adventure with a sincere motive. So is that the trick? To have some sort of relatively achievable goal and go out looking for randoms to help you out? My favourite scenario was trying to help a random escape capture, being captured myself. Escaping and having to leave behind the random. Suffering severe wounds. Being hunted down and aided by some randoms. Being tracked down over half the map - until my internet crashed :/. It was fun while it lasted. These are the types of encounters I want but very rarely get. Always just talking to people in a hotspot and hearing stories of things, which can be fun but not as fun as being part of the stories. Maybe I am just unlucky. Any advice on what I can do to get more of this would be appreciated. Ty
  7. An idea. Maybe a school organised 'gap year volunteering' trip. That would give a good reason. These things are very common. Theres a group from my school being sent to india once final exams are done (18 years old). Perfect reason to visit the country really.
  8. Rather apt for the situation Dan is in. Stuck in a faraway land, but at peace with it.
  9. SirMadness

    Make our own roleplay survival game?

    Uppcoming game this year. 'Scum'. Heavily realistic zombie surival game. This community should look out for it.
  10. @Anouk I believe i was 'the other guy'. I thoroughly enjoyed it also. A good adventure with strangers is always better than the usual 'anyone got anything to trade'...
  11. Dan's parents were divorced when he was 6 years old. His father was abusive towards his mother, however, Dan never understood this until he was 15 and until then he blamed his mother for the broken marriage, which he now very much regrets. The divorce was not amicable either. There was a court case, or so Dan was told later, and things turned ugly between both his mother and father. This made it hard for Dan and his brother (2 years younger) to see their father. They saw him once a month at most, at least to start with. Soon after his mother met a new partner James who neither Dan nor his brother got along with, not until he was 16 at least anyway. Therefore Dan and his brother grew extremely close in their younger years. Dan went to school. Jumped through all the hoops but became increasingly aware that he and all his classmates were being put through the same process just to come out, work all their lives away and die. He knew he wanted more. In summer holidays he would plan outings into the woods with his friends and camp there for as long as his mother and stepfather would allow. His father, an outdoor enthusiast inspired him with stories of living in a 'Tipi' for a couple of years. Dan knew he didn't want the conventional life but felt trapped by an ambition drilled into him by society. So he compromised with himself. In holidays he would travel, life in the wilderness, in communes, enjoy life's purity. In these camping trips and adventures, he developed his skills of living in the wild with nothing but a knife. One particular trip was a trip to Cornwall with an older friend. They travelled to a hippie commune where he met a girl. She taught him the wonders of living the life with no restrictions. An anarchic beauty. She taught him the guitar. How to fish. She was something special. But he knew he couldn't stay there. Well, he absolutely could have done but was too scared. The idea of leaving everything behind seemed undoable. In 2 years he would return to see the whole place disbanded by the local council. Pushed off the land. He was now 16 and decided he needed to get a job to fund more adventurous trips. He worked in the local pub and developed his social skills. He became an excellent listener. 17 and burning with a desire to see the world he knew what he needed. With help from his parents, he saved enough money to buy a second-hand VW campervan. He painted it with all sorts. Bright colours. Foreign writings. It was his most prized possession. His A-Levels finished. He had been accepted into the University of Nottingham to study Mechanical Engineering. His gap year had begun. He felt his life and been leading up to this very point. The year where he would learn what it was to truly live. He took the ferry to France. Continue driving through to Eastern Europe. He visited Vienna, Prague, Bucharest and Chisinau. He continued to the coast of the black sea. He aimed to the continue all the way around the coast to Turkey and on to Greece to visit some of the ancient wonders of the world. He would park his car occasionally and take trips out with local fishermen into the sea where he would attempt to speak broken Romanian and Russian. He finally reached a country called Chernarus. Here his van seemed to encounter many problems. None of the local mechanics had the required parts to fix it so he was holed up there for a week to wait for his insurance to deliver the parts. He saw this as an opportunity to experience the country. Suddenly the whole country was in chaos. Cities full of bustling families in a desperate attempt for salvation. The world was coming to an end as he knew it. But he wasn't worried. In fact, he was excited. Until he thought of his family. No doubt was he ever going to see any of them again. Dan tied his laces and began walking...
  12. A lot of people are drawn to RP gamemodes as they want to be someone who they cannot be in real life. Telling people they can only RP as someone if they are this person in real life seems silly to me.
  13. I havent found/havent been able to participate in any events which appeal to me. I have a few ideas of things I think would be interesting but have neither the experience or time to sort it out. I'm just gonna leave these here and if anyone wants to snatch it go ahead by all means, hopefully I will be able to join in. These ideas might be to far fetched, hard to put together or just boring (not for me), I dont know. Idea 1 A saving private ryan style event. Maybe RP out as a pilot of helicrash, walkie works for a minute or so to get a few landmarks over the radio in a plea for help. People have to save this survivor/survivors. Using knowledge of the map, figure out where he is. Possibly two groups, bandits + heroes. Heroes try to save him, bandits try to attempt to fix heli/scavenge wreckage and rob the survivor. Heroes have to fight off the bandits. After small skirmishes/ small interactions with either side, boils down to final battle in set location. To add something interesting, maybe the pilot was on a heroic mission and the heroes have to help him. Idea 2 A sorta stealth/infiltration event. A group has to be infiltrated and information has to be gained somehow. 1 group walks around the map offering recruitment to most people (anyone unless for good reason). Maybe broadcasts on radio chatter where they are to speed event up. Eventually spies will get into the group. The group's job is to find out who the spy/spies are. The spy/spies job is to figure something out/gain some information - maybe a location of loot or location of hostage. Idea 3 A coded message style event. Radio chatter to get people to go to certain location. At the location a riddle/coded message is there. This leads to new location. Etc etc. Not just morse code or something like that though, proper code breaking. Maybe using Caesar's Cipher/ number replacement. This could be mixed into the other event ideas I had I suppose. side note- like to see more hostage situation/ hostage trade style events. This could also be worked into above events. These may not be original in terms of the community, I dont know, my bad if they have already been done. Anyway use as you like.
  14. SirMadness

    S1 Stary Attempted KoS/Troll RP/ Invalid Initiation

    I was halfway upstairs with descendants when it happened. From what Shotty told me, he had his gun pointed at him when he the gun shot sounded. There was no in game communication from VOIP or text to initiate though.
  15. SirMadness

    DayZRP Map

    Like the idea of timelapse. Or something like that. Problem with putting all old settlements and battles is what if things happen in the same place. Have it maybe there is a timeline and as you scroll through maybe in terms of weeks, the map changes and you can see when settlements started and when they failed. That way the map doesnt look so full.
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