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  1. Mikey


    Still no Internet,NEW Router and Shit comes  friday.

    1. Svea Rike

      Svea Rike

      Hopefully we'll see ya on Friday, then. Stay safe 'til then and don't let the outside world pull you in too much ;)

    2. Pink Panther

      Pink Panther

      Still without internet? I would have ended it all after 1 day. The outside world is cruel.


      Very, very cruel.

    3. Mikey


      I played alot of Rimworld,with this game Time goes by very fast.

      and finally i Had Time to Play trough half Life 1&2 and Portal.never played These before.

      the Router is not The only Problem ,a dude from The Company Needs to come by and of course am always At work when he has Time so Yeah lets Hope for friday.

    4. Svea Rike

      Svea Rike

      I'm still surprised that you have never played any of those games. I am also very jealous that you got to experience them for the first time. I'd give anything to do that again.

    5. Pink Panther

      Pink Panther

      Even your first born child? Lies. 

      But that is wild tho mikey my dood. 

    6. Svea Rike

      Svea Rike

      I'd give you away for that, yes.

    7. Mikey


      Back when These Games came out,i was broke af.

      you dont buy new games when you cant afford fucking food.

      half Life 1 was hard to Beat for me.

      but it is even harder to Write a Message in english when your phone's Language is german ?

    8. Svea Rike

      Svea Rike

      Priorities, Mikey. Priorities.

    9. Pink Panther

      Pink Panther

      I once went 1 week without food so I could play skyrim. 

      You would not believe what Ice cubes can do. 

    10. Mikey


      Yeah ICE cubes and Toast are The reason that im still alive

    11. Svea Rike

      Svea Rike

      Jamie you have problems.