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  1. So if a player is unresponsive for like 2 mins after i started roleplay with him i can KOS him yes?please? This system plus autorun, i have a feeling i will meet quite a lot afkers in the near Future.
  2. Speak for yourself,i will for sure not Play on yet another map. its funny that the only People that get rewarded are the one‘s that only Hop on when there is something new to see,but these People are usually bored after a month.
  3. The fact that there is a Suggestion for another map change After it failed so often before makes me sad.i have to stop playing my character because others get easily bored? People keep asking for lore Events and map change only because they are too lazy to Start something on their own.
  4. Mikey

    goodbye all

    I have always my Little Problems while coming up with a new character ,but i manage to Solve them After a while. if you want to give it another try and Need some help Hit me up okay?
  5. Epic Trailer,now starts the Time where the real stories happen.
  6. Thanks, If Vit would be a Rapper ,this would be the Cover ??
  7. Thanks,i just had to take this stuff up there. Favourite place in Town.
  8. Mikey

    Vit meets World

    Here i post Pictures from my character Vit Vanicek
  9. Its okay man ,there were plenty of people to talk to thanks to the event. no worries.?
  10. I would never think about changing clothes just because of inventory space. I wear what i think is fitting for my character,i play mostly civillian characters and i never was in need of a big backpack or a stash/base before.
  11. well i would be dead,very large drop.
  12. I can gaurante you that your profile music will make @Maybelele wet

    1. Maybelele



      You are fully correct. This is the best fucking song ever.

    2. Mikey


      Was actually blasting this loud in my car when i went to real life Chernarus ?

  13. When @Jonaaaaaas parks his Lada.


    1. Lettuce


      @Jonaaaaaas you'll have to teach me your AMAZING parking skills! ?

  14. If you have a Problem,if no one else can help and "If"you can find them maybe you can Hire The A-Team!! All Jokes aside Happy to be a part of this.
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