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  1. Mikey

    Vit meets World

    Here i post Pictures from my character Vit Vanicek
  2. This has been the best lore i have seen since i play here and i enjoyed it a lot so far. And the fact that there are planned seasons and events that leads to changes within the Lore lets me hope that it will stay interesting this time. Props to Lm team and everybody involved.
  3. Well he is probably the only one so that makes him best automatically
  4. as far as i know the t shirts are free in the item shop,just grab it dude
  5. Mikey

    Ghost Town

    so far he did it well
  6. Thanks Dev´s for all the new stuff,always a joy to find a new Item ingame.
  7. Felt bad for your character,you just wanted to welcome new neighbor´s and had to stand there listen to our Bullshit. Happy Family man
  8. Good bye old lore.

    In the beginning i hated you,then i was gone for almost 2 years.

    But when i came back i had an awesome summer with Highway 61.

    When it ended i left again,this time for 6 months,then @DookieCS got me back to play again.

    I had an absolute blast being a part of Redwood Radio.

    Good bye old lore,you will be missed.


  9. I had a fantastic Time with this Group. Only downside was that i met this Group so late in this Lore. But even in this short time i collected a lot of unforgettable memories. Happy Birthday Redwood Radio!
  10. If you cant/wont fight them just avoid them. I usually just sneak around them,as long as they are not looking directly at you while sneaking youre fine.
  11. Well im Happy to be a part of this Group. Get ready to rumble because Redwood Radio isn´t archiving anytime soon.
  12. Thanks @Basko for the Amazing Songs Today and also thanks to @Daisy for listening to Ludviks storys of the past and also for your Poems. @TheMcgregor Gym soon?xD really enjoying Roleplay with you all.
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