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  1. I have heard that Name before ,Welcome.
  2. Mikey

    Trash Fairy

    All hail the Trash Fairy
  3. Mikey

    Paying Respect

    R.I.P Decker
  4. Mikey

    Conquering the Clinic

    Linc still cant believe that he was the Last one climbing the roof, he used to be so good at it.
  5. Sammy wakes up as the Radio message is coming trough,when he heard his name he recognized the Voice of Joe. He grabs his Radio and answers. If i ever wanna Die i do it myself you Fucking Cunt! The Club is Dead and you should be too! Sammy throws the Radio into a corner of the Room and goes outside.
  6. Mikey

    Watching the Sunset

    Nice Maggie is back!
  7. So today i went out to shoot some real Guns for the First Time.and i have to say it was fucking Awesome . Especially the slugs out of a Pump Action shotgun and the 50AE out of an desert eagle.but it was also kinda weird to Hold a real Gun for the First Time .


    1. FalkRP


      Easy clap

    2. groovy patz

      groovy patz

      you will get used  to it 😄 not bad for 25meter either dude

    3. Mikey


      yeah the coach said it was really good for the first time.

  8. Why i am still alive? I dont know, so many times it had almost come so far that I lost my Life. What sick shit we experienced on the way. After my parents died of this filthy plague I went with my Friends Valerij and Domek through the Ukraine, through Belarus and up to the coast of Poland. Everywhere the same shit. In addition to problems with these sick wankers and other idiots I have to say we also had a lot of fun. When does one ever have the opportunity to just leave his old fucking piece of Rust and get into a car of his choice? I still remember when Domek absolutely wanted fat BMW and when we found one, he had it shredded the same day, I had the day while pain like hell, but me and Valerij have also laughed all day. Or the one time where we had to flee from a lot of these sick bastards and we have saved us on a large pier and then flared the access to the pier without thinking and then we had to swim because the whole fucking pier burned down. Which was also horrible where we drove with this ferry and suddenly the engine went out and we thought we were dying on the sea, but luckily Valery has somehow brought the thing back to life again. After the first winter, we decided to go home. Yeah and then it happened when we were almost out of the Ukraine then two Guys blocked the Road and stopped us. After the Car stopped, more people approached us and they had weapons, fat weapons. When we did not get out of the Car right away, they kept their weapons on us, I panicked and hit the Gas pedal. Shots hit the Car as i drove on at full speed, after ten minutes I stopped and fortunately was unscathed. Things did not go so well for Valerij and Domek. They were dead, I drove through the night to Ratnoe, where I buried my friends next to my parents. I do not even know if I should be happy to be here yet, the only thing that saves me from the day is Domek's supply of Dope and that a few idiots here and there get lost and i relieve them of their food supplies. Of course it is shit all alone but at least I dont have to share my stuff with anyone. The guy I pulled off last week seemed okay, maybe he'd become a good buddy? Ha,what am i thinking the guy looked like a Russian, what would my fucking dead father think of me. Maybe I should really talk to someone, I mean that can not hurt, right? Otherwise I'll get paranoid or something here.
  9. Mikey

    Cycle of Survival

    Linc will miss Maggie for sure
  10. Thanks for the good time with this group and all the awesome members of it.
  11. Pagans MC doing their daily Business,Fuck up people.
  12. Mikey

    NASCAR's comin'!

    even if someone make a event like this again and like 10 people participates,maybe 0-3 would get to the finish line and the rest is somewhere lost in space like Tesla´s roadster.
  13. so i just went to my video folder and found a clip of me getting to the camp the first time,meeting leo. And also leo and me getting shot at the gate. Sorry i thougt i did not have this evidence,uploading it 2 mins. This clip shows what @Cartman says in his pov,about us meeting,beeing confused of the situation.
  14. No,i only shot once right before i died as seen in the video,never shoot at anybody with this char,the one in the video was the first time.
  15. My pov:So after i died to a mine(report already solved),2 hours later i logged back in and went to cherno to get some basic stuff back. After a while i returned to camp,i saw a yellow smoke grenade and a guy called leo said i should follow him. I heard the name before but could not remember who he was,so instead of following him i went to the gate to open it. In that moment i got hit by a bullet and then ran back into the woods for cover,so im running down the hill towards cherno and i was hiding in a bush,using my radio to ask people of my group what is going on down there. Nobody seems to be near but @JankinRP tells me over the radio that he will be there shortly. He then tells me after he arrived that nobody is there,with that information i decided to go back to camp.(that´s where the video starts) At the gate i met a guy in all purple asking me if i am part of this camp,he then starts to demands to open our gate and stuff. Then the server crashed and after i got back on that guy was inside camp with @JankinRP and @Glidingz. I asked him if he is the one that shot me,and he says yes but saying that i shot at him before wich is not true.(logs will show) I then tell him that he should leave as he is not welcome,but he refuses. After being told again numerous time to leave the place,he then went up a tower. @JankinRP gave him then a last warning and 5 seconds to react to that,the guy in purple decides to aim his gun at @Glidingz and he opens fire at the guy on the tower. He kills him and i went to one of the cabins and after that into the clinic,then @Glidingz and @JankinRP get killed. I then go into the room with the small high window so they cant see me from outside,i point my shotgun to the door and hope they dont find me. After some time they come inside and open the door,i then miss my shot and get killed.
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