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  1. like one of the only people left that i actually remember 10/10
  2. Ghost

    What We Can Do

    RIP any reason to come back ever... Ill just go back to being a Ghost
  3. Ghost

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    • Voodoo

    scrub <3

    1. Voodoo




  4. Ghost

    Interview with Voodoo

    When they got b-17 to sneak one into our camp so they could plant a satchel charge also fuck man so many good memories. I think that was probably one of the best if not the best settlement raid in the mod days.
  5. Ghost

    Interview with Voodoo

    Voodoo Remember the Al-Takizh raid with them crashing all the heli's and the plane into us.
  6. Ghost

    Questions about the PR Manager position

    As I said, soon. I can't have specific dates for content that varies on stuff that happens in-game. If I had a dollar for everytime I heard 'soon' to this question I could be the new Co-owner. +1
  7. Ghost

    RDM? Really?

    Personally i think thumper is right he did not wrong. The guy didn't listen to his demands so he got shot. Verbal warning max tbh
  8. Ghost

    Akrasia [Accepting Applications]

    Don't worry all we need now is our bananas and we are the 501st again :troll: hahaha
  9. Ghost

    Akrasia [Accepting Applications]

    dem ex-501st haha #501st4lyfe