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  1. Thinisede

    RDM/ Invalid Initiation

    All I heard was STOP THE CAR. No Threats to my life. He may have pointed the gun at the other car, but from my understanding just pointing the gun at someone and tell them to stop is not initiation. If someone were to say "Stop or i will kill you" that would be. Right?
  2. Thinisede

    RDM/ Invalid Initiation

    Thats a long "not meter."?
  3. Thinisede

    RDM/ Invalid Initiation

  4. Thinisede

    RDM/ Invalid Initiation

    Server and location: S2 Hazelands Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:15 21/08/2019 Your in game name: Max Garrick Names of allies involved: @Johnny Navid @Drew7822 Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 2 cars Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No Video or Screenshot From me (Others Might) Detailed description of the events: Me and The others that were involved were driving in two separate cars down in the town Hazelands when suddenly one man armed with a pump action shot gun comes out of no where and says "STOP THE CARS" "STOP THE CARS NOW!" "BOTH CARS" so since he didn't say that he would kill me I kept moving, He said it again "STOP THE CARS" No threat on my life. Suddenly he shoots and kills me... Not to mention it was one guy with two cars? Is that not GearRP?!
  5. Thinisede

    KOS/RDM Lapotino Castle

    Update: @[email protected] @Goa Have been discussing this situation in public Public Room 1 in discord, we have been discussing what happened, @GoaIs claiming he had KOS rights due to the fact we were stealing his car, He didn't Initiate due to the fact we were stealing the car. The fact is we already Initiated meaning we can steal the car if we wish. He openly admitted that he logged in DURING the hostilities and that HE believes that he did not need to initiate as us stealing the car was enough for him. We just need a clarification on what happens when a group member logs in during an already initiated hostile event.
  6. Thinisede

    KOS/RDM Lapotino Castle

    Server and location: S2, Lapotino castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 11am and 12pm Your in game name: Max Garrick Names of allies involved: @CocoMii Name of suspect/s: @Goa Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I do not have a screen shot but there was another man nearby his IGN is Tissy I believe but that is what people called him so i am unsure Detailed description of the events: ME and Coco were at Lapotino Castle to loot we noticed that it was someones base and it was wide open, a few minuets later i hear footsteps so coco decided to check it out and was initiated on by the fellow who whiteness the incident, Unfortunately for him he did not know i was there so I counted initiated and he complied. we tied him up and threw away his radio. We were chatting for a good 30 minutes and then we decided to leave. we noticed there were cars there and we wanted to fix one up and take it for ourselves. Coco Started to drive the car when she was fired upon and killed with no initiation. There would have been no way that the guy who we captured contacted them as In game he had not said anything AND he didn't have his radio on him. Unfortunately I cannot supply evidence but the moderator @Rover Helped us out in the Help desk.
  7. Thinisede

    The Dollars

    Hi we have heard about these complaints... and Im unsure why people are not happy about it, it is the end of the world after all, its kill or be killed in the real world so why not on this? We do not wish to make people upset, Im guessing times have changed since we played last and people want a more... "Friendly" world, but we did see this and thought it might add a certain flare back to the RP Again we apologist if we upset anyone that is not our goal, and i respect what you are saying, but it is the end of the world after all. The worse people tend to come out on top.
  8. Thinisede

    The Dollars

    its a joint leadership
  9. Thinisede

    The Dollars

    I have edited it on the feedback that was provided, please feel free to comment on what you think
  10. Thinisede

    The Dollars

    Hey thanks for the imput, at the moment i dont have the funds to get better headers but i will eventually
  11. Thinisede

    The Dollars

    THanks for the imput all, Me and CJ are working hard to make this a strong RP group, we will take your imput and change things accordingly How exactly do i do that? this is the first time doing this sort of thing for me
  12. Thinisede

    The Dollars

    "Dollar Gang Shit Bruv" Pre-Apocalypse: Post-Apocalypse Set up a town of operation… [Complete] Gain a gang size of at least 10 men [Day 780] [Complete] Host a party for anyone to attend [Day 780] Gain Intel on other local groups…[Day 780] [Complete] Produce and Sell High Grade drugs (Ongoing) Become the majority arms dealer (Ongoing) Set up an embedded Spy network across Chernarus (Ongoing) Provide Good And Structured RP (Ongoing) High-end Antagonistic RP (Ongoing) Gain a good rep on forums and in game [Day 779] Teach New players about good RP (Ongoing) Bosses @Thinisede @C-J @King Valuables and Assets Main Shot Caller Recruitment and relations Brethren @CocoMii @lunathecat @Hebirura Goons @Ivan @Ironshade @silvermoongaming @bghost96 @Hungryred2 @Arterdude The Dead/Missing DISTRICT: ALLIES KABANINO RUNNERS: ALLIES VIPERS: ENEMIES Applications: Please PM @King with the following template completed
  13. Pre-Infection Well what can I say about myself I grew up in the hard streets of West Yorkshire, we were piss poor, constantly beaten at school. It was hard times... I hated it I had no friends, no one I could go to. I was 16 when I was moved. I moved down to London, I thought this was a new beginning, A new Era in my life... but no they moved me to an orphanage, one of those orphanages that just... don't care. I was never really good at defending myself, fighting e.c.t. but one thing I was GREAT at was hacking and making a plan. So one day I was in school and I managed to hack into the school system and change my grades. Of course I didn't change them too much but just enough... you know what I mean? That was the Day I met C-J... He asked me if I could hack into the school and change if we were absent or not which of course I did... No one dare touch C-J, he was in at least one fight A Day! just because. As time goes by I do more for C-J and he protects me. C-J had two Monkey mates who always backed him up when he needed, Steve and Euan, They were brutes big... not many brain cells. A Few months went by we became good friends. C-J Kept asking me all these questions like how would we rob here, or how to hot wire a car. Of course I helped out as much as I could, until one day he came to me he said "Max, I need money" I told him it wasn't too difficult to get money Id been doing it a while, I would just have to Clone a credit card that we stole and that we could take cash out the ATM. Two days later. we were mass producing false cards, we had all the best things, Play stations, Xbox's, All designer clothes, we were in the dollar. It was almost perfect, no one suspected a thing. A bunch of teenagers living the dream. Then our 20s Hit. We decided to take it even further, stealing cars and disabling their GPS. Mugging people for all their worth. They deserved it for all I cared No-one cared about me when I was down why should I care about them. We Even started Buying and selling narcotics... we were unstoppable! Scotland Yard was starting to investigate our gang, we didn't worry I held them off... for while then that day happened it was perfect, A HUGE shipment of Fags was coming in and we planned to steal it. I perfectly planned every detail, down to the last dot. The Shipment It was a cold night that night, we were all in position, then action... we were halfway through taking the ship when suddenly there were sirens EVERYWHERE, helicopters armed police, someone tipped us off! The Bastards! ALL of us hid inside the Ship, and a huge fire fight emerge.... CRACK, SNAP, PING bullets flying everywhere, Suddenly BOOOOOOM! a stay bullet hit one of the propane tanks in the cargo ship blowing a hole in the side of the ship.... I jumped into action on deck.... but Iv'e never seen these controls before they were all in Russian. I Screamed at one of the crew members pointed my pistol at them a said "CLOSE THE WATER TIGHT DOORS.... STOP THE FLOODING NOW!" of course he did what I said... I heard C-J over the radio "We Need to leave... NOW!" I repeated the demand to the captain gun to his head... He complied from fear. As the shots died down I knew we made it... we left port and were free.. But for how long?
  14. *Max Hears This and Replies* You might want to watch what you are saying boy, if you say something like that again you will regret it. If I hear your voice over this frequency again I will make it very hard for you to talk, *Raises his voice* GOT IT ? *Max ends the transmission and gets back to what he was doing*
  • Thinisede

    Information on a 'Hope Pisces' (Open Frequency)

    *Max Hears this Transmission and decides to respond* I don't know exactly who you have been talking to but I can safely say that they are talking out their ass. If we are talking about the same Doc she couldn't even torture a fly, the most harm she could ever do to you is give you morphine. I suggest you look more into the things that people tell you before you piss the wrong people off. *He ends the Transmission and waits to see what the man replies*
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