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  1. *A Loud groan can be heard as he shuffles along a road* T...Those cherno fucks..... left me in ditch. *more sloshing comes through the mic as he takes another gulp* I....I managed to crawl out and.... bandage some wou- Gaaah~ W..wounds... with the little they left me with. *Groans of the infected can be heared through the mic* I....am held up in house..... Luckly, found some vodka and a radio.. Fuckin Cherno russians. Blyat.
  2. *Several moans can be heard before a man speaks with a thick rusci accent* W.....What... is wrong... wit- *Groans* with you. *A sloshing of a bottle you guess vodka can be heard just before a big gulping sound* Yo...You guys... are ass-holes... * Another moan can be heard* I did.... nothing wrong.
  3. Hi... not the first hostile feeling encounter i had with this group but today was definitely disappointing. Being initiated on for a rifle was OK. But the RP I witnessed was absolutely abyssal. I do not think it is realistic for a military faction to execute a complying civilian for calling them an idiot. They claim to go on about martial law but do not act as if they are police. From what i can see they only care about guns and not about protecting those who need it. I feel this whole situation could have been RPed out a lot better, and didnt have to end this badly.
  4. Thinisede

    Grekov Gang

    With all due respect... CJ has already said can we stop this argumentative crap on the GP...We get that you didnt like how we RP our group and we aim to make Your RP experiance better in the future.. To all that have given feed back i thank you. Have a good day
  5. Thinisede

    Grekov Gang

    I appreciate the feedback... but that is exactly what slavs do.. they are drunk... young thugs being a nuciance.. we get serious when we need to e.g. when the russians tried to take our stuff but as soon as they backed off... we became the cocky young twats that they should be. Im sorry you feel this way.
  6. Thinisede

    Grekov Gang

    Listen im sorry if i have caused upset... all i was doing was RPing as a slav would... Slavs cause disturbances in peace, telling all who shout at them to F* Off. I dont feel like the music was a bad thing. maybe going up to people faces was a little bad. CJ has had a word with us about everything and we aim to make your RP experiance better. Also earlier today. someone threatened the slavs telling us if we are seen again we will be put in graves.
  7. Thinisede

    Grekov Gang

  8. Artyom Slakov was born 03/11/1996. Life was as good as it could be, living through a civil war. His mamma was a kind soul staying at home and looking after him. His father.... the bastard... was a cruel thug... who cared not for his son.... or his wife.... he would come home most days stinking of alcohol. His life was hard... beating were common and he spent as much time as he could out of the house... by the age of 16 Arty join a gang of miscreants, robbing and causing havoc to local people... he got arrested a few times.. but served no hard time... He cares not for others only his gang family. No one can stop the slav. Arty reached the age 20 when a new gang entered the region and they were forced to join them. It was hard... very strict... but nothing would make him break. Beating after beating he wouldn't surrender. He would meet Vladislav Bradlik a son to a powerful gang leader, Proving himself loyal to him and his family he worked hard to keep his position in the gang. Life was strong and powerful taking over Novodmitrovsk and claiming it as our own... The gregov gang lives on. A few years pass and things take a turn, a strange flu take over the land and the gregov gang use this as a golden opportunity to grow more powerful.
  9. As you can see folks this man isnt Joking We need this release we cant be trying to report people for Things Pre nut I Vote +1
  10. Origin. Max Garrick. Born 26/08/1991, Location, Leeds United Kingdom. Father, James Garrick. Mother, Jane Garrick. Siblings, Jake Garrick. My Family had no idea why I wanted to become a doctor...My Dad was a butcher and My mother was a teacher. My life is pretty boring to say the least, I studied hard in class and made my way through high school and became a med student at the age of 20, making my way through I didn't really have much time for travelling... which i have been dreaming of doing at some point. At the age of 28 I finally passed my course and became a full doctor... Doctor Garrick.. Wow what a title. I was over the moon, Now I had my title I could relax, I decided to use the last of my student loan and go travelling. I went all through Europe and I was making my way to Asia. Something Drew me to this place... I'm not sure what.. I had been told they might be be hiring a doctor in the City called Electro-somthing or other... I don't know I don't speak the language... This was the main reason I wasn't going to take it... But who knows... A few days later something happened.. and now I'm trapped... I hope I can move on... I have much left to see of this world. Week 1: --------
  11. Correct people were on edge. I was told that everyone outside the prison was hostile ans should be eliminated. It was quite a large raid tgat happened
  12. I request all kill logs and hit logs for and against any 5.0.3 members leading up to and after the killing of any Joyce member, to show that they entered an active firefight with hostiles still around. I would also like to point out that they were ALL in the range of the 3.5km, respectfully between 2 and 2.5km away from set firefight at the position logs given. Not to mention the shots being fired from both sides doing this firefight which resulted in no hits. This was constantly going on since it was a siege. Acting on this information if its possible I would like to counter report for NVFL, Lying in a report and False report. As they would have heard the shots and still decided to run into an active fire fight.
  13. So what Happened was i was told via radio that the prison was under attack and i made my way there as soon as i heard. I was told that we were being attacked by a lot of people at the time and anyone outside the prison was initiated upon. As I make my way up to the prison with CJ we see armed men heading towards the entrance. CJ Open fires on one of the aggressors and kills them ,as two more approached from his left. I attempt to shoot them but they kill CJ and then aim at me. I Sprint back taking some shots, I loop around and quickly bandage up. I make my way west around towards the road up to the prison where I saw some hugging the wall was also reported from my group members that they heard people run that way. I stop every now and again to make sure i wasn't followed to attempt to flank the aggressors. I walk up and hide in the bush and see a man standing on the road, i take no chances and quickly put him down, a minute later another man comes running towards my position, I funk a bit and then quickly dispose of him also, another minute later i see a 3rd man running towards my position, but he quickly disposes of me before i can get a good aim. I would like to add that even before I was at the prison there was a gun fight so to say you heard no shots at the prison is unlikely as shots was continuously being fired from my perspective.
  14. I request Hit, Connection and kill logs for the area as there was an active gun fight ongoing at the time they walked in. Many thanks
  15. Before I post my POV I would like to request the extended logs for the area that I was in. Many Thanks
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